The Paradox of Paranormal Events

The word paranormal has been synonymous with the events that occur in the so-called unseen world that produces things that are unexplainable to the natural man. It has become the inspiring word to make movies, TV shows and books describing the paranormal world. Some people even view it as a form of scientific study in which they spend money, time and equipment to catch a glimpse of the entities that may reveal themselves to the physical world. People will contact psychics, witches, and necromancers (I see dead people folks) to get in touch with the world of paranormal activity. Paranormal is a bastardizational term of the unseen spirit world that parallels the physical world that we live in. There is nothing spooky or unexplainable about seeing ghosts, spirits, demons, and the like because they exist in the spirit world that connects with the physical world. Everything that we see in the earthly realms existed first in the spirit world where God, angels, demons, spirits, and other inhuman dimensional creatures dwell. What we see in the earthly realms is just a manifestation of what was already in the spirit world. There are so many realms and dimensions to the spirit world that it would take a lifetime to reveal them to the natural man but let’s start with the realms where ghosts and so-called dead spirits dwell. This seems to be the most popular form of television for people to chase ghosts and see dead people such as the case with the new movie “Paranorman” where a kid sees dead people and tries to save the world in the process. One of the realms I discuss in more depth is about the dimensional crossroads of the spirit world in my novel Melioch Realms: The Chaos War. That’ll be explained at another time. Let’s first discuss the purpose and manifestations of ghosts and dead spirits.

Ghosts do exist in the spirit world but in the more outer skirts of it in that they still trying to make connections with the physical world they no longer are apart of. Now, ghosts can occur when a human dies and hasn’t fully crossed over to other side or received their judgment for their works in the earth so they roam back to familiar surroundings until they are sentenced to the Lake of Fire. Some ghosts died evil so they may inhabit places to torment or harm people who enter their territory or dwelling place. Ghosts are the spirits that inhabit the humans that housed them until that human died or the spirits themselves killed the physical vessel prematurely. When people see ghosts, they need to not be trying to chase them down or commune with them because they are actually seeking a vessel to use once again. Ghosts and dead spirits are synonymous with what the Bible calls “familiar spirits” which are nothing but evil spirits that knew, tormented and possibly inhabited that person before he or she died.

Now, things that happen in a supernatural matter is explainable if you can identify the spirit world and spirits that are operating at that time. You don’t need a necromancer or a person that sees familiar spirits to tell you what happen to your grandmother or grandfather otherwise what you would need God for in that case. Familiar spirits are the inspiration and the root of every movie that has been made those talks about malevolent spirits, evil entities, violent ghosts and etc. The movie “The Ring” was about a familiar spirit who used to possess a girl and continues to torment and kill unsuspecting people in order to continue to destroy them. Another movie called “The Sixth Sense” was about a boy who could see familiar spirits including the character of “Bruce Willis”. Bruce Willis possessed the spirit of pride and arrogance which caused him to not be able to help the man who killed him which he finds out sadly in the end of the movie. One movie that truly explains the true essence of ghosts and familiar spirits is “Ghost Story” which starred old Hollywood legends like Fred Astaire and other old men who reminisce on a girl they allowed to die in an old car when they were young dapper men. The girl comes back to haunt the men and a young men as a very powerful familiar spirit of seduction and lust who possessed the girl at the time continuing to do so in the present time until her body is discovered. Now, if a person dies and a ghost appears, that doesn’t mean that finding the body is going to release that person into the afterlife. That person has been gone once he or she earth suit perishes. Familiar spirits can be powerful spirits that can operate in supernatural manner especially taking on the appearance of the person that they helped to expire early in this physical life. Now those who possess the gift of seeing familiar spirits are actually necromancers or death visionaries who are constantly bombarded with these entities from the time they are children which is what happen to Jonathan Edwards.

Necromancers tend to take the place of God and people praying to God for answers about situations, events and deaths that have occurred in their life. In the Bible, God didn’t want His People dealing with necromancers because it would open doors for more evil spirits to invade their lives causing paranormal events that are supernaturally evil rather than good. Paranormal activities demonstrate the evil manifestations and actions of demonic spirits and demons trying to infiltrate the physical world by any means necessary. I watched the show Crossing Over a few times with Jonathan Edwards and was just amazed on how a glimpse of a rose and few keywords could reveal a dead relative and a friend to the audience members. Actually, the familiar spirits were giving Jonathan a few hints and pictures just to get the person to believe that they are really talking their dead relative. Death can motivate people to try to find answers on where these people go after they die and people want to always try to communicate with them in some form or fashions. God wants us to leave the dead alone and concern ourselves with the land of the living. Familiar spirits are always looking for new hosts to inhabit and the way to open spiritual and natural doors to them is to consult a necromancer or trying to commune with ghosts.

We will be discussing deliverance and exorcism, which one is biblically correct?


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