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Mental Vacation

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Sometimes, we can be on the grind so much that we forget to take a break and enjoy this life in a more relaxed state. Yes, we have obligations and responsibilities but we need to remember that the most important people we are obligated to is God and you. God wants us to serve Him but have a balanced life of activities and events that are fun and non-vexing. If you work on a natural job, you wish you can take off of work but can’t because you got to wait a whole year to take a day off of work or can’t afford financially to miss a day of work at all. You can find yourself doing the same things everyday and not realizing that you are simply existing but not truly living. For example, if your locations are work, church, and home, I need you to put some variety in your locations such as cruises, movies, a walk in the park, bookstores, or a spa-day. Another thing, your favorite activity shouldn’t be to sleep all day and pray the phone doesn’t ring with somebody asking you for something. I have found myself excited about getting some sleep and when I can sleep until my eyes pop open. I am now realizing that as I get older, achieving my dreams are becoming more relevant and that there is more to life than what we deal with on a daily basis.  You got to start working on your goals, dreams and visions to keep yourself in hope of one day not working for anybody but for yourself and God. Which is what I have doing that is giving me a push to keep going and if I need to rest, I will rest. Even God rested on the seventh day of creating the Earth which means I can sit down, eat some fried chicken, and do absolutely nothing but enjoy breathing which is fine and dandy. You got to remember that is sometimes wonderful to have nothing to do but bask in the Glory of God and participate in some recreational activities. It’s okay to say no to people and not commit to every activity people ask you to do. Not only do you need to give your body a rest, your mind needs a vacation as well. 


Spirits of Addiction, Destruction and Rehab

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As I look on the news and internet about the untimely passing of another talented star due to allegedly substance abuse, I began to see now why it’s very important to understand the tricks, schemes, devices, and snares of the Enemy who is trying to kill as many people as possible in this day of age. You have people dying, getting killed or murdered senselessly like never before. You can say these are the last days before the return of Jesus because the destructive demons are on a rampage to kill, steal and destroy human life. One of the head demons that is taking out people is the Spirit of Addiction that causes people to become addicted to any substance  in order  to control their will and emotions and eventually kill them. When it comes to any addiction, it starts first with the person in need of something or lacking something which can be to feel more loved, to deal with hurt and pain, or to temporarily handle the tormenting spirits that plagues that person. When people say that he or she was battling demons, they were literally battling spirits and demons that are tormenting him or her. The addiction comes in when the person tries to handle these demons and personal issues with a substance for calming or relief purposes. The addiction spirit entices and thrives on the person need to take the substance which can be from alcohol, heroin, cocaine, sex, or food for that matter. It becomes  an addiction when the person thinks that taking the substance is the only way to cope and deal with the issues of life. The addiction is a coping mechanism and the spirit wants that person to continue on the path of death and destruction. The sole purpose of this spirit is to kill the person spiritually and  physically. You can’t fulfill the purpose of God has for you being addicted to something that does not give God the Glory and doesn’t deal what’s really bothering that person. When you have this spirit operating in you, it will use situations, people, and things to get you to continue the cycle of addiction. When a person tries to stop the addiction, the spirit attempts to make the person suffer and seem like they are the verge of death so the addiction can resume. Withdrawals from addictions using substance are those spirits trying to kill that person in order for them to go back to the substance again. Your flesh now feeds off of the substance and suffer pains from not being appease or fed by the substance. All of these spirits require a person to be delivered from an anointed authority figure in God who can cast these spirits out of the person who truly wants to be free from the addiction. It is more than just a physical battle a person is fighting when addicted to something but a spiritual fight for their spirit and soul. The Spirit of Addiction is one of the many destructive demons that has been unleashed to destroy people by any means necessary. People who suffer from addictions try to go to rehab to get free from it but that tends to be the worst thing that any person can do because it actually speeds up the destructive process. When a person is in rehab, those spirits lay dormant making the person seem like they are on the road to recovery especially when they overcome the withdrawal symptoms or what they call getting clean. The person begins to act normal and seemingly free from the addiction. After getting a clean bill of health, the person is free and ready for the road to total recovery. Rehabilitation by itself doesn’t cure the person from the addiction because those spirits are still inside, waiting for an opportune time to awaken and cause havoc. This is why you see sometimes people dying from overdoses of drugs, substances, and alcohol because the spirit literally makes the person ravenous for the substance until they unknowingly consume to the point of toxicity which in most cases lead to an untimely death. People who are addicted to any substance need the Power of God to remove the addiction and not allow themselves to be in any situations that will tempt them until they are fully healed and restored by God. Rehab only deals with the symptoms of the addiction but the true essence of the addiction is  spiritual and needs to be dealt with in order for that person to be free from this kind of  bondage. 

