Revelations about Dragons and Unicorns

People portray these creatures as mythical beasts that you only see in fairytale or farfetched stories involving magic, sorcery and worlds that are  not like our world. Dragons are the demonic spirits that devour unsuspecting souls who delve into the art of magic, sorcery and witchcraft. They are one of the ruling demons oversees the humans who practice the dark arts. When the time has come to take their soul, these demons come like a flying reptile to burn away the soul of the person who decided to use their Master’s supernatural powers. Unicorns are demonic spiritsthe seemingly pure version of magic which is called white magic or white witchcraft in that the person doesn’t use the darker forms of witchcraft but the lighter version such as casting spells and love potions. They work for the dragons and are sent out by them to bring the seemingly good powers to people who desire to show mockery miracles to fool Christians and religous people alike. The unicorn spirit runs rampant in the churches, pulpit and the religous world alike  making people think that Jesus did magic rather than miracles. The one horn on the unicorn represent the source of its power and to destroy the spirit of the unicorn is to break the horn off  is not literally but through prayer, fasting, and casting it back out into the dry places. Tune in to more about the elves, leprachauns and fairies.


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