Witches in the Pulpit and On The Pews

People always think that witches are always found in special seances, meetings, and weird places in the downtown areas of big cities. Also, they do not always live in small country towns casting spells and running the entire city with their wicked powers. There is such as thing as witchcraft that can be used by regular people who go to church and read the Bible like you do. At my church, I have noticed that those who operate in this kind of witchcraft look like average joes who seem to look holy and spirit-filled. The problem is when people who have great discernment figure what their true motives and purpose lies, they eventually get cast out. This put me in the mind of the girl who kept following two of the disciples in the bible until one of them rebuke the spirit that was operating in the girl called the spirit of divination. Now, as in previous blogs, evil spirits have special gifts, talents and assignments they use against God’s vessel and inhabit vessels to manifest their supernatural powers of destruction. The spirit of divination is the main ruling demon that operates in people who use the arts of witchcraft to purposefully and willfully use it against a person, a ministry or a minister of the gospel. Real witches come into the church with their Sunday best on looking for a way to cast a spell or put a stronghold on God’s people or the ministry itself. It’s worse when they are in the pulpit casting what I call sermonistic spells over the congregation to control  them spiritually and physically. People wonder why they get sick and all kinds of bad stuff start happening to them because of the release of hexes, word curses and spells over their lives that it takes the Power of God to break the witchcraft and cancel the assignment of the witch.

The spirit of divination has been around a long time and flows heavily in those who call themselves psychics, medium, tarot card readers, magicians, warlocks and witches. It is demon that has the ability and power to cast spells over an entire region or territory in the earth in which signs, miracles, wonders, and the supernatural powers of God are hindered to help people become free from the strongholds in their lives. It also likes to hide in ministers, preachers, pastors, and evangelist to use its backwards version of supernatural powers to develop a cult following among the members and congregation without being an actual cult. Jim Jones was originally a man of the cloth living for God until the spirit of divination entered his vessel through deception and trickery of the Enemy and caused him to use the spiritual gifts God had endowed him to become a very powerful warlock for Lucifer. The demon messed his mind and those who followed to the point that he had them drink some special juice to end the lives of alot of innocent people. These people were fooled and deceived by witchcraft and became a victim of Jones’ deception and lies. Another known warlock was Charles Manson who managed to get people to do the kiling of the famous actress Sharon Tate and others without lifting a finger. Witchcraft can be so powerful that it can seduce and entice other people to do what they want them to do without paying for the consequences. Those who intentionally or unintentionally operate in witchcraft get the worse kind of punishment from Satan when he comes to collect their souls and decides their time is up. They are eventually tortured and devoured repeatedly by the Demons of Old for eternity until they are thrown into the Lake of Fire with Satan at the end of times.


2 Responses to “Witches in the Pulpit and On The Pews”

  1. The problem is that many of these people who try to exercise witchcraft in a church do not get discovered, and the work they do is honored within the church, and they never get expelled, but sometimes get responsible positions within the church. I’ve been in churches like that.

  2. excellent piece, well written, agree with Claudiabarlows comment though, believe we are in the season where God has been training and getting ready a people he can trust to deal with such things diplomatically and in the anointing of the Holy Spirit

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