Angels of Light: Prometheus, Aliens, and Demons in Disguise Part 1

People have been always saying that there are other beings that are not of this earth and that “The Truth is out there!” in discovering exterrestial life forms. They have had movies, TV show, documentaries, and series on aliens really existing. For some reason people truly believe that God apparently made some green people or oval shaped head life forms besides Adam and Eve. So in the Garden of Eden, God must have created some alien life forms along with the first two humans that graced the planet Earth. Now if you actually think about it, why would God create other life forms to come and visit us on occasion through spooky lights, unusual crop circles signs, and alien abductions but never truly reveal their true selves because it’s all locked up in Roswell or Area 51 or they are experimenting with us. I have watched countless number of Alien movies and wonder why would people think there are alien life forms that live in other planets? To address this first question, let’s talk about the most recent alien movie created about aliens making us humans called Prometheus. The movie characters believed that the aliens were their descendants and they went to go take an intergalactic visit to see their alien family members. Now when I saw how the aliens looked, they looked human-like but they were large in height, size and muscles. The only beings God made that may look like us but inhuman in nature would have been His Angels. They kind of look like us but not quite because they are more muscular, bigger, taller, and stronger in supernatural powers. Now before Mankind not Alien Kind was created on the earth, a third of God’s angels got the holy boot and sent into the other parts of the spiritual world and earth itself including Satan. The fallen angels lost their place in Heaven but still retained the powers that were given to them to be used for darker and destructive purposes. The thing about fallen angels is that they wanted to be worshipped and prayed to like God because that’s why they agree with Satan in rebelling against God who believed he should be considered a god. Fallen angels main goal is to get humans to worship them and believe in them as their gods for controlling, demonic possession and killing souls so they can be damned to hell. Well one of the ways demons have fooled humans into believing in their existence is through alien propaganda by disguising themselves as unearthly life forms from another dimension. A scripture in the Bible explains how Satan disguises himself as an angel of light to deceive people and cause his diabolical plan of spiritual death and destruction upon God’s people (II Corinthians 11:14). These so called aliens sometimes appear as angels of light especially the friendly aliens but on occasion to true nature of these demons tends to be revealed through these demonic alien abductions and attacks on humans. Real aliens or demons in disguise aren’t friendly nor come in peace but want people to question God and find something above us to worship that is more real than God and comes down to ride bikes over the moon like E.T.Maybe they want to come down and make a jukebox of music to let us know that we can communicate in song and are a friendly species. In my opinion, the movies and shows that reveal a more darker and destructive alien life form are more realistic because demons come to kill, steal, and destroy mankind and the planet earth. The Prometheus movie truly showed the reason why people want to believe that aliens are out because they are seen as gods and maybe we have originated from their species. To not mess up the ending of the movie nor spoil the plot, try to figure out the intent of the aliens to supposedly make humans and want humans to find their dwelling place. It definitely answer the question for me on what would happen if people had the capability to go to outer space and try to find some demonic looking aliens to talk to and ask them questions.  Next blog will go more in-depth to what spiritually entails alien abductions, spaceships and alien invasions and why they are used by demons to deceive the people. Also, what is the real truth behind Area 51 and Roswell and why movies like The Tommyknockers and The Body Snatchers reveal the true reason of aliens (demons) which is to invade, possess and control humans.



4 Responses to “Angels of Light: Prometheus, Aliens, and Demons in Disguise Part 1”

  1. mckaylinlfelton Says:

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  2. I think that, technically speaking, there is more chance of there being alien lifeforms than there being a god or devils or angels..though you do have to wonder if they are one and the same. I mean the Sumerian idea of the gods who created them (Anunnaki race… that Prometheus is based on) created man they believed from splicing their alien dna with hominids from earth. Most religions that came after were based on the Sumerian account as it were the oldest known to us…our oldest fathers so to speak. There are so many links to hundreds of creation stories too. For example the Sumerians say the first man made by the Anunnaki was called Adumus and the land was called Edin. This was way before the old testament so you can see where these ideas came from. Not from Abraham but from his ancestors. There are similar stories in many many cultures. So what we have been taught and believe as Christians or Jews or Muslims etc has been around for aeons but the true origins have been lost. We really know nothing about where it all began but the Sumerian culture is the first record we have. It is also incredible that these ancient civilizations knew more about star systems and sacred geometry than we do even today.

    The Anunnaki apparently made man as a slave race to work for them and they manipulated man’s dna to be subservient by shutting down big parts of their dna.

    My take on the whole “god ” thing is that we are all one and from one source…the mind of one…everything that is. We are all connected every single leaf and ripple and atom or thought is connected and God is the total sum of it.

    The angels and the devils thing to me is more a political agenda that is still being played out today by manipulating the masses through fear and ignorance and propaganda so that the masses do not wake up and continue to serve the few. Maybe there are as some say bloodlines that link back to the Anunnaki but I don’t know much of that.

    I know that nothing comes with any built in meaning and we are just living out infinite possibilities that have no meaning except the meaning we give them . Existence comes from the mind of one (god) …God’s angels or demons both created in the mind of one to play out some kind of role play…if not why would God create something/one such as Lucifer that he would know would screw up his plan of Utopia. Why would God do that to us or even himself?

    No…if there is a battle between good and evil it is going on in our own minds individually and collectively through the experience of duality…they are one and the same in the mind of one.

    Everything comes from the mind of one or God and Love is the highest frequency in the spectrum of consciousness.

    • I understand where you are coming from but we did not come from existence in the mind only.There is a God and gods that try to be like God such as man,demons and Satan.Satan had the choice to obey God in heaven and chose not to.We as humans have a choice to choose good or evil in the same manner.God will not go against our free will.Satan had a free will and chose to be free agent to cause mayhem to humans.The battle of good and evil really happens in the Spirit realm and can manifest into the natural realm.God,demons and angels live in the Spirit world.Us humans live in the earthly world because of our earthsuit but can conduct business in the Spirit realm whether for good and evil.

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