Sifters: Spiritual Thieves

Now, the thief aka The Devil comes to steal, kill and destroy but sometimes he doesn’t need any help from some folks. Some people love to blame the Devil for their wrongdoing but mainly it be our own decisions that makes us do wrong. In my time on this earth, some of the things my mother use to say are started to make a whole lot of sense as I get older and encounter different people in my life. What I am finding as a Christian is that being a Christian is more than just confessing with our mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord and acting like we are saved. I have noticed that the true nature and heart condition of a person is how they treat other people and handle situations. From my personal experience, I have finally come to realize that love is the motivator and anchor in dealing with life, people and situations that comes our way. Yet, we have people that aren’t motivated by love but hate in a sense that they mistreat and use people for their own selfish gain. These people play on Christians sympathy and love to obtain what they want from them. I have come to realize that there are people that say they are Christians but actually act more like Anti-Christ than anything. I believe that if you are a Christian, you should be acting Christlike. Christlike people don’t lie, cheat, steal, and use others to get what they want out of life. That sounds more like the Devil’s character traits who are nothing but Sifters which is my word for spiritual con-artists or grifters. These sifters act like they are so holy, righteous, kind and sympathetic but they are always looking for any opportunity to sift, use, mooch and take away people’s blessings, natural and spiritual. These kind of people live on the blessings of other people never getting anything of their own. They never care to possess or work hard to obtain anything successfully because they requires work which is something sifters don’t do. In addition, they tend to possess a slothful like spirit because they are allergic to work and diligence in pursuing anything. They have lofty ideas and dreams but don’t want to do what it takes to achieve those goals. When it comes to working, everything exhaust them. Also, they love to mooch and use other’s resources and provisions to save their own for selfish purchases.To identify if you are encountering a sifter, check their lack of fruits and productivity. They love to flatter other people when they are confronted of their wrongdoing and play on your sympathy when they are caught red-handed in some lie of sorts. Now, how do you deal with these sifters, you pray, fast and confront the sifter in letting them know they are no longer welcome to be part of your company and fellowship. You can love them from afar but I am realizing that everyone is not part of your destiny nor should you be divinely connected to.


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