Spirits of Addiction, Destruction and Rehab

As I look on the news and internet about the untimely passing of another talented star due to allegedly substance abuse, I began to see now why it’s very important to understand the tricks, schemes, devices, and snares of the Enemy who is trying to kill as many people as possible in this day of age. You have people dying, getting killed or murdered senselessly like never before. You can say these are the last days before the return of Jesus because the destructive demons are on a rampage to kill, steal and destroy human life. One of the head demons that is taking out people is the Spirit of Addiction that causes people to become addicted to any substance  in order  to control their will and emotions and eventually kill them. When it comes to any addiction, it starts first with the person in need of something or lacking something which can be to feel more loved, to deal with hurt and pain, or to temporarily handle the tormenting spirits that plagues that person. When people say that he or she was battling demons, they were literally battling spirits and demons that are tormenting him or her. The addiction comes in when the person tries to handle these demons and personal issues with a substance for calming or relief purposes. The addiction spirit entices and thrives on the person need to take the substance which can be from alcohol, heroin, cocaine, sex, or food for that matter. It becomes  an addiction when the person thinks that taking the substance is the only way to cope and deal with the issues of life. The addiction is a coping mechanism and the spirit wants that person to continue on the path of death and destruction. The sole purpose of this spirit is to kill the person spiritually and  physically. You can’t fulfill the purpose of God has for you being addicted to something that does not give God the Glory and doesn’t deal what’s really bothering that person. When you have this spirit operating in you, it will use situations, people, and things to get you to continue the cycle of addiction. When a person tries to stop the addiction, the spirit attempts to make the person suffer and seem like they are the verge of death so the addiction can resume. Withdrawals from addictions using substance are those spirits trying to kill that person in order for them to go back to the substance again. Your flesh now feeds off of the substance and suffer pains from not being appease or fed by the substance. All of these spirits require a person to be delivered from an anointed authority figure in God who can cast these spirits out of the person who truly wants to be free from the addiction. It is more than just a physical battle a person is fighting when addicted to something but a spiritual fight for their spirit and soul. The Spirit of Addiction is one of the many destructive demons that has been unleashed to destroy people by any means necessary. People who suffer from addictions try to go to rehab to get free from it but that tends to be the worst thing that any person can do because it actually speeds up the destructive process. When a person is in rehab, those spirits lay dormant making the person seem like they are on the road to recovery especially when they overcome the withdrawal symptoms or what they call getting clean. The person begins to act normal and seemingly free from the addiction. After getting a clean bill of health, the person is free and ready for the road to total recovery. Rehabilitation by itself doesn’t cure the person from the addiction because those spirits are still inside, waiting for an opportune time to awaken and cause havoc. This is why you see sometimes people dying from overdoses of drugs, substances, and alcohol because the spirit literally makes the person ravenous for the substance until they unknowingly consume to the point of toxicity which in most cases lead to an untimely death. People who are addicted to any substance need the Power of God to remove the addiction and not allow themselves to be in any situations that will tempt them until they are fully healed and restored by God. Rehab only deals with the symptoms of the addiction but the true essence of the addiction is  spiritual and needs to be dealt with in order for that person to be free from this kind of  bondage. 


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