Mocking Spirits That Mimic The Holy Ghost and Unknown Tongues

The Holy Ghost is the third part of the Trinity that includes God and Jesus. When Jesus ascended, God sent the Holy Ghost down on earth to help God’s people become more like Christ in mind, body, and soul. Also, the Holy Ghost helps us develop spiritual strength and power to engage in spiritual warfare with Satan and his minions. He is a person not Casper the friendly ghost.The Holy Ghost is a helper and a gentleman in terms of helping you do the right thing and not get into those sinful and fleshly behavior we can’t get rid of ourselves. He will reside in a person if he or she asks for the Holy Ghost but only if that person’s vessel is spiritually clean. You can’t be fornicating, doing drugs, lying, delving in withcraft, or wicked activities of the flesh because the Holy Ghost ain’t about to reside in your carnal and evil vessel.

Now when one receives the Holy Ghost, over a period a time,the person is able to speak in an unknown tongue only if they have been praying to pray in the holy language of God. When you visit a church, you will sometimes hear people speaking in tongues that doesn’t sound natural nor English-speaking. It’s nothing spooky about it when the tongues come from The Holy Ghost and the unknown tongues helps us pray to God the perfect will of God for our lives when we don’t know what to pray for. Praying in the Spirit means we are allowing God’s spirit that resides in us to speak to the heavens on our behalf and Satan cannot interpret the tongues of a spirit-filled saint. From experience alone, I have witnessed people speaking in tongues that didn’t quite mesh with my spirit and began to wonder did these tongues come from God or god? As my discernment begin to kick in, I began to realize that evil spirits can speak in tongues to and mimic the holy tongues of the Holy Spirit. We call these spirits Mocking or Mimicry demons because they will roam around especially in churches to fool other people into thinking they are really experiencing the prescence of God in the sanctuary. These mocking spirits will praise, pray and even prophesy like they are being led by God’s spirit but actuallly being led by a demonic bird of prey. Many animals can represent certain demonic spirits in the spiritual realms such as ravens, owls, swans and crows. The mocking spirits are governed by the demonic birds of prey who seek to destroy and devour God’s people through deception, madness, and confusion. When someone is trying to break free or get delivered from these spirits, they will try to overtake the person to make it appear they are getting their deliverance but are actually preventing them through their deceptive practices. If a person is so deep in iniquities and sin, the mocking spirits will compensate by making them sound like they are holier than thou being the best praiser, tongue talking and preaching wonder if they hold an office of a preacher. If the person continues to stay in their sinful nature, that’s when their conscience becomes seared and the ruling bird demons take over. They will make that person become more deceptive and their mind becomes confused and insane in the process. You can see alot of these people in psych wards and insane asylums because of their mind and soul being totally destroyed by these mindbending demons. The movie Black Swan with Natalie Portman really goes into the process of how these demons take the person through a descent into madness until they become completely insane and develop self-destructive patterns that can ultimately lead to their deathly demise.

Those who operate in witchcraft speak in tongues to cast spells or release evil spirits upon a person, church or wherever they seek to gain dominion. I watched someone in church service one time and heard her speaking some unknown language but her spirit was under the guise and control of witchcraft. As an intercessor, I began to pray against whatever she was trying chant or release into the spiritual atmosphere.It’s very important to be able to discern and know what kind of spirits you find yourself up against to not be deceived by the tricks, wiles, and schemes of the Devil. I will explain more in the next blog about witchcraft running rampant in churches and the Body of Christ.


12 Responses to “Mocking Spirits That Mimic The Holy Ghost and Unknown Tongues”


  2. Hi there, its good to connect with those who know their stuff. I’m just in the process of writing a new book on spiritual warfare, didn’t even know this web site exsisted, was searching for the significance of animals in spiritual warefare. good stuff guys will check in again.

  3. It is true. One day i was speaking in unknown tongues. I thought it was from God. With this unknown tongue i went to deliver a person who was afflicted with witchcraft. That spirit is transferred to me which i saw in my very naked eye. After this , my life became miserable and i am facing lonliness, confusion in every aspect of my life. Please pray for my deliverance and if you can guide me in God’s knowledge please helpme

  4. Andrea Garza Says:

    Thank you for this insightful information. Its is exactly what I was looking for.

  5. When you look up the word “anti” in the Strong’s concordance, it’s #473 in the Greek. It mean to be opposed or TO IMPOSTER! Although these false holy spirit could be considered mocking spirits, they can actually also be classified as “anti- christs”. Think about what did Jesus hate more than ANYTHING on earth?? Religion! Religion= anti christ. Ask the Lord to remove the veil and give you discernment to recognize this spirit.

  6. KindaKonfused Says:

    Hey, I believe I have these mocking spirits attacking me. I’ve fasted, prayed and kept my focus on God but I can’t seem to stop speaking in false tongues. Any advice?

    • You are going to have to denounce and rebuke every spirit that is not like God.You have to command that mocking spirit to leave in Jesus name.

  7. I have been attacked by witchcraft for some years now. Women from a church I was attending came against myself and grandson in 2008 and orbs entered us I saw it before it entered. I have had three set of ministers come against me with witchcraft or a curse and also some witches I live in front of. I have been doing everything I know to get delievered some do come out but I do not know what all is there. I went to different church and all they did is belittle me. I am more worried about my grandson he was nine at the time it happen he is now sixteen and act out very badly what can I do to help him. The last time I tried to help him a fallen angle showed up and scared him.

    • You need to find a church that deals with deliverance and casting out spirits.You also need to pray and take authoriy to bind witchcraft from operating in your life.

  8. Beloved Mitchell Says:

    I was definitely hoping this article would be longer. Very intriguing penship. I am grateful to God that I was led to find you. Blessings & Remain Faithful!

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