The Evil That Men Do

People do evil without the devil’s help.There is such a thing as mean,hateful evil acting people that make Satan look like a bad child. The problem with evil folks is that the are operating solely through their flesh.The flesh has no conscious or remorse acting on its own lusts and enticement.If it had its way 100%, we would see evil, freaky, and perverted folks everywhere like those before The Flood in the bible.
The humans at that time must have been doing so much evil that God had to start the world over from scratch. Some people are evil acting with a friendly disposition but their ways and habits are evil.These people go to church, pray, fast and may even minister the gospel but that iniquity or hidden sin within makes everything they do for God leave a bad spiritual taste.Iniquities can make a person act and committ evil to feed their fleshly desires.For example, if you are in love with a man and he doesn’t love you but you think there maybe some hope.So, acting evil towards other people you may see as a threat to your makebelieve relationship with this man is your way of handling people.The problem is with people like this is that they are being driven by their flesh and their spirit is in a holding pattern because of evil being present.When this person shunned and acted evil toward me, I got angry and mad being sick and tired of her mistreating people over her love for a man who does’nt want her.She knows I am his daughter but anybody close to him makes her glamorous godly mask come off showing the evil and miserable person she truly is.Evil has a way of revealing itself in a situation and when it does, the real person comes out.


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