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Hallow’s Eve

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The Enemy is a real foe and does his very best to make sure the people of God give up on hope and not believe that God can deliver the Promises He said in His Word in your earthly existence. The thing about the Devil is that he doesn’t play fair and attacks people especially those who attack his kingdom or pose a threat to his taking everyone to Hell with him master plan. These past few weeks have been attacks after major attacks and it doesn’t help that its in the a month where every witch, warlock, and evil spirits are unleased like never before because of Halloween. I called it the holiday for counterattacks and major spiritual warfare with casualties on both sides. People don’t realize that the month of October tends to be the worst spiritual month for attacks and counterattacks because of all the evil spirits and demons that have been released through incantations, spells, seances, and other satanic forms of sorcery and witchcraft to cause more harm, destruction and mayhem to God’s people and other unsuspecting humans. The day of Halloween is a time to dress up in disguise so the Enemy cannot see you and the evil spirits will be scared off by your Superman costume. The actual costumes for this holiday were created for the purpose to scare the evil spirits and demons away. This is also the day in which evil spirits have an opportunity to possess and take over human vessels especially those who don’t have God’s Spirit dwelling on the inside of them. Every demon and evil spirit are lanched out on assignment to attack and devour people who don’t have any knowledge of them nor the Power of God to cast them back into the dry places in the spirit realm.

Every attack known to man has been coming my way this month in which I felt I had been spiritually beaten upside and downside the head feeling tired and battle-worn. Counterattacks come more heavily to those who have been praying and warring against the devil and his minions and if you have been living righteous before God. Don’t be dismayed nor discouraged at the many spiritual and natural attacks that occur your way because it means the Devil is mad, you are doing something right, and God has a call on your life that the Enemy wants to destroy by any means necessary. The Enemy always attacks in the areas where you are the weakest or still trying to gain victory for the purpose of you to quit, faint, get weary, and give up on God. The thing that people tend to do when it seems like Hell has broken loose is to stop praying and serving God which is the very thing Satan wants you to do. This is the time when you begin to fast and pray like never before and expect God to do some spiritual changes in your spirit man to handle the spiritual warfare you find yourself in. I tend to use every attack for own advantage to make me stronger in God and seek His Blessing like never before. For those who desire to possess more power and authority by God, expect attacks, persecutions, setbacks, delays, and sufferings which are designed to bring out the true you in God and the greatness that lies on the inside of you. The more you endure pain and suffering, the more anointed you become and you have the ability to handle the Enemy like Muhammad Ali handled every opponent in the boxing ring.


