Python Spirit

The python spirit comes in many forms in the Body of Christ that uses its venomous powers to suck the very life of God’s people. It is an ancient demonic spirit that houses itself amongst people who have open spiritual doors in their lives for satanic influence and invasion. This demonic spirit has existed prior to the creation of the earth and waits for opportune times to destroy God’s people through false burdens, worshipping idols, and iniquities of the heart. Anyone who possesses the python spirit tends to carry iniquities in their spiritual heart that they don’t want to release to God and definitely do not have the Holy Ghost. You definitely can’t have the Holy Ghost and carry this spirit because the Lord can’t chill with this strong demonic spirit. But the people of God can be oppressed by the python spirit and eventually experience a spiritual and natural death if allowed. The purpose of the python spirit is to suck the spiritual and natural life out of people especially in church settings to block the people from truly and freely praising God to receive breakthroughs, miracles, signs, wonders and deliverance from yokes of bondage. Now, the python spirit can operate in a more personal setting through people that are close to you such as best friend, relatives, loved ones, and your significant others. That is when this evil spirit starts the process of drying out your spirit man and taking the joy of out of living for God. You began to become more tired, weak, weary, and heaviness in the heart. Sometimes, the symptoms of having a python spirit around you can be more sicknesses and infirmities that may manifest in infections, blisters, and diseases. The python spirit works like the snake it represents in that it slowly squeezes the life out of you  but not like the vampiric spirit. It is not in the shape of a snake but looks like a tall man with darkened skin and evil eyes.  Evil spirits do have forms and tend to look like what they do evilly in spiritual and earthly realms.  The thing about this evil spirit is that it is overpowering and can pretty much take over the spiritual atmosphere of the church making the people dry and not praising God. It can control an individual’s life to the point in that they lose their zeal and passion to serve God and abound the assignment God called them to do. It is a sneaky, parasitic entity that Satan uses specifically and strategically to destroy God’s people and keep the supernatural power of God from manifesting freely within the earthly realms. The way to rid yourself of the python spirit is through intensive fasting and prayer.  You will have to bind the works and effects of the python spirit off of your life. Sometimes you may have to cut ties with that person unless you are married to them. If you are married to a person who carries the python spirit, you going to have to confront that spirit as the Spirit of God leads you and rebuke the spirit out of that person. The thing about this spirit is that it will lay dormant and hide out appearing to be gone from that person but it will manifest itself eventually when it feels threaten in its hold over the other person. Python spirit is very controlling and wants to dominate the person that they want to dry and deaden out spiritually so the anointing cannot flow in that person anymore. Now if that person wants to be rid of the python spirit, they are going to have to release every iniquity, sin, and bondage out of their life in order for it to leave him or her.

7 Responses to “Python Spirit”

  1. Thank you for your explanation about this spirit. I want to share that I was born dominated by the spirit of python and even after giving my life to Christ in 1988, remained dominated. It took the Holy Spirit over twenty years to walk me out of Python’s control. I strived in Christ but dark clouds hovered over me and interfered with every aspect of my life until just a few years ago when God brought everything together. The short of it is He gave me extended revelation concerning the spirit of python and had me to write a book on it. Now, I’m searching blogs for comments or teachings like yours about the spirit of python to find people who are familiar with how this spirit works and to request that they review my book. You can read the first 12 pages at to see if you are interested. If yes, please email me at and I will send the eBook free of charge. Just please explain that I offered this on your blog and provide the link to this page. I’m excited to help the bride come in to her inheritance. You can find the book at Amazon by searching under books “Spirit Of Python Unveiled”.
    Thank you so much,
    Paula Cross

  2. Additionally, part of the journey out of Python’s dominion must include having a prayer covering by people who are familiar with this spirit and who walk in the authority of Christ. I offer a free monthly prayer letter to anyone who subscribes at

  3. elo josiah Says:

    am into deliverance minstry, my eyes opened greatly through this article. Am so grateful Jesus lead me to this. Please keep me posted with more articles as this,l would be grateful. Thanks


    I dont believe this.people are always trying to write a book and they know that the Children of Jehovah God will buy it. If it isn’t written in God Holy Bible i dont believe it the Lord love his children to tell us about this dangerous spirit.spirits are real but God tell us how to fight pls read ephesians chapter 6 v 10-20.

  5. Python people, in other words – Malignant Narcissist / Jezebel.

    My ex-mum was one of those. That’s why now ex-mum.

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