Nomad City: The Gateway to the Spirit World

In my book Melioch Realms, Nomad City represents the portal or spiritual gateways that spirits use to enter the physical realms from the spirit world.It helps to know that the spiritual world is parallel to the natural world in that eveything is governed from the spiritual realms and you see the manifestation of what is spiritually happening in the physical realms. People do not realize fully the impact the spiritual world has on the earthly realms that God created. The manifestations of paranormal activities, evil spirits, and demons are that they are being allowed by Satan and summoned by witches, warlocks, necormancers, magicians, wizards, and those whose spiritual gifts have been satanically influenced. Also, humans have allowed so many open doors to their spirits to evil spirits in that they are dominating every movie that discusses a spirit or demon of sort that is wreaking havoc and death upon humans. Just like we walk, talk, drive, and conduct our earthly affairs. Angels, demons, and evil spirits are having spiritual warfare for the souls of mankind. If you read my book, you will see the importance of understanding that the spirit world is more real than the natural and many events are occurring in this invisible dimension.


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