Spiritual Voyeurs

There are people that have what they call a spectating spirit in which they purposefully watch other people especially in church services participate in praise and worship or other activities occurring in the church. A spiritual spectator is a person that watches other people or events occurring without being involved nor participating in the activity. They watch other people praising and shouting unto to God while they just look around to see what is going on. Now in a spiritual standpoint, the spectating spirit dwells among carnal acting people who don’t have a true spiritual mindset when it comes to the things of God and don’t’ really get involved in church services especially during praise and worship times. They are what I call spiritual voyeurs who take pleasure in watching other people enjoy the Lord but don’t try to get involve themselves. Voyeurism doesn’t always mean a person who likes to watch other people do certain things in the secular world but in the spiritual world it is the spark that can produce a spirit of carnality, lusts, perversion and witchcraft.  The purpose of the spectating spirit is to keep people from receiving the Word of God and get their spiritual breakthroughs from God through signs, wonders, and miracles. It is a cold, calculating and menacing spirit that flows through people who aren’t true converts of Christ and still walk in fleshly desires and lusts. The eyes are truly a window to the soul and if a person is watching you in a most unnatural or unnerving way, that is the spirit of spectating. It dwells in the mind and directs the person to look at what they desire or enjoy whether it be at church or a particular person.  They don’t participate but just watch and see. Spiritual voyeurs also like to look at other people in an intense manner especially if they like the person therefore making him or her feel uncomfortable at being stared at all the time. That’s what happens to King David when he kept looking at Bathsheba to the point that he developed a lustful desire towards her that became so strong that he had her husband killed in order to possess her. From my own personal experience I have had men who keep looking at me in church and I see the spirit behind their eyes because there’s a difference when someone likes you or lusts after you. Many people have fallen prey to spiritual voyeurs because they thought they were staring because they were showing how much they liked them but only how much they want to possess them spiritually and naturally in a more demonic manner. The way to handle a person who has a spectating spirit is to pray and fast to stay focused and not deceived by their hard stares. That staring and looking can become a form of witchcraft if this person stares and wants you so bad that they start praying to have you no matter what. It is important to guard your heart, mind, and eyes because spirits can transfer through the eyes. It is important not to become swayed or seduced by spiritual voyeurs. The eyes of a person can reveal the true spirit of a person whether good or evil.



2 Responses to “Spiritual Voyeurs”

  1. Thank you soo much for thid article. I’m experiencing this now. But the group of people do this while I’m at home ad well. Quite frankly wherever I am. At this point I know it’s a form of witchcraft for sure but I will begin to attack those spirits do you have any other suggestions since it’s gone so far? I no longer attend the church, as a matter of fact I was only there for 6 months & I think it’s been going on since I started to attend. I’ve left 3 weeks ago and its continuing. Thus group unfortunately was give access by God to a realm of the spirit they weren’t mature enough to handle.

    • Pray and ask God where He wants you to go concerning church.A lot of deception is going on.Pray for God to sharpen your discernment and pray against every spirit to be cast out of your life.

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