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You’re Next

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I got this title from a movie that’s out about a house invasion by masked individuals who are bent on creating mayhem, havoc, and pain to a rich family. Now, I start thinking about the masks the individuals were wearing with one being the lamb, pig, and wolf to hide their identities. I quickly started thinking about the three little pigs and the wolf story. Now the lamb came from Mary Had a Little Lamb story but I started to think how the world seems to mock fairytales and darken them to their liking using childlike images to represent death and carnage. Also, I began to think how Satan operates in his attempt to mask himself as friendly and peaceful to steal his way into people’s soul of course to devour them like a wolf and telling other potential victims,” You’re Next”. In the bible, it talks about in John 10:10 that the “thief comes to steal, kill and destroy” which is the agenda and motive of Satan in all mankind whether you know Jesus or Not. Sometimes, he doesn’t come blatant and bold like a thief but his favorite playground is the mind. I have been reading news after news of people committing suicide and dying suddenly like never before from young to old. Anybody who decides to kill themself has had their mind, body, soul, and spirit stolen by this spiritual thief. People don’t just committ suicides all of sudden but the thief comes into the mind of that person giving them contrary thoughts that’s against the Word of God, then condemnation begins, self-pity begins and what’s even worse is if people add fuel to fire by speaking negative, cursed words to these people. If this person has been dealing with self-esteem, childhood issues, painful past experiences, or loneliness, the enemy has an opportunity to enter the mind of that person and take to the point where they are thinking to end their own life. People don’t realize that the many things we see are a manifestation of what had been festering, bubbling, and boiling within the mind of people that eventually enters the soul of the person with the spirit following suit to the commands from the mind. That movie You’re Next made me think how The Enemy will enter the minds of people and wreak as much havoc if allowed to that person until they destroy themselves and others in the process. It’s crucial to guard our thoughts and meditate on what God’s Word says because even those who confess to know Jesus can be deceived into thinking that it’s okay to hurt other people, leave your godly assignment, follow after other folks who don’t mean you know heavenly nor earthly good and rebel against the Will of God for your life. The thinking of man can determine his beliefs and actions and if you thinking bad, negative thoughts all the time, you are going to begin acting the way you think. If what you’re thinking isn’t edifying, exhorting, or causing you to have dark imaginations, then you got to cast that thought down because the evil thief likes to throw fiery darts or evil thoughts into our mind to keep us from thinking on positive, godly thoughts. Having the peace of God is like keeping your car up, you gotta to maintain your peace, get a peace check up and remove people or things out of your life that disrupts your peace. Not the Buddha peace that’s temporal when you in trance and once you come out, you cussing people out. I’m talking about the Peace of God that helps you keep your cool even when all hell is breaking loose around you. There are so many people sad, depressed, worried, stressed, and full of anxiety because they lack peace and most importantly joy not happiness. I have noticed how people seem to be happy but maybe in pain and sorrow on the inside which joy helps you have a positive outlook on life regardless of the circumstances and situation you find yourself in. 

As I close, I came across this book they are about to make into a movie called Thirteen Reasons which is about this girl who committs suicide and gives a recording of her cassette tapes to various people that contributed to her premature death. It was disturbing to me to think that even young children can have suicidal tendencies and to even blame others for their death. I know the words and deeds of a person can hurt you severely especially if done repeatedly, but this is when people need a God intervention in their life and get some healing so it doesn’t result in suicide or a premature death. We have to start praying and discerning the hearts of people and not just look at people face value because people are dealing with many things to avoid tragic losses of lives. 

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