Magic vs. Miracles

Let’s give  a more in depth explanation on magic and the miracles of Jesus, let me clarify some things with those who are not Christians on the difference between the two. The explanations of the bible between non-Christian folks and even Chrisitan folks alike that tends to be blurred by others concerning the supernatural especially when you have movies like Harry Potter, Paranormal activity and new shows called Supernatural and Grimm. The bottom line is that demons,magic, sorceries and miracles are real but not the same in the sense of thesource the power is coming from. There are many supernatural things that occurin this world that they deemed as paranormal because its things and events thathappens in the spirit world which is the invisible world. Yes, there are suchthings as ghosts, evil spirits, haunting spirits, and spirits that help humanscreate magic. Magic is a bastard form of miracles because the source of thepower (not being spooky) is from Lucifer himself and his evil spirits. Miraclesare the supernatural demonstrations that come from God that is to edify saints,inspire non-believers and show the Glory of God in the atmosphere.These showsthat you see talking about haunted spirits, school spirits, ghost encounters,and paranormal activities are real but come from a darker and demonic area ofthe spirit world. If you notice, when people do magic, what is the purpose ofshowing you I can levitate or read your mind because it is not edifying God orchanging the situation or the person. Now be mindful, magic can appear to be amiracle but there’s always curses in the aftermath because that’s when youbegin to delve into witchcraft. I pray to God to receive His Power to domiracles in the earth like Jesus did but some folks are praying to the devil toshow magic, ungodly powers, and obtain wealth. If you ever watch an old moviecalled Lord of the Illusions with Scott Bakula, that is what real magic can doto the point of destruction, taking over the minds of weak people and possiblydevelop into the cup and you don’t need a bunny to show a trick. The witch inthe bible was using her God given gifts for evil and many people that you seethat use their spiritual gifts for darker purposes are obtaining their powerfrom a demonic source not God’s source. You will know whether its magic ormiracles by the fruits it bears.


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