The Blurred Lines of Twerking While Watching Fifty Shades of Grey Movie

Yes, I am being very funny and sarcastic by the title. Now, the uproar of Miley Cyrus twerking when people have been dropping like it is hot for years shouldn’t shock people. I mean seriously, how many teenagers or young people in the past years performed for shock value only (Madonna, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Lady Gaga,etc.). Why is this new dance craze in the dictionary? Well, we should put tootsie roll and bootypop the Oxford dictionary as well.What I got from the whole commotion is that somebody(the suspect Miley Cyrus) is trying to destroy Hannah Montana from the face of the planet pop earth. The decency of society and what people allowed has been blurred by compromise, perversion and this cavalier attitude of anything goes. Right has been turned to wrong and wrong has been turned into twerking and making movies out of sadism and perversion. Now, I have all that and then some against me when I am teaching abstinence to young adults who watch Miley Cyrus promote anti-abstinence antics on a award show. She must have forgot that she is a role model and that she can’t teddy bear her past away because she wouldn’t be able to afford Chanel purses without being Hannah Montann. She must have forgot that Hannah Montana brought the dough and fame that is taking care of her as she grows into a rebellious and foolish pop star. Then the next greatest news is the adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey (check out my blog post on that movie) and  who has been cast in this movie that promotes sexual perversion with three sequels to it. People have the nerve to be upset and create a petition about who was cast in it thinking the new actors won’t be believable operating in the spirit of perversion and lust. Really? This is the big news, between Kim Kardashian baby and who is George Clooney ex-girlfriend dating now. There is two many other problems in the world we can be petitioning for and concern ourselves about. We tend to forget that young people are watching, reading, tweeting, and hearing all this and you wonder why they are doing more immoral acts than ever.

On that note, it pays to know God like never before and realize that as the world gets crazier and more immoral, we have to stand for what is right and not compromise no matter what. Sexual perversion, lust, sin, and dancing seductively doesn’t promote the Spirit of God but pleases our flesh. The flesh of man wants to do whatever it wants, how it wants, and when it wants.  Flesh pleasers satisfy their lustful desires and will operate in perversion if necessary. It’s important to be led by the Holy Spirit of God to avoid yielding to the temptations and lust of our flesh. As you can see even on TV, movies, music, and videos, it entices the flesh to act on what it sees, hears, and feels for that matter. We have to make sure that God’s Spirit is leading us physically and spiritually so not to get caught up in the lust of our flesh.


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