Fools in Love

I don’t know about you but I had watched this movie long time ago with the Robert Redford version but this new one gave me some more insights on the importance of not getting connected with the wrong person. Not to spoil the events from the movie but The Great Gatsby is about a poor guy who became rich to win the heart of a rich, rich girl who got married to another rich, rich guy. The main character, Jay Gatsby, was a man of humble beginninings who fell in love with this rich girl Daisy who to me represented prosperity and fulfillment to him. So much so that he did anything possibly to become rich enough to be able to take care of Daisy. The problem is, Daisy got tired of waiting and married a rich guy because money was more important than love. But Jay Gatsby was so in love with her still that he bought a house across from her and threw lavish parties so she could come over in order for their love affair to continue once more. Now let’s pause for a moment here and see what is exactly wrong with this scenarios because the ending is sad and tragic because Jay Gatsby loves a person that doesn’t even warrant that kind of devotion.  I remember a quote in the movie and book that Daisy says that she hopes her daughter “be a fool—that’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool.” Well, there were many fools in love in this movies that ended up in death, heartache, and regrets. After, I saw the movie, I kept thinking how we can love people so much that don’t even love us with the same measure nor reciprocate that love. What the narrator said about Gatsby is that he was such a man of hope and that he hope to win the love of his life back now that he was rich and live a truly fulfilling life. The problem with that picture is that he spent all his time focus on one object that turned out to be his downfall. How many people have lost their minds, spirits, souls, and bodies falling in love with the wrong person and believing they are the soulmates we have longed for. Jay Gatsby pined and love this girl for 5 years before he saw her again and acting nervous and scared when he met her again. He never thought about the fact that she got married, didn’t wait for him and seem to think doing nothing is better than doing something. He never thought about that maybe she didn’t love him the way he loved her otherwise she wouldn’t have betrayed him at the end of the story. I think we sometimes put too much on a human being who can be unpredictable and unreliable especially when it comes to love. Imagine if Jay Gatsby had put all that energy and devotion to God, how better his life would have been and that a person can’t be our all and all. The author F. Scott Fitzgerald who wrote the book back in 1925 wrote such a profound books that delved into the decadence of the world, the immorality of the rich and poor and how money can’t buy love nor happiness. Sounds like today’s time right?


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