Defeating the Spirit of Slothfulness, Spiritual Apathy and Just Plain Lazy

Now on the last blog, I talked about how people tend to give up when the going gets tough and miss out on the great reward and victory that comes in God through the suffering days. Suffering is more than just physical but you can be mentally and spiritually be worn out from the trials and tests that come. The Enemy tries to bring extra obstacles and hindrances our way to exhaust and wear us out to want to give up through discouragements, delays, and setbacks. Sometimes we are extra tired, extra exhausted, feet hurting, headaches, money woes and such because of lazy, indifferent, and selfish acting folks. When a person isn’t doing their part spiritually or naturally because they don’t feel like doing it, it makes other people have to compensate and do more because of their slackness. It’s bad already when folks quit and decide to do their own thing because God’s Way requires us to have a longsuffering and patience in the storms of life. What makes it even worse when you got slothful acting people thinking that doing little or nothing at all is going to suffice especially in the things of God. The Lord kept on putting the word slothful in my spirit in identifying people who just seem to do the bare minimal and lie that they are doing more than they actually aren’t doing. I decided to look up the word because slothful tends to be synonymous with lazy or what my mom would call “just sorry” folks. One of the definition it gave was spiritual apathy and indifference which is how some people in the Kingdom of God tend to act when it comes to serving, helping, and doing their share in helping meet the needs of God’s people and lost souls. These are the people that tend to say all the stuff they did all day and how they are so tired, but can chill and watch TV or movies all day. This isn’t just a one day occurrence but how is everyday you tired, everyday you got to rest, and everyday you can do nothing for nobody else nor find yourself in the church house. But you can go to the movies, go shopping, talk  on the phone all day, and go to restaurants to eat but you can help out on occasion because you so tired. These are the people that love to not only park on your dime but use your dime so they can continue to do whatever they want to do with their time, talent, and money. The Spirit of Slothfulness comes around people who have way too much idle time on their hands and need to busy themselves in working for God, their dreams and goals, and helping make the world a better place. No one can ever say that there is nothing to do because there is always something to do whether it’s spiritual or natural. Now  this slothful spirit loves to operate in our fleshly tendencies and urges the person to give into their flesh instead of being led by the spirit. The more that person operates in the flesh the less spiritually led they become and begin to put back on the old nature of man that they previously had been delivered from by God’s transformation power. Eventually the person can get slack on praying, seeking God, nor being disciplined in doing the things of God including going to church services.  If they do go to church its just to not look bad after missing church quite often. But then have the nerve to get offended or upset when you tell them that they need to do more, pull their weight, and stop acting lazy. Trust me, there are times this flesh cries out because it’s tired and want to lay down. I would love a day where I can come home, lay down and just sleep to do absolutely nothing, but that doesn’t work in the real world not even in Alice in Wonderland.  For those with family , financial, job, and spiritual obligations and responsibilities, the only time you can get a break is if you take a vacation or a few days off to recover and get back in the race again. Those who are lazy tend to be selfish acting as well because they don’t take the initiative to meet the needs that they see without someone having to tell them. My mother instilled in me the habit of taking the initiative and identifying needs and trying to meet them. People shouldn’t have to tell you about your obligations and responsibilities. Some folks have selective memory and pretend like they don’t see it or simply don’t care because somebody else is going to take care it. In order to defeat the spirit of slothfulness, one has to pray and then confront the person in a gentle way on why they aren’t doing what they need or suppose to do to lighten the burdens and loads of responsibilities. The goals is to get that person to become more spiritual minded and stop operating in a carnal mentality. Slothful folks have carnal behaviors and ways because they are allowing the flesh to dictate their every action which is to do little to nothing as possible. Or they do a whole lot of stuff for show to make it look like they are productive and then it slowly siphons back to doing nothing again. Productive pretenders is what I call them that seem like they are making things happen but then you find out their is some fluff and filler with the realness meaning they really haven’t done anything at all and get mad or jealous at folks who are really productive. Prayer is the key to keeping that flesh in control and dying to its call to get you to do nothing but want you feel like doing. 


3 Responses to “Defeating the Spirit of Slothfulness, Spiritual Apathy and Just Plain Lazy”

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  2. I am grateful for this blog. I have and am struggling with this for a very long time and I could just feel something is wrong but I had no idea what has been taking over my life. Now after reading I have a better understanding. I am praying God helps me because I don’t want to be slothful anymore…

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