The Dimensions of Melioch Realms

When God gave me this name for the spiritual realms, I wonder what it truly meant and everytime I tell people the name of my book that has the name of the realms, I get this blank expression. Many of my writings come from the dreams and visions that God gives me so I keep a journal near the bed to write down ideas for writings and books. This has been happening to me since I was a little girl before I was truly converted to Christianity. I was initially receiving dreams from another demonic source as a child and wonder why I had such a fascination with horror films and books. Come to find out that Satan was grooming me to become a horror writer of sorts and I began to have dreams and visions of his dimension in the spiritual realms and the demonic demons that are part of that region. I even dreamt of the creatures that inspired H.P. Lovecraft’s writing as I was growing up and desiring to make my name famous with the other great horror fiction writers like Clive Barker and Stephen  King. Not until I got filled with the Holy Ghost from God did my writing change in a supernatural way. I used to have writer’s block but when God writes for me, I can write 30 to 40 pages at a time in a day. I tend write as the Holy Ghost leads me to write and He will give me the title, table of contents and I can finish a book in about a month or less. My writing has been more of a ministry to myself at first because that is when I began to purge through my writing the issues, bondages and hang-ups that were in my spirit which in turn birthed out my first book of poems called Elysium. Elysium was another word God gave me to name the part of the spiritual realms where He, Jesus, angels, and those who went to heaven dwell. In Melioch Realms, these are the dimensions and realms that houses many spirits of old, old demons, and Satan’s kingdom. When Satan and the third of the angels were kicked out of the heavenly realms, they were thrown into the other parts of the spirit world including the physical realms. They has lost all access and divine rights to God’s Kingdom meaning the dry places of the natural and spirit world could they roam around. In my book Melioch Realms: The Chaos War, I name a city that has been with me even when I was a child and didn’t realize what it meant until now. The city I call Nomad City in the book represents the gates between the spirit world and the physical world meaning spirits whether good or evil come traveling through these spiritual channels to operate around or in humans.  Many things that are manifesting in the physical world were originated first in the spirit world.When people begin to fully understand that what they are doing spiritually or what’s been done to them spiritually whether good or bad will manifest in their lives. People need to also know that spirits do transfer by touch, tv, music, and movies so it is critical that one be careful about what they want to go and see at the latest cinema. There is so much that is demonically inspired and influenced that it manifests in all of these ghost, psychics, and demonic shows. The new show Grimm is about a man who can see demons but he tries to fight demons with his flesh which is not biblically correct and can cause people to get killed by these demons thinking they can fight them with guns and human weapons. Even the writing of books and novels are influenced by the demonic areas of the spiritual realms which is why you see such a wave of it in the earthly realms. We are in spiritual warfare constantly and don’t even know it and its not strange that you see people dropping dead, remember whatever is happening in the spirit realm will manifest into the natural world. If you are  not guarding your spirit and soul from being taken by Satan or from bondages in your life, then your very life can be at stake spiritually as well as naturally. My book really delves into the warfare that humans are in with demonic spirits and the angels that are fighting for the souls of humans. The question is, which side are you on?


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