Defeating Perverted Spirits

Well, been a long time coming to do some blogging on my website due to many uncontrollable circumstances that seem to take away my time to blog but I do have some more fresh insights about spirits and how to defeat them. Any spirit whether it is the spirit of perversion, infirmity or destruction can be cast out by the blood of Jesus and rebuking them back into the dry places of the spirit world. It takes prayer and fasting to keep demonic influences from ruling and overtaking your life especially if they have been a stronghold in your life as well. Demons and evil spirits have assignments to rule and govern humans by any means necessary with the powers that they possess before they got kicked out of the Holy Crib in Heaven with God. The one thing you have to remember is that you cannot kill demons or evil spirits so those movies that show people killing demons isn’t true because they are spirits and you can’t kill spirits. The thing you can do to spirits is cast them out and rebuked them like Jesus did in the Bible with the Power of God and anointing on your life. Demons recognize command and only those who have taken their authority in God to know who actually has the power which is God to overtake any evil influence spiritually as well as naturally. You can’t go around casting out devils and demons living a freaky, perverted, and non-consecrated life because they are just going to bring more of their friends to torment and harass you to death literally.  When it comes to the spirit of perversion, the person who has this spirit may not even realize they are operating in perversion because the spirit is very subtle in making the person think that certain activities are okay to do because God understands that you have needs, wants and desires. The spirit loves to entice the flesh to engage in forbidden pleasures and inhibitions that people will want to act out in the natural. These spirits love to be written and housed in paranormal romances and books about other spirits having romantic affairs with humans experiencing what they call supernatural love. The assignment of the spirit of perversion is to possess that person in order to engage in perverted and immoral activities that lead to spiritual and physical death to that person. Even watching what we call soft porn television on cable can bring about the spirit of perversion upon someone who has been dealing with that spirit. This spirit is also the author of child molestations, pedophiles, and any twisted sexual fantasies like in the case with Jeffery Dahmer. It also is the ruling devil in homosexuality for it governs those humans who engage in bizarre, perverted or just plain weird sexual pleasures that is the cousin of the other sinful activity, fornication. Now when you combine perversion with fornication together, that person is being completely ruled and governed by their flesh. The flesh that is not controlled by the Holy Ghost will lust, want and desire anything it can get it hands on by any unholy means necessary. You can defeat any spirit by the power of God and giving up what is causing you to want to commit perverted acts.



4 Responses to “Defeating Perverted Spirits”

  1. Hi there! I’m at work surfing around your blog from my new iphone! Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts! Carry on the superb work!

  2. Ok, I gave up my “Perverted Acts” a very long time ago. I pray God will keep the spirits out of my dreams also. And I`ve been celibate for almost twenty years. Sometimes I still have those desires and pray. Sometimes they manifest in my dreams. I cry and rebuke but what else can I do? I need advice. Is the spirit still around? It isn`t daily.

    • Spirits not of God are assigned to us by The Enemy and they must be cast out and rebuked by us in jesus name.Once they are gone out of our spirits doesnt mean they will try to attack again.They must be completely delivered out of life period through holy not spooky people that can lay hands like Jesus did and cast those spirits out of people.

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