Is writing an occupation or calling?

Writing has been the dream job for all who inspire to make a grand living working in ones pajamas and waiting for Steven Spielberg to send one a script of your bestseller.People love to say they are writers.and believe that writing is the key to all their literary dreams come true once they land that big publishing contract.The art of writing has been drowned with what I called “celebrity-itus” as a writer is elevated to a status of a bestseller writer of fame, fortune, and glory.There are so many writers that the only sound I hear is the typing on the laptop to make another book sell.Don’t get me wrong, a writer’s goal is to be known for their literary achievements plus revenue but at what cost? I believe writing is a vocation that not everyone is called.We have a some renegade writers who are taking righteous writing spots from anointed writers because of their smooth, revised, copyedited and drafted books that appease the publishing gods. A scribe knows that he or she writes for a divine purpose and not just to entertain a Saturday book club at Barnes and Knobles. Tune in for more about writing as a ministry.


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