Battle Fatigue

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Yes it’s been half the year since I blogged.A lot has transpired and my love of revealing what is occurring in the spirit world to help others through blogging had been put to the back of the burner.Well when you are in so much warfare and battling the attacks of The Enemy,you start feeling what I called Battle Fatigue!I was shellshock,helmet beaten up,my vest full of scrapes and bruises.I was a soldier worn completely worn out from fighting against The Enemy.Well it was time to get recharged and overcome my posttraumatic stress.Mind,spirit and body exhausted and need to go into the Recovery Ward.Now restoration can fully begin and I can get back to being myself before the warfare battles.Felt like I had been in the Civil Wars and the last battle almost wiped me out but it didn’t.Once the dust settle and you still there standing,you didn’t allow what attack you to defeat you.We have many casualities of fighting in spiritual warfare who don’t make it through each battle,attack and fight.They end up defeated,drawn back,miserable, and complacent in accepting the losses.The loss of your joy,peace and pursuit of the more of God is a tragedy that can affect generations to come.The Enemy relishes in us quitting and giving up but God relishes in our fighting and bouncing back.Everything you love to do,continue to do it in spite of what you’re going through because your victory is someone’s salvation.


2014 in review

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The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here's an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 18,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 7 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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Sifters: Spiritual Thieves

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Now, the thief aka The Devil comes to steal, kill and destroy but sometimes he doesn’t need any help from some folks. Some people love to blame the Devil for their wrongdoing but mainly it be our own decisions that makes us do wrong. In my time on this earth, some of the things my mother use to say are started to make a whole lot of sense as I get older and encounter different people in my life. What I am finding as a Christian is that being a Christian is more than just confessing with our mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord and acting like we are saved. I have noticed that the true nature and heart condition of a person is how they treat other people and handle situations. From my personal experience, I have finally come to realize that love is the motivator and anchor in dealing with life, people and situations that comes our way. Yet, we have people that aren’t motivated by love but hate in a sense that they mistreat and use people for their own selfish gain. These people play on Christians sympathy and love to obtain what they want from them. I have come to realize that there are people that say they are Christians but actually act more like Anti-Christ than anything. I believe that if you are a Christian, you should be acting Christlike. Christlike people don’t lie, cheat, steal, and use others to get what they want out of life. That sounds more like the Devil’s character traits who are nothing but Sifters which is my word for spiritual con-artists or grifters. These sifters act like they are so holy, righteous, kind and sympathetic but they are always looking for any opportunity to sift, use, mooch and take away people’s blessings, natural and spiritual. These kind of people live on the blessings of other people never getting anything of their own. They never care to possess or work hard to obtain anything successfully because they requires work which is something sifters don’t do. In addition, they tend to possess a slothful like spirit because they are allergic to work and diligence in pursuing anything. They have lofty ideas and dreams but don’t want to do what it takes to achieve those goals. When it comes to working, everything exhaust them. Also, they love to mooch and use other’s resources and provisions to save their own for selfish purchases.To identify if you are encountering a sifter, check their lack of fruits and productivity. They love to flatter other people when they are confronted of their wrongdoing and play on your sympathy when they are caught red-handed in some lie of sorts. Now, how do you deal with these sifters, you pray, fast and confront the sifter in letting them know they are no longer welcome to be part of your company and fellowship. You can love them from afar but I am realizing that everyone is not part of your destiny nor should you be divinely connected to.

The Spirit of Accusation: Dealing with Persecution, Negative Words and Disparaging Comments

