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Excerpt of My book Melioch Realms

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The Power of the Tongue. Awesome blog!


“Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth; keep watch over the door of my lips!”  Psalm 141:3

A guard tower at Eastern State Penitentiary.A state penitentiary lights the night sky along the horizon of my little valley.  I have several friends who work as correctional officers in this penitentiary.  Their days begin and end with one primary purpose – to keep the bad guys in.  As they have explained, the activities within a prison are governed by routine.  Policies and procedures dictate almost every interaction of the residents.  Everyone follows a rigid schedule from the moment the inmates rise until they fall back to sleep.

The work of correctional officers is complicated by the fact that there are many people who daily pass in and out of a penitentiary.  There are the correctional officers that come and go at shift changes but there also administration, medical, and maintenance staff that work at the facility.  In addition…

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“The crucible is for silver, and the furnace is for gold, and the Lord tests hearts.”  Proverbs 17:3

Summer must be coming to an end since I completed my last triathlon for this year.  It was a sprint distance that had us in the pool the night before the bike and run.  My preparation for this triathlon was the worst that I have ever done.  My hope was that the base that I had built over the summer of training for longer distances would carry me through.

The swim distance for a sprint triathlon is 500 yards.  I normally swim 500 yards (10 laps) in about 8 minutes and 30 seconds.  I hedged a bit and told the tri-event coordinator that I anticipated doing the swim in 8:40 minutes in order for her to prepare the swimming heats.  I really didn’t want the pressure of being put in with the fast swimmers so I gave her what I thought…

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"WORD GUARDING" – Sept 25.

Times of Sabbaticals, Drawing Back and The Spirit of Endurance

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Now, I have been examining my own life and wonder what keeps me going in terms of seeing the end of things through versus quitting. Have you wonder how some people can keep going regardless of what they are going through and other folks start what I call the Fight or Flight Response to trials, tests, and struggles that come in their lives. I decided on this blog, I would make a simple quiz so you can determine if you tend to respond to situations as a fighter or a fleeter.

Question 1: Do you always feel like you don’t get any support and think quitting can get you more support? Yes or No

Question 2: When you are going through hellish situations, do you decide that quitting will alleviate the issues? Yes or No

Question 3: Do you try to get other people to  join your quitting pity party through accusations, ridicules, rebukes, or texts? Yes or No

Question 4: When you have had enough, you decide that taking a break from your responsibilities in life and God is going to help you recuperate faster? Yes or No

Question 5: Do you start to blame others for your reason or justification for quitting? Yes or No

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need an endurance checkup. 

It’s important to make sure you have the spirit of endurance to handle any situation that comes your way without resorting to the try and true quitting method which actually doesn’t eliminate the problem but have you playing catch up in putting all the extra fires that arose from you just drawing back from your responsibilities and duties in life. Success isn’t garnered on how much you make nor how well you accomplish a task but how well you endure the journey in spite of disappointments, setbacks, hurt, betryal, money woes, illness, death, and etc with a belief that it is well with my soul. I remember people used to sing that song and when I come to realization that the song represents someone who is triumphant in spirit even when all hell is breaking loose. As a believer in God, you must get to the point in your life that quitting in not an option and taking sabbaticals is not going to keep the devils or problems away in your life. The Spirit of Endurance will give you that extra boost to keep going even other folks around you are throwing in the towels and maybe throwing towels as you because you crazy to continue going when it seems like nothing is working right in your life. Nowadays the old saying, When the Going Gets Tough, The Tough Take Sabbaticals and Draw Back. Drawing Back means you not participating in anymore activities until you get your strength and power back from God by sitting on the pews being poured into by the Word of God. Now, what’s wrong with that scenario? How in the world are you going to get more powerful and anointing in God chilling and eating bons bons all day without having to go through any struggles in your life? If that was the case, I would be watching TV, reading my bible once a month and eating hot cheetos if I didn’t need to do much to get stronger in my Christian Walk.  What makes people think that the Devil is going to leave you alone when you stop attacking his kingdom, binding him up and praying against his tactics? No, he’s going to keep coming at you until he has destroyed you completely and even quicker with those who decide to chill out on the things of God. These are the folks that take the flight response to the storms of life instead of fighting. There have been many of times I have been giving the choice to quit but my problem with quitting is how is that going to help me handle my struggles and issues doing nothing? I am at the point that I can’t afford to quit nor care to quit because the more you can endure, the stronger you get spiritually, mentally, and physically. As the old saying goes, what doesn’t kill only make you stronger. God will test our endurance by allowing things to happen in our lives to see how well we can withstand the fires, volcanoes, tsunamis, and hurricanes that come our way without hiding out somewhere until the coast is clear. I just believe that there is a great reward and blessings to those who don’t quit and that everything in life is temporal in its duration. So keep pressing!

The Blurred Lines of Twerking While Watching Fifty Shades of Grey Movie

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Yes, I am being very funny and sarcastic by the title. Now, the uproar of Miley Cyrus twerking when people have been dropping like it is hot for years shouldn’t shock people. I mean seriously, how many teenagers or young people in the past years performed for shock value only (Madonna, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Lady Gaga,etc.). Why is this new dance craze in the dictionary? Well, we should put tootsie roll and bootypop the Oxford dictionary as well.What I got from the whole commotion is that somebody(the suspect Miley Cyrus) is trying to destroy Hannah Montana from the face of the planet pop earth. The decency of society and what people allowed has been blurred by compromise, perversion and this cavalier attitude of anything goes. Right has been turned to wrong and wrong has been turned into twerking and making movies out of sadism and perversion. Now, I have all that and then some against me when I am teaching abstinence to young adults who watch Miley Cyrus promote anti-abstinence antics on a award show. She must have forgot that she is a role model and that she can’t teddy bear her past away because she wouldn’t be able to afford Chanel purses without being Hannah Montann. She must have forgot that Hannah Montana brought the dough and fame that is taking care of her as she grows into a rebellious and foolish pop star. Then the next greatest news is the adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey (check out my blog post on that movie) and  who has been cast in this movie that promotes sexual perversion with three sequels to it. People have the nerve to be upset and create a petition about who was cast in it thinking the new actors won’t be believable operating in the spirit of perversion and lust. Really? This is the big news, between Kim Kardashian baby and who is George Clooney ex-girlfriend dating now. There is two many other problems in the world we can be petitioning for and concern ourselves about. We tend to forget that young people are watching, reading, tweeting, and hearing all this and you wonder why they are doing more immoral acts than ever.

On that note, it pays to know God like never before and realize that as the world gets crazier and more immoral, we have to stand for what is right and not compromise no matter what. Sexual perversion, lust, sin, and dancing seductively doesn’t promote the Spirit of God but pleases our flesh. The flesh of man wants to do whatever it wants, how it wants, and when it wants.  Flesh pleasers satisfy their lustful desires and will operate in perversion if necessary. It’s important to be led by the Holy Spirit of God to avoid yielding to the temptations and lust of our flesh. As you can see even on TV, movies, music, and videos, it entices the flesh to act on what it sees, hears, and feels for that matter. We have to make sure that God’s Spirit is leading us physically and spiritually so not to get caught up in the lust of our flesh.

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