The Spirit of False Burdens and Hindrances

Not all spirits from satanic realms are blatant and obvious in their evil purposes and plans to steal the spirit and souls of God’s People. Some spirits come upon us when we begin to allow our feelings, emotions, and guilt to make us think we need to always help people in need or in a crisis. That it is our job to make provisions and ensure every need in their life is met financially, physically and spiritually. Satan’s plan and goal is to provide as much hindrances, oppositions, and discouraging situations to make us give up on believing in our prosperity and abundance life that Jesus died and rose from the dead for ( KJV John 10:10). He will use people, circumstances and situations to get us distracted and drained in doing what God has called us to do and to live our own lives. We can be so boggled down with the cares of this world and the cares of other people that our spirits become burdened and encumbered with many things. The problem with this is that some people create situations that can cause the Spirit of False Burden to enter the lives of other people. Some people do not take responsibility for their actions or roles and may lay that burden on someone who isn’t even been called to carry out that responsibility. When we are helping people, the spirit of false burdens will begin to attack your mind and tell you that you must help them because of your loyalty, love, and feelings of inferiority on deserving to live your own life. People who are selfish minded and immature will make you think that you are suppose to help them because they helped you or that you are their friend in Christ. That false burden spirit will use other people to make you think that you are suppose to carry someone else’s load and responsibility because you don’t want to see them suffer or be in lack in any every of their life. This is where the mythology story of Atlas carrying the whole world on his shoulders originates from, we tend to carry the burdens of other people on our shoulders until it ways you down. The purpose and goal of the false burden spirit is to wear you out and keep you from living out the Plan of God in your life to its fullest potential. Satan knows that if he can burden you down with the troubles of others and yours included, then you won’t have the strength to fight back nor take what is rightfully yours spirituallly and naturally. This hindering spirit will rob you of your joy and peace because you feel like you are spiritually being made to help other people out to the point you are losing out on helping yourself out. You are dealing with other people’s issues and can’t focus on your own issues which can sap the joy out of you. You can’t truly enjoy your life because you feel like that person or persons is going to have something come up that you have to bail them out of. The problem is those who are causing you to take upon these false burdens don’t want to own up or take responsibilities for their problems and troubles because of spiritual slothfulness and slackness. Hindering spirits cause the people of God to not walk in total victory and total deliverance. When you are delivered from false burden, it is a fight to not take it back and you must preserve what God has delivered you from or what God has for will be hindered by these satanic attacks.

These spirits are attacking like never before to get people to be so heavy and weary in their spirit that they lose hope, faith, and belief in God’s promises for a prosperous and rich life. The spirit of heaviness comes in with the spirit of false burdens to weigh a person’s soul and spirit down in that they become joyless, sad, non-praising, and defeated in their walk with God. From personal experience, to overcome these hindering spirits, you going have to let go of the people that you carry burdens for out of you heart, mind, soul, and spirit. This can be extremely hard if its a person(s) that you care about and have their best interest at heart but you God doesn’t want us to help someone be accountable of their actions. We are to be accountable to our own actions and allow God to help us deal with our own issues and flaws. People that invoke hindering spirits are in bondage to other spirits and want you to partake of their bondage and what they don’t want to let go to God to be truly delivered and set free. Once you let these people go and not take anymore false burdens they indirectly or directly try to put upon you, God can truly begin to manifest and release what has been held up in your life. False burdens hinder God bringing forth the blessings and prayer manifestations which is what they are evilly designed to do. People must be free to live their lives and enjoy this temporary existence on earth without worrying about somebody else’s bills, finances, lack, and problems. Once you are free from these burdensome stones, continue to pray and allow God to tell you what to do in that situation. You can’t live your life as the bail-out saviour of other people’s mess and miss out on what God has for you. Be free to enjoy your life and leave everybody else’s problem at the altar when you pray.


5 Responses to “The Spirit of False Burdens and Hindrances”

  1. Daughter of Christ Says:

    Thank you so much for this post!!! I’ve recognized that the Spirit of False Burden/Guilt has been pushing on me for a long time since my childhood… I start to see myself taking on the false responsibility to be there for everyone, even when it is not necessarily my job, but because I begin to be so overly empathetic..Apologizing to everyone for every little thing I feel like I’ve lacked or have not “done enough” in my part, cus I don’t want to seem like a flake, etc. But this post has just re-confirmed in me that I don’t need to “help everyone” and that I should look at how God wants me to lean and care on Him first. I’m still learning that it’s okay to say, a “Holy no”, and that God wants to strengthen my identity and confidence in Him, not man. So thank you so much once again for writing this post. God bless

  2. Kutosi Paul Wilson Says:

    Thanks Alot For The Message . Through The Idea Of This Message , Have Been Encouraged To Take A Tentative Attempt Of Writing My First Book . I Know Im Blessed With It ; & I Believe Have Now Found A Right Place . God Bless You Very Much .

  3. Latrese McTyer Says:

    Thank you so much for this!!

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