Dealing with Religious Spirits

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As I drive down the highways and notice all of these multiple churches all over the city, I wonder are they truly living up to their name on the sign and is God’s presence dwelling in the place? The world has so many religions and doctrines that people can choose to be a Buddhist or a Mormon if one likes. Since before The Flood and afterwards, the religious spirit has been a culprit of the many religions and cults that we see today that has many names for God but are they actually serving The True Living God in the Bible? Religious spirits tend to be well-educated or well-experienced in knowing how to live holy, be holy, and speak holy but something is missing spiritually in their lives. You could have been saved at the age of 2, baptized at 5 and began preaching at 10 years old but still don’t have a true relationship with God on a personal level. These kinds of spirits love to go to seminary schools and actually maybe teaching these classes to instruct people on how to be knowledgeable in the things of the Lord but have no revelation on what God is really saying to His People. The Pharisees and Sadducees represent the men who had religious spirits, were well-known in the community for their religious stance, and knew the laws of God but their walk with God was superficial in nature. They continuously would challenge Jesus on His Actions who would always rebuke them with the Word of God. Jesus knew these men possess religious spirits and believed in that practicing the art of serving God through visible prayers, servitude and looking holy was enough to say they were truly holy people because they kept all of God’s commandments. Religious spirits especially in the Body of Christ love to be judgmental and critical of other people who they think is not holy enough, know enough scripture, or have enough spiritual experiences.    A person who has a religious spirit will always see an opportunity to show off their biblical and scriptural knowledge including any religious education they may have taken to improve their ability to preach sermon in churches. The problem with this spirit is that it doesn’t welcome change or other people who may not believe or act the way they do. If you go to some churches and they have been doing the same routine for the past 45 years, then you may have a multitude of religious spirits at work who aren’t allowing God to dwell freely  in the church. God doesn’t dwell in churches that keep Him in a box of tradition nor in chaos either. A religious spirit goal is to stifle, dry and deaden every church that may have had God’s Spirit and Presence reigning in the sanctuary. The Enemy sends religious spirits into churches to begin the process of hindering and blocking God’s Presence from healing, delivering, restoring, yoke destroying and breaking bondages or strongholds off of people’s lives. Once this process is complete, the church becomes just a building that we go to on Sundays without feeling the presence of God and not getting any spiritual breakthroughs in our lives. The spiritual atmosphere becomes dry as powder and you have probably felt a coldness in certain churches. On top of that, the religious spirit strives to challenge and oppose everyone who doesn’t have the same biblical and scriptural pedigree as they do because they believe they have the right education to be an authority figure in Christ and to preach the gospel. Religious spirits love to condemn others who have sinned or made a mistake.  They don’t believe they shouldn’t be accountable to anyone but themselves unless you have a familiar spirit.  These are the people that make church services boring and a chore because they are doing good works as a routine rather than a way of life.  Also, they don’t walk nor operate in the love of God which is one of the greatest commandments in the book that they are supposed to be following to the last scripture in the Bible. Religious spirits make people not want to come to church and know about God because of these so-called holier than thou Christians.  What do you do when you come across people with religious spirits besides not want to bless them out?   Only God can deliver a person from a religious spirits but what you do in the meantime is not let them vex or bother you to the point to acting non-Christ-like. Just pray for them and hope that they allow God to change their erroneous beliefs on what and how to live holy for Christ. When you truly have a personal relationship with God meaning you do more than just serve Him but surrender your entire life to God, you can no longer have a religious mindset with God nor think you have Him all figured all out. That’s the ultimate crux of a person with a religious spirit, they profess to know all about God, but don’t truly know God. Selah.

The Power of the Jezebel Spirit

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As I have been taught in church that the Jezebel spirit isn’t a gender-based spirit that only operates in overly made up women who try to entice other people into perverted and evil activities. Jezebel in the Bible married Ahab who allowed her to pretty much dominate, control, and destroy the people of God which are the characteristics of this spirit in a person. The Jezebel spirit works heavy in churches and ministries because it wants to be the one in authority and hates any spiritual authority figures. He or she who has this spirit will do the utmost best to try to control every person they come in contact with especially men and women of God who have ministries and churches. Those who walk in the Power and Authority of God will come against this powerful demon in males and females. I had the wonderful experience of coming head on with this spirit who was challenging every word that was uttered out of my  mouth and continuing to govern the entire meeting with the Pastor and his wife going with everything the person was asking me. You have probably encountered someone like this who seem to speak with a underlying bitterness or evilness in the tones of their speech even when it was friendly and kind in nature. A friend of mine calls these kind of people nice-nasties. People that act nice but their expression and speech reveals their nasty and unfriendly disposition. I could see the Jezebel spirit trying to rise up and come against everything I was saying in the meeting not because I was special or anything but demons do recognize those who have the authority to pray, rebuke, or cast them out of people. Demons also recognize people who don’t have any authority and power from God so the Jezebel spirit has a field day dominating churches and the men and women of God over and in the churches. Jezebel spirit is one of the most destructive and powerful demons in the Body of Christ because it lays dormant in people until it is threatened, challenged, or rebuked by someone in spiritual authority. The spirit then rises up and lashes out at people for the purpose of taking control and do things how they want it to be done. The Jezebel spirit also works in witchcraft, rebellion, and perversion because it brings with it familiar spirits to help take complete control over the person. The sole purpose of the Jezebel spirit is to destroy churches and spiritual authority figures so that people won’t receive the Word of God and deliverance from sin, bondages, strongholds, and curses. God operates in the earth and heaven in divine order but the Jezebel spirit seeks to destroy order in churches, homes, and anywhere else to breed chao, confusion, and strife. The only way to deal with the Jezebel spirit is through fasting and intense spiritual warfare prayer meaing you will have to rebuke, bind, and cast out the works of the Jezebel spirit. It is a takeover spirit that wants to rule everyone and everything that crosses its path. When the prophet Elijah had killed Jezebel’s prophets, Jezebel sent a order to have Elijah killed causing him to flee into a cave.The queen Jezebel had manage to obtain an aresenal of false prophets to do her bidding and tell her what she wanted to hear.  The spirit wants to kill anyone that challenges their ability to dominate and overthrow people especially those in spiritual authority.

