Spirit of Error

This spirit operates in a special manner in that it will cause a person to be deceived by their own actions and beliefs thinking what they are doing or saying is right.Even people who have the Holy Ghost can have the spirit of error because it dwells in the mental thoughts of a person.For example, a man who is trying to be a pastor but God actually called him to be a teacher and youth pastor but he believes because he has the gift of gab, he should have a church with followers.The spirit of error got him thinking that he is called to lead Gods people because of his religous education and delusion of grandeur that he knows Gods Word better than people like myself who are just students in the things of God.This spirit will cause you to be frustrated, tired and confused on why things are’nt going the way they should go in your life.It will have you doing things out of your character and what God called you to do.There are so many people walking in spiritual error and not truly listening to God.There’s Christians like this lady apostle who does supermodel, Victoria Secret seductive poses on her facebook but God called her to be an Apostle.Spirit of error will have you walking in the wrong vocation and you wonder why demons are constantly attacking cause they even know you are not in your designated holy lane.I try to stay right where God called me to be but the prestige and allure of being called a prophet or apostle because they are such powerful callings but in every calling, there are some demons assigned to it as well.Not only does the spirit of error produce a spirit of deception but then puts you in a spiritual catatonic state where you aren’t growing spiritually in God because of your love for another person who is not your soulmate and you live a fairy tale existence hoping this person will love you back.The way to deal with spiritual errors is by reading God’s Word and being true to yourself.Admit your faults and mistakes to God and yourself because denial breeds the power of the spirit of error. Its very important to pray and listen to God talked fully to you and reveal truths about yourself and your destiny.You need to be able to discern God’s Voice, your voice and The Enemy to not make erroneous decisions.God will never tell you anything that is contrary to His Word.He is not the author of confusion or error.


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