Exorcism vs. Deliverance: Which One is Biblically Accurate?

Now, being in a deliverance ministry for the past three years, I have witnessed truly what Jesus must have done when he walked the earth for 33 years and did the true deliverance of people that he encountered on His Earthly Walk. Jesus went from town to town to preach deliverance to lost and bound souls and then would demonstrate the power of God through the laying of hands helping to usher in deliverance to the souls. Jesus performed miracles, signs, and wonders with the Power of God following Him everywhere in which He casted out devils, healed the sick, and broke the bondages of sin off of the people’s lives. When deliverance is done the way Jesus conducted, the people are set free and have had a supernatural change from God in their life for the better. Now it is up to that person to maintain that deliverance and not go back to their wicked ways or get caught up in evil habits that got them bound in the first place. Deliverance can take place through the preaching of the Word of God, laying of hands and prayer but it takes the Anointing(Power of God) to get that person free from evil spirits, sins,sickness, curses, spells, or whatever is oppressing them spiritually as well as physically.Those who are bringing forth deliverance especially in a church service allow the Holy Ghost to use them to preach to the hearts of the people and bring forth The Glory of God to help restore, heal, revive, and set free the people. It is a supernatural process but when it comes from God it is liberating and refreshing. From experience, being delivered by the Power of God has helped me get my joy, peace, and strength back to keep dealing the issues of life and cares of this world. But it is a constant fight to stay delivered and not allow the world, people, or the Devil get you back to that state of being burdened, wearied, broken down, and heavy in your spirit. Those who operate in deliverance such as myself must fast and pray in order for God to use us to help pray people to receive their deliverance from God. Remember, the deliverance isn’t coming from man but God using man to demonstrate His Power in the earth realm. Now, let’s look at the other version of deliverance that tends to be popular in movies, books, and TV shows that displays an inaccurate portrayal of what true deliverance is.

I always wonder about what really happen to the priest in The Exorcist movie long ago at the end and why the demon entered him at the end of the story after coming out of Linda Blair. I have watched many movies that have priests or so-called holy people trying to exorcise demons out of people sometimes getting killed in the person or becoming possessed by the demon. This tends to be a popular form of deliverance especially amongst Catholicism and other denominations that may believe in wrestling with demons to get people free from them. I’m going to explain how exorcism isn’t biblically accurate nor does it help cast any devils out of people. In the book of Acts 19 starting in verse 13, some Jews had witnessed Paul performing miracles and deliverance to the people. In verse 13, it reads “Then certain of the vagabond Jews, exorcists, took upon them to call over them which had evil spirits the name of the Lord Jesus, saying, We adjure you by Jesus whom Paul preached.” Verse 14 continues with the sons of Sceva and a chief of priest trying to cast the evil spirit out with the evil spirit replying in verse 15 “Jesus, I know, and Paul I know; but who are ye?” with the evil spirit’ leaped upon the men and overcame them, and prevailed against them, so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded.” (Acts 19: 13-16).