Be of Good Cheer

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It’s a shame that sometimes we allow The Enemy and situations make us lose our hope, joy, and confidence in God especially if we are praying and fasting all the time. Now, I pray all the time and love God so much, but I have these moments of sadness sometimes because of allowing circumstances and The Enemy to frustrate and discourage me. As I approach another birthday, there was some things I wanted to have accomplish as I get nearing to the big 40 (I still look young and cute) and feel like that I should have more and be more prosperous. Yet, I have to realize that true success doesn’t come from the eyes of the world in the material sense but in the eyes of God. I can say I have been successful in being faithful not perfect to God and continue to seek His Will for my life. So when He spoke to me of be of good cheer, I had to realize that I need to enjoy the process of becoming and possessing what God has promised me and realize that in due time, I will reap everything that I have sown in God. 

Modesty vs. Sexy

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Now, there’s been some backlash and criticisms about the sexy apparels worn by Megan Good at the BET awards and Chante Moore at her church. People are talking about how inappropriate it was for them to dress in such a manner being Christians and one of the church nonetheless. But then you have people that go to the extreme that say women are not suppose to wear skirts at the knee, cut their hair, reveal their shoulders, and not put makeup on. These are both extremes and inappropriate for any Christian to partake of. Dressing sexy doesn’t help those overcoming lust and keeping their minds on Jesus when your breasts are out for the world to see. Megan Good got her feelings hurt because of folks being judgemental on her cleavage plunging down to her navel being a minister’s wife. How many people do you think would be focused on God seeing someone like that walk in the church to do prayer? Not really because it would be distracting or tempting to others. The Holy Ghost would have told her to wear something that was more modest  but not a MuMu either. God wants us to celebrate how He created us but to a certain extent where we don’t cause other people to stumble or lose focus on God  because you want to bring SexyBack. The last thing a person trying to overcome a lustful spirit is to see someone like Megan Good in that blue dress walking by. That’s not helpful. Let’s look at Chante Moore’s dress code for church who was singing a gospel song but my eyes kept seeing that she was lacking some material in the front of the dress. She was singing so beautifully but her cleavage was distracting and I know some people in the audience was thinking the same thing including the unsaved ones. We have to be careful not to bring the world’s way of dressing into the Kingdom of God otherwise that’s causes confusion for those who want to be saved and live sold out to God. Now, let’s look at the other extreme that’s equally inappropriate as well. I call her, The No-Make-Up Diva. 

You have people that think that not looking sexy means you wear long skirts, long hair, no makeup and no jewelry whatsoever. Some folks think its a sin to put lotion on ashy feet, put chapstick on your crusty lips or wear a skirt to the knee. Oh, please don’t have your arms out or wearing cosmetic jewelry, you must a evil spirit residing in you. This is a form of bondage because it makes a woman think that being and dressing beautiful is a sin but that is in man’s eyes not God’s. Being a girl can be fun and liberating when you embellished yourself with beautiful things that shows how fearfully and wonderfully God made you. The true beauty should resonate from the Spirit of God that is dwells in you that illuminates on the outside for people to celebrate. It’s okay to look and feel pretty but be modest about it meaning don’t show the world all that God gave you. Do everything even in dress in moderation, style and substance. A virtuous woman of God will dress in decency and in order showing good taste and not on the borderline of dressing inappropriately. 

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