Oh, Leprachaun Give Me Your Pot of Cursed Gold!

Yes, they are the spokesperson for Irish and St. Patrick Day and they make great cultural events in the classroom like shamrock cookies for the students. Leprachauns are deemed as friendly little people who want to keep their pot of gold that is found on the other side of the rainbow. Now real leprachauns actually act like the one in those horror movies starring Warwick Davis from Willow who are actually evil imps while the fairies are the sprites. Leprachauns do not posses a pot of gold but pot of powerful sorcery tricks. The pot of gold originated as a way to have people think that they are owners of great treasure but actually the gold is represent the many spiritual gifts one can attain from the dark side of the spiritual realms. If you want more supernatural power and the ability to do more advance magic tricks then that is where your leprachauns come to help you in that endeavor. The leprachaun will give a pot of treasured gifts and possessions to do sorcery, magic, and wizardry. The rainbow comes from a holy place when God flooded the world and made this promise sign so the Enemy uses this same symbol to make one think that these powers and gifts come from somewhere divine. These gifts from the leprachauns are cursed and once you have begun to utilize them, your soul becomes indebted to them until they are ready to collect their pot of gold including your very damned soul.


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