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The Lure of Vengeful Spirits in Movies

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As I have watched and noticed over the years with movies like The Ring, The Grudge, and campy sci-fi movies on the Sci-fi channels, the most popular evil spirit that people love to create a movie script about is vengeful spirits. Now recently, they came out with another sessions of movies like The Woman in Black and currently, Mama about an evil spirit always out for revenge and seeking to hurt,harm, torment and even kill people to exact their continuous revenge on what wrong was done to them when they were on earth. The thing about vengeful spirits is that they are just the familiar spirits that were in that particular person when he or she was alive that acting out the events that caused their demises and people who are not spiritually discernful will get trapped up, possessed, or even killed trying to destroy or stop these spirits. Like I said in the last blog, you cannot kill evil spirits nor try to write the wrongs for that dead person so they can go to their afterlife. Now some people who die can be caught between two worlds and may have been unrighteously killed and want someone to solve the murder such as in Gothika and The Messengers, but evil spirits like in The Grudge want humans to feel the pain, suffering and possibly death that human who was tormented by it went through. Remember, the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy and the spirit of revenge wants to do just that spiritually as well as naturally. This spirit is very dangerous and malevolent in nature because their sole purpose is to possess and kill humans in a natural death which make for good entertainment in movies to see humans trying to stop these spirits from destroying them and sometimes in the end they make live but not without taking some human casualties with them. Evil spirits who don’t have anyone to possess will seek places, things, and barren areas to dwell and do their demonic mayhem. The thing about these spirits is that they are very transferable and can jump into a person not filled of the Holy Ghost as that person is watching Sinister on the screen eating popcorn. Not to be spooky but spirits can jump out of people, tv, movies and even music. Sometimes, movies makes these spirits seem like heroes like in the Ghost Rider Movies with the sequel saying blatantly, The Spirit of Vengeance that is trying to stop other demons from taking over the world. Sounds like territorial and regional demons spatting on which area of the world they want to do their evil biddings. The retaliation spirit works well with the spirit of revenge in that it helps to plot, scheme, and plan the demise of people they  think did this human person wrong or moved into a house that had these spirits in it without praying about it. One movie that was really disturbing that showed the destructive depths and powers of what a vengeful spirit can do to a human that disguises itself into a angel of light which is the tooth fairy whose really a vengeful demon in Darkness Falls. Darkness Falls reveals the true origins of the tooth fairy and what it really does to people especially children which is not put money under their pillow but cause madness, chaos and being committed to a psychiatric ward. To defeat a vengeful spirit is to definitely  pray and get out of the area or vicinity of where it dwells especially if is not in a person. When it operates in a person, that person tends to exact revenge, hurt, and retaliation to anybody they feel has wronged or betrayed but in a more demonic and destructive manner that can lead to murder. The next blog, we will talk more about the spirit of death and its alternate word like in the mythology of the underworld in Hades and through the movies The Dark and Silent Hill movies.


Defeating Perverted Spirits

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Well, been a long time coming to do some blogging on my website due to many uncontrollable circumstances that seem to take away my time to blog but I do have some more fresh insights about spirits and how to defeat them. Any spirit whether it is the spirit of perversion, infirmity or destruction can be cast out by the blood of Jesus and rebuking them back into the dry places of the spirit world. It takes prayer and fasting to keep demonic influences from ruling and overtaking your life especially if they have been a stronghold in your life as well. Demons and evil spirits have assignments to rule and govern humans by any means necessary with the powers that they possess before they got kicked out of the Holy Crib in Heaven with God. The one thing you have to remember is that you cannot kill demons or evil spirits so those movies that show people killing demons isn’t true because they are spirits and you can’t kill spirits. The thing you can do to spirits is cast them out and rebuked them like Jesus did in the Bible with the Power of God and anointing on your life. Demons recognize command and only those who have taken their authority in God to know who actually has the power which is God to overtake any evil influence spiritually as well as naturally. You can’t go around casting out devils and demons living a freaky, perverted, and non-consecrated life because they are just going to bring more of their friends to torment and harass you to death literally.  When it comes to the spirit of perversion, the person who has this spirit may not even realize they are operating in perversion because the spirit is very subtle in making the person think that certain activities are okay to do because God understands that you have needs, wants and desires. The spirit loves to entice the flesh to engage in forbidden pleasures and inhibitions that people will want to act out in the natural. These spirits love to be written and housed in paranormal romances and books about other spirits having romantic affairs with humans experiencing what they call supernatural love. The assignment of the spirit of perversion is to possess that person in order to engage in perverted and immoral activities that lead to spiritual and physical death to that person. Even watching what we call soft porn television on cable can bring about the spirit of perversion upon someone who has been dealing with that spirit. This spirit is also the author of child molestations, pedophiles, and any twisted sexual fantasies like in the case with Jeffery Dahmer. It also is the ruling devil in homosexuality for it governs those humans who engage in bizarre, perverted or just plain weird sexual pleasures that is the cousin of the other sinful activity, fornication. Now when you combine perversion with fornication together, that person is being completely ruled and governed by their flesh. The flesh that is not controlled by the Holy Ghost will lust, want and desire anything it can get it hands on by any unholy means necessary. You can defeat any spirit by the power of God and giving up what is causing you to want to commit perverted acts.


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