What Not To Wear!

Now, I love watching shows when people do makeovers concerning their clothes and how it helps transforms their lives and those around them for the better. Sometimes, these people are reluctant to give up their scantily clad or must have found off the side of the street clothes because it means they have to give something up. People do judge other folks by the way they dress especially if one wants to become gainfully employed. Now, when it comes to dressing for church, let’s go over some stylish tips that will help you dress as unto the Lord and not unto World of religion. If you follow this advice, you will be looking fabulous and free in GOD.

Tip#1 No makeup does not mean you are holy. 

Tip#2 Purchase the perfume of “Prayer”. God loves that scent.

Tip#3 Detox your heart to breath more of God’s Love.

Tip#4 To lose heavy weight or false burdens, go on a great diet called “The Fast”

Tip#5 Take your body on special feedings on the appetizing “Word of God”

Tip#6 If all else fails, get your Praise ON!



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