Defeating the Spirit of Leviathan

In this day in time, many things are beginning to surface at a more rapid pace in terms of the spiritual environment that has begun to reveal the true corruption of mankind especially those who have been called to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ. There is such a spirit of error and carnality among the Body of Christ that you can’t even go to work with them nor have any dealings with them spiritually and naturally. Even in workplaces in which Christ is acknowledged and governs even how we do business in the natural world, this can be invaded by religous-minded people who say they know Jesus and scriptures but don’t know God on a personal level. I witnessed today that if people do not begin to pray to God and obtain a gift of discernment, even the very elect can be deceived by the words of a person who proclaims they are one of God’s people. What people have to protect and guard their spirits from is not necessarily wicked, sinful people but super-religous, pseudo-Christians who can spew scriptures front and backwards but have no understanding of the mysteries of the Kingdom nor the deep revelations from God through the Holy Ghost. These people come in like wolves in sheep clothing proclaiming that they love God and know His Word until you tell them something that goes against their erroneous, demonic spirited- mind. People who spout out biblical and worldly knowledge mixing with their own philosophies are the false prophets they talk about in the end of times. They are the false messiahs that speak profound errors of God’s Word and their purpose is to plant seeds of rebellion and disobedience in God’s people. These people are arrogant, prideful and think they know everything there is about God and the Bible just to make you begin to question what you truly believe about God. This is the spirit of leviathan or the spirit of pride.

The leviathan spirit is haughty, proud, and seeks to destroy the true principles and divine order of God in the earthly realms. It is described in the Bible as a crocodile that destroys in massive way which is how the leviathan spirit comes at a person with its destructive words of deception, flattery, and error. As the return of Jesus comes near, more of these old demonic spirits have been unleashed into the earth to deceive and destroy believers in Christ. This demonic entity exists in people who think more highly than themselves and believe they are the most wise in knowing the doctrines of the world including the Bible. I got to witness firsthand a man try to convince and tell me that every false word that he uttered was scripturally- based. A person who has the leviathan spirit in them operate also in witchcraft and perversion. Anybody that you meet that speaks about God and thinks they have the grand authority of the Bible and the nature of God but you are stupid because you cannot quote every scripture verbatim, they got some demons in them and you can’t be afraid to take authority of the spirits that are operating in the individual. The way to defeat the spirit of leviathan is through spiritual warfare prayer.

Spiritual warfare prayer is more than just saying your grace and repeating the Lord’s prayer but a prayer that wars in the spirit realm using the Word of God in terms of attacking the spirits that have come to attack you through a person or a situation. These kinds of prayers require you to have the Holy Ghost and the ability to discern the spirits that you need to pray against and to protect your spirit and soul. If you don’t know what spirit is operating behind that person, then you begin to rebuke, bind, and cast out every spirit that is not like God. Don’t try to guess the spirit and rebuke it otherwise it may come to manifest and attack you. This is very important to watch and pray because the Enemy is seeking whom he may devour and destroy sending out his helpers to do his evil bidding in the earth.


One Response to “Defeating the Spirit of Leviathan”

  1. please,how can one get the verses of the scripture to handle the leviathanic spirits?

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