Spiritual Voyeurs

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There are people that have what they call a spectating spirit in which they purposefully watch other people especially in church services participate in praise and worship or other activities occurring in the church. A spiritual spectator is a person that watches other people or events occurring without being involved nor participating in the activity. They watch other people praising and shouting unto to God while they just look around to see what is going on. Now in a spiritual standpoint, the spectating spirit dwells among carnal acting people who don’t have a true spiritual mindset when it comes to the things of God and don’t’ really get involved in church services especially during praise and worship times. They are what I call spiritual voyeurs who take pleasure in watching other people enjoy the Lord but don’t try to get involve themselves. Voyeurism doesn’t always mean a person who likes to watch other people do certain things in the secular world but in the spiritual world it is the spark that can produce a spirit of carnality, lusts, perversion and witchcraft.  The purpose of the spectating spirit is to keep people from receiving the Word of God and get their spiritual breakthroughs from God through signs, wonders, and miracles. It is a cold, calculating and menacing spirit that flows through people who aren’t true converts of Christ and still walk in fleshly desires and lusts. The eyes are truly a window to the soul and if a person is watching you in a most unnatural or unnerving way, that is the spirit of spectating. It dwells in the mind and directs the person to look at what they desire or enjoy whether it be at church or a particular person.  They don’t participate but just watch and see. Spiritual voyeurs also like to look at other people in an intense manner especially if they like the person therefore making him or her feel uncomfortable at being stared at all the time. That’s what happens to King David when he kept looking at Bathsheba to the point that he developed a lustful desire towards her that became so strong that he had her husband killed in order to possess her. From my own personal experience I have had men who keep looking at me in church and I see the spirit behind their eyes because there’s a difference when someone likes you or lusts after you. Many people have fallen prey to spiritual voyeurs because they thought they were staring because they were showing how much they liked them but only how much they want to possess them spiritually and naturally in a more demonic manner. The way to handle a person who has a spectating spirit is to pray and fast to stay focused and not deceived by their hard stares. That staring and looking can become a form of witchcraft if this person stares and wants you so bad that they start praying to have you no matter what. It is important to guard your heart, mind, and eyes because spirits can transfer through the eyes. It is important not to become swayed or seduced by spiritual voyeurs. The eyes of a person can reveal the true spirit of a person whether good or evil.


Spirit of Error

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This spirit operates in a special manner in that it will cause a person to be deceived by their own actions and beliefs thinking what they are doing or saying is right.Even people who have the Holy Ghost can have the spirit of error because it dwells in the mental thoughts of a person.For example, a man who is trying to be a pastor but God actually called him to be a teacher and youth pastor but he believes because he has the gift of gab, he should have a church with followers.The spirit of error got him thinking that he is called to lead Gods people because of his religous education and delusion of grandeur that he knows Gods Word better than people like myself who are just students in the things of God.This spirit will cause you to be frustrated, tired and confused on why things are’nt going the way they should go in your life.It will have you doing things out of your character and what God called you to do.There are so many people walking in spiritual error and not truly listening to God.There’s Christians like this lady apostle who does supermodel, Victoria Secret seductive poses on her facebook but God called her to be an Apostle.Spirit of error will have you walking in the wrong vocation and you wonder why demons are constantly attacking cause they even know you are not in your designated holy lane.I try to stay right where God called me to be but the prestige and allure of being called a prophet or apostle because they are such powerful callings but in every calling, there are some demons assigned to it as well.Not only does the spirit of error produce a spirit of deception but then puts you in a spiritual catatonic state where you aren’t growing spiritually in God because of your love for another person who is not your soulmate and you live a fairy tale existence hoping this person will love you back.The way to deal with spiritual errors is by reading God’s Word and being true to yourself.Admit your faults and mistakes to God and yourself because denial breeds the power of the spirit of error. Its very important to pray and listen to God talked fully to you and reveal truths about yourself and your destiny.You need to be able to discern God’s Voice, your voice and The Enemy to not make erroneous decisions.God will never tell you anything that is contrary to His Word.He is not the author of confusion or error.

Calling All Indie Authors: Who Wants Book Promotion? (Prompt #22)

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