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The Love of Money is the Root of Cruelty and Evil Works

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Money helps govern the world. Yes, it’s very helpful when you have plenty of it and don’t have to wait for the next paycheck because you used up the last paycheck on the day you got paid with bills and other financial obligations. Money inspires people to want to have their own business and make money work for them instead of vice versa. Many of us future business owners daily strive to develop various streams of revenue and income because a paycheck is just a reliable as church members on any given Sunday (they can be gone tomorrow). The world evolves around money and making lots of it to live comfortably and possible give to others out of need not greed. What I have realized with people that don’t have alot of money, they can be either generous with what they have or try to take what other people have. Meaning, you can be either a giver or taker when it comes to money and I have noticed that people will do just about anything including loss of integrity, character, morality and sometimes their life for the dollar bill. I have realized that people will start to act like crazy and paranoid when it comes to money itself. Now the scripture everyone loves to quote, “the love of money is the root of all evil” (Ist Timothy 6:10), but the rest of the scripture has a significant meaning on what people will do when it comes to money and how evil works are birthed because of their love of getting money by any means necessary. Now the full scripture reads, “For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” Now to break it down, the love of money is the root in which evil works are birthed out and that’s when you get people lying, stealing, cheating, and even killing to obtain money. All evil means anything that a person has to do get the money whether through lies, manipulation, deceit, and betrayal, than so be it. I call these people “spiritual grifters” because a thief isn’t always a carnal robber with no sense of God in them but can be people who profess to know and love God but will betray the trust and confidence of others to get what they want like money. Grifters are con-artists and schemers that put on the facade that they are friendly, generous and kind to throw you off into thinking they are harmless having what I call a mask of holiness and salvation. They can quote the scripture, say they pray all the time and want to know more about God but that iniquity within them reveals their true heart and nature. Have you ever notice how some people can do something for a moment like they do this all the time then all of sudden they stopped doing it all together. Spiritual grifters have many evil spirits working in them such as deceit, control, lust, manipulation, lies, and pride. They have a narcisstic attitude in which they put the blame on everyone else and always plays the victim of sorts. They never take responsibility for their own actions and believe everybody is out to get them. They also have a sense of entitlement in which they think they deserve to get things including money and people should be supporting them no matter what. So, they will take what belongs to somebody else which can include friendship, family, money, and love. Of course, spiritual grifters don’t have a prayer life whatsoever and never like to go to prayer gatherings because them spirits don’t want to be cast out. Fasting is definitely not part of their lifestyle because they operating and live 99.9% of their time in the flesh and feeding the lusts of their flesh. The Holy Ghost is no where near these folks even when they profess that they have the Holy Ghost and speak in tongues. Anybody who comes across these folks need to be prayed up and watchful of their very actions. Becoming their best friends and buddies wouldn’t be wise because they renege and quick to backstab to get what they want. I believe when it comes to money, all kinds of evil acting people, works, and cruel behavior arises from this vain pursuit of something that wont’ save your soul or keep it from going to hell. The second part of their scripture really explains that the love of money will cause people to covet what other people have and will experience sorrow or cause sorrow because of their erroneous ways of obtaining the good life. Money in the right perspective can be a tool to make the world better, help solve problems, and meet the needs of people. Money is a necessity for everyday life but when it’s viewed as something to possess and obtain without scruples, that’s when the all evil from the scripture arises. Movies, true crime books, crime episodes and newspapers use the premise of people committing evil works and heinous crimes for money. People can be cruel and hurtful when they want some money just like Judas for 30 pieces of silver who lost his soul to sell out to Jesus, the Saviour of Mankind. Which brings me into remembrance in that Judas act of betrayal was hurtful and wrong, something glorious and great came out of it in that our sins was washed and souls saved by the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ. So, when people do you wrong or take things from you that don’t belong to them, always remember that God will do the restoration and you will recover even more so than what was lost. 


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