50 Shades of Perversion: The Spirit of Lasciviousness

The definition for lasciviousness means to be lewd and lustful in one’s behavior. This spirit is kin to the spirit of perversion and eros. Eros from mythology was the spirit of erotic love that focused on feeding fleshly desires and impulses in relation to sexual pleasures. The demon eros works hand and hand with the spirit of perversion and lasciviousness to create a freaky, perverted individual who participates in all abominable forms of sexual pleasures which includes sadomasochism. The main reason why God destroyed Sodom and Gommorah was because there was such a multitude of these spirits dwelling until the entire city was completely overtaken by these demonic spirits. The spirit of perversion comes from the mental thought patterns and images a person sees through their eyes and ears that can come from movies, music and conversations. That is why it is critical to watch what you see and hear because the spirit of perversion transfers through the channels many times. Afterwards, it begins to pervert the mind of the individual and have that person focus on satisfying their lustful cravings which can form into lascivious behavior which can be bisexuality, bestiality,incest, homosexuality, sadism, and pornograpy. If the flesh of a person is not monitored or controlled by God and the Holy Spirit, it will begin to want what it want no matter what, who, or how it satisfies its desires. That’s why it is very important to keep that flesh under God’s Word through prayer and fasting because uncontrolled, it is a monster that stops at nothing to destroy the soul and spirit of a person.

The greatest tool that the Enemy uses to seduce a person to become an erotic individual is through romance novels which provide the imageries a person needs to be invaded and attacked by the Spirits of Perversion and Lasciviousness. You can get so engulfed in these books that you will eventually want to act out some of the sexual activities explicitly detailed in them. The demon Eros governs the spirits of perversion and lasciviousness in making sure people are exposed to the dark and demented versions of sex in order to turn their minds into a reprobate state and a seared conscience destined for Hell. Erotic novels and books are one of the gateways through the eye that these demonic spirits transfer and enter the minds of an individuals. People do not realize that words do carry spirits and can open the door to other evil spirits to enter your mind, soul and spirit which causes your body to respond in an evil manner. In addition, romance novels that involves demons, vampires, werewolves, ghosts,  and aliens can be a opportunity for these spirits to invade your life and begin the process of sexual perversion. I used to tease my mother and call them hot books because they do make a person hot and want to commit a sexual act married or not. If you know that you are trying to remain celibate as a single person or committed to your spouse, reading these kinds of books or watching those special flicks can open the doors to having a carnal lifestyle of anything I want to do goes.

I picked a book called Fifty Shades of Grey in Walmart, since they were comparing to The Hunger Games in regards of what people purchased as well. When I began to read the back of the book, I realized that this book delves into perverted sex, fornication and sadomasochism between a virginal girl who gets seduced, devirginized and changed into a lustful vixen by this rich, demonically possessed boy. They even have the nerve to have a trilogy of these books and they always describe the boy to be dealing with his own demons which is very true because he has Legion(many devils). The book has a soundtrack already and a possible freaky perverted movie version coming out.

Which put me into mind about me being told that you need to be freaky or have some freaky tendencies to enjoy sex with your husband or wife. Now, this can open the door to a spirit of perversion if the couple decides to explore other ways or method to reach sexual pleasures being just as bad as a single person committing sexual perverted activities. Sex was created by God for the purpose of marriage and enjoying intimacy with another individual, but due to sin and lusts of the flesh, it is a constant war even for Christians to not fall into the trap of sexual perversion and fornication. I used to laugh at people who say they have a sexual addiction but realize that it can become a stronghold over your life that can destroy relationships and souls. Its even worse when you know you have the spirit of perversion and still think you can work in God’s Kingdom, being a gay bishop or a bisexual preacher or a lustful choir member without thinking there are no consequences to your sexual sinning.  The most powerful tool that Satan has used to destroy God’s people is through sex and even in the Bible caused some great men of God like David and Samson to fall into sin through sexual sin. Sexual sin not only destroys the mind, body, and soul of a person, but conditions the flesh to want to experience sex on a continual basis like food. The way to curb the flesh desire to want to be pleased sexually is through constant prayer and fasting including refraining from finding yourself in compromising situations that get you caught up in sexual sin.


7 Responses to “50 Shades of Perversion: The Spirit of Lasciviousness”

  1. In researching the spirit of perversion – this is one of the most informative articles I have come accross. Excellent work! Now please do a piece on how to be delivered from the spirit of perversion!

  2. There are various forms of reproduction, sexual and asexual including vegetative propagation, binary fission, etc. Are we saying the Almighty God failed by the reproductive method God gave to humans? As the article implies that Satan uses these (sex) to destroy God’s people. The Almighty did not know that by making as sexually reproductive, it will be a weakness God’s “rival” Satan will use to destroy us.
    Secondly, what was the primary goal for sex in Humans? Reproduction or marriage? and what informs ur claim here.
    Third: question: Are soldiers good or evil people in the eyes of God? They are trained to kill, they carry weapons almost all the time.
    I dont think because they have been in these kind of training and harsh environment and the kind of things that have been put in their minds, they necessarily become killers and go about killing people. Does, the spirits of death/killing will enter them and cause them to go about killing people.
    In all it was a great attempt to advise a lot of us to stay away from certain unprofitable activities. Thanks

  3. elo josiah Says:

    apostle paul said, ‘l die daily’. Without this principle of daily crucifying the flesh it will be impossible for one to escape perversion as a spirit. I love this article especially now daughters of men are tending toward cladless apparel….

  4. To answer a couple of questions that were asked…God has not failed and CAN NOT fail, He is not man..Everything that God does he has already planned it and has a plan for it. He is all knowing, everywhere and in everything. He makes no mistakes. Yes God said be fruitful and multiply and yes God made sex for both don’t marriage and reproduction go hand in hand. 1 Corinthians 7:8-9 I say therefore to the unmarried and widows, It is good for them if they abide even as I. But if they cannot contain, let them marry: for it is better to marry than to burn. What God created for marriage and reproduction was distorted by the tricks of the enemy and now is used for more then those two. They use sex for simple sinful lustful pleasure.
    I remember in the Bible God had annointed certain kings and made their Army’s successful in battle, I’m sure that he isn’t mad at them yet another thing is that you must have a strong foundation with God as the basis when you do have this line of work because the devil comes but to kill steal and destroy and if you give him a foothold he will do just that…Get into people’s mind and having them acting out on things they shouldn’t and probaly wouldn’t if they call upon and wait on the Lord. Such as taking murder to other levels off of the battlefield although I am not God, ask him for clarity and i’m sure he will reveal it to you in time. There are always transferring spirits, so you have to be watchful lest they try to come upon you. you will be able to discern them and call them out by name so that they must flee in Jesus name, so you are not acting on what the enemy is planting in the mind.
    Hopefully I gave some understanding.

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