The Sense of Entitlements and Parking on the Dime of Others

I’ve been reading this book about The Education of Millionaires and the most profound thing that the author contributes to those who become successful is their level of giving to others without a sense of expecting something of return. People tend to think that success comes from always receiving but actually true success comes from giving back and meeting the needs of other people. Success doesn’t necessarily mean how much you possess but how well you utilize the knowledge and wisdom that you obtain to help others and make a social change in the world. Sometimes, not having all the money in the world doesn’t make you a failure but always begging for money may lead to mooching or leeching tendencies minus the check loans, title loans, overdraft withdrawals(guilty of this), and robbing peter to pay paul, mark, luke and john issues. Money is a necessary tool and not having enough it can make you stressed out, tired out, and waiting for the next direct deposit to come on the 15th and 30th of each month which is going to go to other financial obligations with possibly a treat to a movie from redbox (been there, still doing that).  Yet, being successful truly in God starts intangibly first before it manifests into the natural especially if you trying to do what’s right, keep your peace, and pray you don’t lose your religion to to dealing ne’r do well(spiritually) people. There are people that tend to think they are entitled to be taken care of and not take upon any responsibilities except to buy what they want to buy and expect others to cater to their every whims. I wonder where this since of entitlement came from where some people think that they deserve to get blessings or even money just because they want it without giving much in return in helping others not just tithing either. You can be a tither giving all your offerings to God but if you can’t give back to somebody else or find an opportunity to be a blessing, then you are no better than the take-alot folks. Now, I’m not saying give until you have nothing left for yourself which I tend to be guilty of doing and when you need help, you hear birds chirping, that’s it.  Have you ever had people ask you to do something all the time for them but not once ask to return the favor? The saying comes from something I heard in church while I was in Houston called Parking on Someone Else’s Dime. That’s folks that park on your money and don’t use their money to help out. This is when you don’t answer your phone, ignore the text message and pretend like you didn’t get the message because that’s a person that gives base on conditions and moods not out of love and compassion for other people. Which brings to my next point, what about people that quit serving God and doing their divine assignment because they feel they are entitled to rest from all the devils, spiritual warfare, and sufferings like it’s going to stop all of sudden because we want it to. We have quitters, moochers, takers and park attendants which are all contrary to success in God and life for that matter. The successful people are givers and giving in itself never goes unrewarded. I have learned that finding success learns by me giving and not expecting anything return because in the process of giving, the unexpected things I been desiring will manifest in due time. 


2 Responses to “The Sense of Entitlements and Parking on the Dime of Others”

  1. Tasha Davis Says:

    Hello..I was just browsing through a few of your posts..and was intrigued by alot of the things that was written. I recently found out that I too am a scribe…and I have no clue..the lord brung me to your is now 4:50am..after I looked in my bookmarks for seeking spiritual warfare prayer…I feel that you can help me understand a few things..train. please get back to me when you can..thank you.

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