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In this life, I have come to realize that you are not going to be able to please everyone all the time. People are constantly going to have something to say or complain about something that you are doing is wrong. I come to realize the Enemy will use people, situations, and things that is suppose to destroy or diminish your influence among other people. Especially if your influence is positive in nature and persecution comes through a spirit of intimidation and jealousy even during Jesus Christ time. People who are insecure or feel inept will try to destroy other people in order to look better. The Pharisees and Sadducees tried their best to ridicule, demean and make accusations toward Jesus Christ who would always respond using wisdom and The Word of God. That is why it’s important the words that come out of mouth can destroy and hurt people and you can’t take them back. God wants us to tame our tongues and use His Wisdom to speak to people. The Spirit of Accusation goes to and fro trying to accuse others of wrongdoing in order for us to condemn ourselves and quit doing what we are doing for God and His People. The most unlikely people can say the most cruel and hateful words that if you are not careful, they can get into your heart and spirit planting a poisonous seed that could hinder God working through and in our lives. The Devil constantly accuses us of doing wrong things so we can feel so condemned that we quit everything including serving God. In dealing with people with accusatory spirit is to actually pray and not respond in a reactive way. It is easy to give people a piece of our mind and do what my mother would have done, confronted them all the way. I am not going to lie, it’s hard not to turn the other cheek but now I understand what Jesus meant by that. Turning the other cheek doesn’t mean just literally not to hit someone back but to keep your mouth closed and not retaliate when someone comes at you with words or deeds that are negative in nature. Allowing God to do the payback for us always is better and turns for our good. Negative words may hurt but adding fuel to the fire with more negative words only causes more offenses and hurt to arise which is exactly what The Enemy wants us to do which is to fight each other and never unify together. Prayer is the key to destroy the Spirit of Accusation and get past what folks say for if they did to Jesus, they are going to do it you. When you realize that you are here to please God and not Man, words will not hurt or affect you because you know people aren’t going to always have something nice to say or be pleased with you. When you truly get past what people think, you are truly free indeed. 

Schizophrenic Saints

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I am beginning to realize that the many problems that we have in dealing with so-called Christian folks is that they lack the fullness of the Holy Ghost in their lives. In my entire career as a school-teacher, the people I had to work with that gave me the blues has been people who profess to know God but don’t act like God knows them. Many of the conflicts that we endure as believers in God sometimes come from folks that talk about God, proclaim to know the things of God and walk the Christian faith in their daily lifestyles. The problem is why do these people act more bipolar and moody than Halle Berry in Frankie and Alice movie. Sometimes they want to act like Christ, sometimes they don’t. These are the people that so got your back one minute and turn back around and act like a T-Rex the next minute especially if they are in that Greta Garbo mood of sorts. One minute they want to serve God and do their assignment, the next minute they don’t want to be bothered with nobody acting like a spiritual recluse of sorts. Or they can act controlling, dominating,  and irritated for a moment but then sweet, angelic and Christlike the next. I have come to conclusion that people who are constantly up and down in their emotions acting nice one minute than mean the next aren’t allowing the Holy Ghost to give them a even temperance or they don’t have the fullness of the Holy Ghost at all in them or they operate more in their flesh. See when people have the fullness of the Holy Ghost, they are allowing Him to govern their emotions, temper and make them more sensitive to other people’s needs or issues. The Holy Ghost doesn’t have you act mean and vindictive to other people but turn back around being so nice all of sudden. Sometimes, we don’t allow the Holy Ghost to truly work through us and in us otherwise we wouldn’t mistreat, abuse, condescend or humiliate other people with our words and actions. I have been hurt and abused by those to be in the Kingdom of God than those in the world. This is why people don’t care to come to church or know more about God because of these Schizophrenic Saints. Schizophrenic Saints are what I call that special group of people who are double-minded and emotionally unstable in their actions making them untrustworthy and unreliable when it comes to spiritual warfare. These are not the folks you use to help you fight the Devil on a consistent basis because they will leave you high and dry or act like they are working for the Devil as a temporary hire. What could cure these saints is having the fullness of the Holy Ghost and allowing the Holy Ghost to govern every aspect of their lives. Then they can have a sound mind, even temper and walk in love more rather than meanness and malice. 

