Defeating the Enemies of Peace and Rest in God

I know on the last blog, I was suppose to talk about the underworld and those Silent Hill movies, I will after this one but I need to really inform people of how the enemy truly is trying to destroy the minds, hearts, and people through depression, frustration, discouragement, resentment, and loneliness. I think for this past week including hormonal changes that I have experienced all of these symptoms in spite of fasting and praying to God on a daily basis. I believe that the spirit of suicide has become prevalent in these days and times because people are getting tired of dealing with the issues of life even though they may have a close relationship with God and pray all the time. I consider myself a good person but this past week, I kept on being bombarded by all kinds of thoughts and just getting restless on the monotony of my existence on this earth. Yes, I know things are going to get better in time and trouble don’t last always but I am beginning to fully understand why some people getting weary in serving God and want to stop pressing through trials, tribulations and storms of life. Now, getting back to all those feelings I experience early, anything that causes your mind and thoughts to go into the whirlwind of negative, frustrating thoughts, I call it mental attacks by the enemy throwing his arsenal of fiery darts to get you feeling frustrated and hopeless. I felt like in my serving God and removing negative influences which includes people out of my life, that I am more isolated than every before. I feel like I work and work and work but don’t get any true rest or vacation time because I am always on the grind trying to complete tasks for other people’s visions putting my goals and dreams on the side sometime. True rest to me is to not have to deal with everybody else’s problems, issues, and tasks which can range from family, church, work and school but for a moment focus on yourself and allowing God to get you to refocus on what He has told you to do for yourself personally. Restoration comes when we allow God to put our minds at rest at trying to figure out or contemplate why people act the way they do or why situations are the way they are. The Enemy will try his best to make you think that you are by yourself, that you’re being left out of things, or that no one cares how you feel. Satan will try his evil best to get your mind out of a peaceful state in God. Your greatest attacks and war is within your mind which is where Satan will try to play some mental tricks with us. This week has been a trying week of emotions and feelings that took God to truly restore the peace into my mind because I just kept having thoughts about not getting enough rest,working at job where I can’t take off unless there is natural disaster, mad because everybody going on vacations except me, yes I got a break from church but kept getting phone calls and folks having natural fun except me because I am too tired to want to do anything fun. No, this does not mean I need a man in my life or a date either because people will assume that you are feeling all these things because you need companionship. You know what revelation I got from all these thoughts and what I truly need is one word: VACATION! God wants His people to rest in Him and let our mind be at peace because its not healthy spiritually and mentally to keep going and going like the energizer bunny but not enjoying life but always thinking about what I need to do for others. Balance is the key to fulfillment in one’s life and I need to get back to having balance in my life. This is why people are moody, depressed, and upset because they have what I call false mental burdens in which you thinking about everything, everyone and what meal you cooking tonight except resting in God’s Word. I am now starting to realize that resting in God is a state of mind that keeps the peace, the joy, and the contentment that its okay to want to vacate(not leave permanently) from our earthly responsibilities and obligations sometimes. Even on the seventh day, God took a chill day so its time for me and many busy others to do so as well. I’ve been feeling like Martha in the Bible where Jesus said she was encumbered or weighed down with decisions and duties besides sitting herself down like Mary next to God Himself. That means to me that its time to book a vacation in the near future and sit myself down somewhere, turn off the phone, and hear God. Having the peace of God is very important because it keeps you free from oppressive thoughts and emotions that may cause you to have mental breakdowns, crying spells, and saying how you feel to God but not others (this is what happen to me this week).Once my peace has been restored, I am going to fight to keep it because the Enemy is going to try to disrupt my peace with the very things that can get on my nerves or try my patience. Mine is the lack of privacy and wanting to have a select few know about my personal life. Satan knows that when there is too many people in my life that are too involved in my everyday existence, I get irritated and start making smarting comments on the down low. He definitly knows that when people give me information at the last moment but everybody else was informed, I get angry and wonder why I’m the last to know or be informed about critical information especially if its involve with my personal life.What you have to realize is that you are human and have things that irk you but don’t let them get you out of a peaceful existence in God and people. How to defeat the Enemy using situations to rob me of my peace is to laugh, pray, and write about it. I leave the rest to God. Selah.


4 Responses to “Defeating the Enemies of Peace and Rest in God”

  1. Lonliness and emotional issues is quite an old concept. Being a folklorist, I have seen evidence of loneliness in proverbs & folklore from several cultures. One Yiddish proverb on loneliness I want to quote here is “When an orphan suffers, no one notices; when he rejoices, the whole world sees it.” from my site I guess one thing poorly understood is the difference between Loneliness and Solitude. In the former the person is not comfortable with the self but in Solitude, he is in perfect harmony with the self. Isn’t it? Once we learned this difference through experience, he is capable of handling hardtimes ahead.

  2. This definitely describes how I have felt lately- every last emotion you described! Thanks for your article, and tips. God is faithful, and will provide the strength to endure. Our rest is in Him. Learning to say no – even to things I wanted to help with or be involved with, when it is simply too much on my plate or interferes with even my rest day has helped me tremendously with my balance. I cant do everything, quite simply. Not naturally nor in ministry. And if I stick to my limits with God’s help and guidence, I feel more peaceful and am able to give my tasks 100%. And most importantly, some of those tasks are my own (finally)! God bless! You are in my prayers.

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