New Year, New Challenges

It’s been a while since I posted but more interesting posts will be coming more often now.I’ve experienced some interesting turn of events especially during the Christmas season.Between getting my hours reduced at work which means reduced pay, many fiery darts and trials were taken to the volcanic levels.I still have hope and assurance that God is going to deliver me from every attack, every spirit and every opposition that comes my way.I blog alot about spirits and the spirit world for not for entertainment purposes but for people to be aware that sometimes the stuff we are going through is not our fault but the spirits and wicked people are behind the storms and tribulations.I was attacked during Christmas shopping season with the spirit of betrayal and could identify the spirit in order to pray against it.This spirit if not dealt with can make you angry, bitter, resentful and want to retaliate.Especially when the betrayed was someone you thought had your back and was fair in dealing with you.Every spirit I write about is to help you identify the attack or what’s going on spiritually with your situation so you can fight back with prayer not your fists or some choice words that does more harm than good.The next blog, I’m going to discuss the destructive spirits including the Spirit of Apollyon that had been released in this end times to destroy people bodies, minds and souls.This is the time and season to watch and pray like never before.


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