The Transcendence and Popularity of God Movies

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I have noticed for the past few months a great surge of God movies that have been doing pretty well and overriding your typical action or romantic movies that tend to be more successful.  Apparently, God is now a popular subject to make out of movies nowadays and I wonder why all of sudden people are flocking to see Russell Crowe build an Ark in Noah or a Portuguese Jesus get crucified in Son of God? If you look at the movies that are coming out these days, some are pretty lame in comparison to blockbuster hit movies that were so many to choose from. Now, when I check out my Flickster app on my phone, to see what movies are out, I have choice between a movie about a evil mirror killing folks or another teen movie about a heroine saving the world from oppression which isn’t alot of choices to go around. I think movies are being created now just to make money or feed off the popularity of a particular trend society is pursuing nowadays. The only movie now that’s a competitor to God movies is Captain America being the only blockbuster movie out at this time. It’s important to understand that these are the last days before Jesus Christ returns and having a relationship with God is crucial than never before. People are dying daily from natural and unnatural causes with some not knowing Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. People are wanting to know about God and who God is realizing their mortality and wanting to know what truly happens when you die.People are trying to live longer and find ways to extend their life span on the earth. The movie Transcendence delves into humans wanting to achieve immortality and to know much as God does in knowledge and power. Reviewers alike have been talking about how the movie is the biggest flop ever and that the themes in the movie didn’t quite relate to moviegoers who prefer to see a boy talking about his experiences in Heaven than ageless Johnny Depp speaking on the computer screen wanting more power to rule the world. At first, I wanting to see the movie but decided against it because it didn’t truly delve into the themes that would have made it even better. I think in comparison to the movies about God, people are wanting to know about spiritual transcendence and why do they exist in the world. No one I know really wants to die and become a Max Headroom of the future which is probably why the premise of Transcendence didn’t quite work. Yes, the dangers of technology was expressed but folks fearing people becoming computer programs was a tad far-fetched on the fear factor. The topic of God transcends anything that the world thinks they know or grasp about this divine being and can’t even grasp the depths of understanding of who God really is. We can watch movies about God and leave with a happy face from the theater but do we really know God for ourselves and is He involved in our personal lives or just someone we go to at church when we need some help. When you truly get to know God, God will transcend your mind, body, spirit, and soul to a place in Him that no man earth can write a book or movie about. The true transcendence in God comes from when God takes you where He is spiritually and you begin to feel His Glorious Presence operating more in your life to point you are able to do the supernatural in your own natural body. God will begin to work His Power and Authority through you once you have transcending to a place in Him that you begin to flow like His Son Jesus did when He walked the earth. 

The Spirit of Slander and Accusations

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It’s been a few months since I posted and much has transpired since then that I have plenty to blog and say especially in terms of living the life of a Christian. I am now starting to realize how few issues and problems I had with folks who didn’t know Jesus than those who do. I have noticed that people are running their mouth and talking about somebody or saying negative things about someone they don’t like nor care for. Sometimes its for a good cause to notice things that are out of order but if people aren’t praying about it, they just talking noise and fluff. It’s a shame how people will accuse you of things that you know you didn’t do or say but try to make it seem like they don’t do or say anything wrong. I tend to listen people talk and respond slowly concerning the matter but the bottom line should be to pray about a particular person or situation. There are so many spirits running rampant in the earth that we have to always remember we are dealing with spirits that are operating in the person and not try to fix it through our flesh. Going off on folks or telling them a piece of your mind doesn’t make matters any better because it’s a spirit at work and you have to confront the spirit through prayer and fasting. I know even right now somebody is talking about somebody and sowing discord among the brethren. Even the Lord hates those who sow discord among the brethren. Fellowshipping with other saints can be a challenge when you got the Spirit of Slander and Accusation working among the brethren because this spirit loves to keep up mess and cause offenses that can bring wedges between those who suppose to be a Child of God. It irks me when people think you are acting funny because you aren’t being extra friendly or nice to them and get offended to the point they tell others that you not being nice to them when you actually are. See, the spirit of slander and accusation tries to cause conflict to occur based on hearsay not what God is saying. People have left church and people because of negative words spoken by another person and not getting to know the person. The seeds of discord are planted to bring forth anger, offense, contention and hatred toward our sisters and brothers in the Lord. The tongue is unbridled and hard to tame causing the greatest damage to people through slanderous and accusatory words. The Devil is the accuser of the brethen and seeks to accuse God’s people of every wrongdoing he can make us feel bad about. He will use people to bring false accusations or slander your name just like they did Jesus. Persecutions comes when we doing the Will of God and other folks aren’t or won’t so they try to bring you down to their slackness and backsliding tendencies. Even people you were nice and kind to in the past will sometimes speak negative about you just because they are miserable and out of the Will of God. Those who possess these evil spirits that gossip, talebearer, slander, and accuse have bad disposition and mean-spirited in nature trying to disguise through niceness. A friend of mine use to call it being nice-nasty when a person sounds and act like they are nice but has a bitter or distaste to their demeanor. Nice nasties are the first to accuse and last to accept blame for anything. Folks that run people down with their words are prideful and unrepentitive because they think they are right to judge and criticize others. The only way to close the mouths of backbiters and gossipmongers is through prayer and allowing God to shut the mouths of the naysayers realizing the only person you can please is God not man. When people understand that God is the only one that needs pleasing, worrying about what people say won’t bother or vex us to the point that we lose our joy and peace in God. 


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