From this scripture alone, this explains in many of the movies why the priests are unable to cast out the devil and when they do, the demons or evil spirits just manifest themselves to wreck more habit or possibly kill those around them. In addition, demons and evil spirits can jump out of the people they are in and take over another person because of the lack of divine authority the person has to cast the devil out. The dangerous thing about conducting exorcism is that the person does not have the authority or the Anointing by God to command any devil to come out of a person. That takes having the Holy Ghost, fasting, praying and living a clean life free from sin and iniquities to have the authority to overcome a devil and deliver people from evil spirits. Also, a person cannot have anything in their spirit that is tainted because evil can’t cast out evil. Nor can you be afraid to cast a devil out because the devil will sense the fear and begin to manifest more evilly towards you. Demons and evil spirits recognize commands from those who walk with God and have the Anointing from God not from The Vatican nor the Catholic Church. When a devil knows you have no authority or right to cast them out, they will come at you, attack you, and possibly take you over. The fatal consequences can be that the devil possesses you and you will need someone will Holy Ghost Power to cast it out of you. If you don’t, you will be spiritually and physically tormented by that demon. People don’t realize that demons are real and can kill the person they inhabit. There were some movies and TV shows about cases in which the priest is accused of killing the individual who had a demon in them while trying to perform a exorcism. Now, if you see the demons continue to wrestle and not come out and you keep talking to it like in The Exorcist, its a chance you have no divine power nor authority to cast it out and that devil knows it. I have witnessed from my own church that even those who have the power and authority of God to cast devils out must continue to engage in spiritual battle with that demon who doesn’t want to get out of that person especially if they have been there a long time. A few weeks ago, my pastor laid hands on a female who had a anger demon in her and that demon launched after him but me and other prayer warriors continue to command the devil to loose and come out in the name of Jesus. If you speak “The Blood of Jesus or The Blood Prevails”, demons must obey and come out but it takes some work. The demon finally left the woman and the woman didn’t even remember what had happened but she felt better. Sometimes, it takes much deliverance to rid people of all the evil spirits and purging which is just a manifestation of these evil spirits leaving the body. This has happened to me when I prayed so hard to God asking Him to take something out of me that it started to come up out me and had throw it up in the bathroom. Deliverance and getting spiritually clean takes time, prayer, and hearing the Word of God but it can be done. The art of exorcism tries to get the person free from all devils at once which can’t be done because that person can die in the process. God has to slowly take things out of our spirit and rid us of spirits that have been in us for a long time. Even today, I have to fight to keep the spirit of heaviness from taking control because of the many responsibilities I have and the burdens I take upon myself but I know prayer is the key to me staying delivered and free from these oppressing demons.

If you have the Holy Ghost, demons cannot possess you but only oppress you unless you are in so deep in sin that the Holy Ghost leaves you. Those who do not have the Holy Ghost can be possessed by demons and be controlled by demons. So its crucial to ask God for the Holy Ghost but you may need cleaning and purging by God and to let some wicked and sinful things you like to let go for that to happen. The Holy Ghost is the third part of the Trinity with God and Jesus and came to help us deal with the world, our sinful natures, and the devils The Enemy tries to bring our way.

What do think the Holy Ghost is to you? Submit your comments if you like.


4 Responses to “Exorcism vs. Deliverance: Which One is Biblically Accurate?”

  1. James Baldridge Says:

    I live in Columbus, Ohio and we have been experiencing many manifest-ions in our home. Other’s have seen it also. I don’t know how to get the help that we need in our area. I am enclosing my email. Things are getting really bad here. Too much to post here.

    • The best thing to do is pray.Buy john eckardt’s book prayer that rout demons and break curses.It has alot of spiritual warfare prayers to cover yourself and your family.These are the last days and Satan is trying to destroy as many people as possible.You are going to see more evil manifestations, deaths and tribulations like never before.We must be watching and praying even more now than ever.

  2. Loretta Coleman Says:

    Hi I’m Pastor L.Coleman. I thank God for the real word being spoken through your article. Many do not believe in deliverance ministries but I’m a leaving witness and grew up in a deliverance ministry. However some years ago God showed me something that really had me in Awe. We were always taught that demons can never possess someone with the Holy Ghost, they just oppress. Well I found out, personally that, that was not true. After receiving the POWER of the Holy Ghost, I thought for sure I was set free from all demons. Until one day the spirit of anger manifested himself in me. It was ugly I cried out to God and said I thought I was free. He said to me that spirit of anger your dealing with is a generational curse, which comes from your father side. I said how can that be my dad is a Bishop. He said the seed was planted long before your dad. I said well how do I get rid of this demon. He gave me instructions to shut in the church every Friday night in PRAYER and that would rid me from that anger demon. I did exactly what God told me and today I am living a free life through the POWER of the Holy Ghost and my obedience. l have decreed and declared through the anointing of Jesus Christ, that the curse stopped at me and will not hit my children through my obedience in Jesus Name. My GOD, my Father in HEAVEN has honoured my prayer request through my obedience. This day I can truly say, I’m thankful that God has given me keys to pull those out of the fire, to be made whole, complete and walk in the POWER of the Holy Ghost to the transforming of their Destiny that God has called upon them. I thank you and keep sharing His Powerful WORD. Peace be unto you. In Jesus Name. Amen.

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