Mental Vacation

Sometimes, we can be on the grind so much that we forget to take a break and enjoy this life in a more relaxed state. Yes, we have obligations and responsibilities but we need to remember that the most important people we are obligated to is God and you. God wants us to serve Him but have a balanced life of activities and events that are fun and non-vexing. If you work on a natural job, you wish you can take off of work but can’t because you got to wait a whole year to take a day off of work or can’t afford financially to miss a day of work at all. You can find yourself doing the same things everyday and not realizing that you are simply existing but not truly living. For example, if your locations are work, church, and home, I need you to put some variety in your locations such as cruises, movies, a walk in the park, bookstores, or a spa-day. Another thing, your favorite activity shouldn’t be to sleep all day and pray the phone doesn’t ring with somebody asking you for something. I have found myself excited about getting some sleep and when I can sleep until my eyes pop open. I am now realizing that as I get older, achieving my dreams are becoming more relevant and that there is more to life than what we deal with on a daily basis.  You got to start working on your goals, dreams and visions to keep yourself in hope of one day not working for anybody but for yourself and God. Which is what I have doing that is giving me a push to keep going and if I need to rest, I will rest. Even God rested on the seventh day of creating the Earth which means I can sit down, eat some fried chicken, and do absolutely nothing but enjoy breathing which is fine and dandy. You got to remember that is sometimes wonderful to have nothing to do but bask in the Glory of God and participate in some recreational activities. It’s okay to say no to people and not commit to every activity people ask you to do. Not only do you need to give your body a rest, your mind needs a vacation as well. 


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  1. Oh yes, I totally agree!

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