Spirit of Disobedience, Rebellion, and Witchcraft

I know from the previous blog, I talked about the Mark of the Beast and the spirits that are attached with this phrase in the Bible from the book of revelations. The spirit of disobedience, rebellion and witchcraft isn’t for those people who don’t know God and are unsaved in terms of knowing Jesus. It enters people who know what God has told them to do, not to do, and the changes they need to make in their lives to truly be prosperous spiritually and naturally. Now, I’m not going to bore with you with flat out telling you how this spirit operates in a believer of Christ but let me tell you a story.

Once upon a holy time, there was a man who was born lame and grew up with all odds stacked against him. He was rejected, abused, and despised even by his own people yet he perseveres. As he grew, he became heavily involved in serving God and doing good works in the church giving allegiance to Jesus to be his Lordship over his soul. As he pursued his dreams and goals, he decided to join an organization that he pledge and joined in their ideology and beliefs that seemed to pertain to God but actually operated in Satan and witchcraft. He became friends with the people in the organization and considers them to be family and someone he could count on when times got hard. This was his new family and one that he loved because they received him with open arms and acceptance. Yet, something happens spiritually to him in that his heart began to be filled with the love of this organization rather than the love of God. He demonstrated that he loved God through good works and his allegiance to the church that he attended but his heart belonged to something else. Those who hanged around him thought he was honest, reliable, and trustworthy to be counted on when times got hard. He was promoted, elevated and given the keys to the Kingdom. The world was his oyster for the taking and all his problems were diminishing because of his obedience to The Call on his life. Sounds like this story may come to a happy ending, right?

God know people’s hearts and the problem with us is that we don’t try to know the heart of a person before we become involved in their lives. God knows what we truly love and hide in the most depth parts of our heart and He will expose the lover of your soul. God knows that if there is anything in your heart that He is not part of, then you is operating in idolatry. Let’s continue the story….

One day, God spoke to the man and told them to get rid of everything pertaining to this organization and give up his spiritual allegiance to the organization. This is when the spirit of rebellion reared its ugly head in that it will tell the person that you can have your idol and God at the same time. That is it okay to sin away and preach the gospel on Sunday. It is sneaky and deceptive in making you think that what you do is right all the time. Like you are a miniature god that controls your own destiny and follows the path that you set for yourself. Rebellion leads to disobedience towards God’s Order and plan for your life in that you refuse to follow God’s Word, His Commandments and Statutes blatantly and with sheer audacity. The man didn’t want to give up his allegiance to the organization and decided to follow his own plans, agendas, and schemes. Once he began to rebel against what God told him to do, he disobeyed God’s advice and began to live his own life doing no more good works in church nor living out his divine purpose. His heart had become so enraged by the audacity of God to tell him to give up the family that truly embraced him as a son and brother in the organization that he began to inflict the same rejection, hurt, and ridicule that was done to him to people that loved him and had their best interest at heart. The problem was that his true family was supposed to be God and those who loved him no matter what not the people in the organization. But when these spirits are in full operation in a person, that person begins to operate in witchcraft in making sure he keeps certain people in allegiance with his idol worshipping and rebellion to further his disobedient cause. Witchcraft is a powerful tool that can control, manipulate and deceive people into thinking that it’s okay to disobey God and rebel against His Holy Word.

When a person has all these spirits working in them simultaneously, they began to bring more spirits and demons around them that can overpower the holiest of people to succumb to their satanic influences. Avoiding these people, fasting, and prayer will keep you from becoming overtaken by these spirits yourself. They have a bad spirit and cavalier attitude toward their actions and behaviors not thinking there won’t be any consequences to their rebellious state. They will even get mad at you when you start talking about doing your assignment for God and how to help build the Body of Christ up in being obedient to God. They are marked to be bad company and God will make sure you don’t fellowship with these people anymore spiritually and naturally. Is there an ending to the story about the man?

The demons associated with the organization have begun to take their satanic place in the man’s life and now are orchestrating a full satanic assault against the man that if he doesn’t repent, they are about to consume his life spiritually and naturally in a most destructive manner. Those who are close around him will suffer with him and the destruction that comes with showing allegiance to a person who is in rebellion against God. There is time for him to repent and get it right with God but he has free will to choose death or life. The choice is his and his alone.



2 Responses to “Spirit of Disobedience, Rebellion, and Witchcraft”

  1. One thing about the ending, the bible does not teach free will. We have a choice, God’s will of self will, but it is not free. Self will has a hefty price tag!

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