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High Gates in Spirit World

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In the spiritual realms, there are spiritual access to either where God dwells and where Satan dwells when Satan was in heaven, the gates of heaven were the only gates that existed at the time. Before the creation of the world if you can reach God, it would have to be accessible and easy for one but when rebellion entered the heavens. God kicked all angels including Satan, the gates were sealed from any demonic inclusion. Satan began to develop his own evil kingdom with his demonic gates where evil spirits and demons go in and out on assignment to kill, steal, and destroy. With the creation of the Earth, God utilized His Power and Authority to establish a physical realm for his creations of humans. Humans comprise of body, soul and spirit until angels who have spirits and souls but not human body. Demons are the same way with their own souls and spirits. Spirit beings can have access to the spiritual gates going in an out to do good or evil. Now, in the beginning when Adam and Eve were created, they had access to godly gates and free reign to see and speak to God in His Glorious State. Heavenly gates were accessible to God’s earthly creations and every provision, resources, need and want ways met in abundance. There was no blockages, hindrances, or mountains to the blessings of God. We could commune and be with God on a daily basis without having to break through our flesh to get there. We without blemish, wrinkle, or sin so God’s Presence dwelled with Adam and Eve all the time. As long as they walked in total obedience not eating from the tree of good and evil (Scripture). Yet, the demonic gates had access to the earthly world because Satan being abolished from the gates of heaven to roam to and from the spirit world and the natural world. Satan has access to both but not the heavenly gates. It’s important to realize how spiritual gates operate and why Satan had access to Adam and Eve domain. Having open access to God’s Glory all the time was what Adam and Even were enjoying until they disobeyed God’s orders. That’s when the heavenly gates were closed to them and the demonic gates opened wide open for access to all creatures, animals and human to corrupt and possess humans. Sin and disobedience blocked us access to God directly. Adam and Eve were removed from access to the Kingdom of God in the Garden of Eden. The Garden of Eden was the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and our first two humans had complete access to the blessings on God. One simple act closed the easy access to the heavenly gates until Jesus came to redeem our accessibility to God and the gates of heaven.The Enemy plot and scheme at the time to show God how His Creation failed Him. Yet, for man to access God from his fleshly, sinful body, the act of prayer and intercessory prayer was born. God may not have liked our sin but desire for us to commune with Him through prayer. Talking or praying to God would be the only way that Jesus is able to be born of the Earth. God loved His Creation enough to give us a chance to access the gates of heaven once more. God spoke to Noah to start the redemption of Man once again. To bring Man back into divine covenant with God and be able to access the Glory of God again. God gave instructions to every man and woman in the Bible to save mankind. There wasn’t even a hell created  to include us just yet until Adam and Eve sinned and the gates of Hell are real and only for those who part of Satan’s Kingdom and lost souls. Hell began to enlarge itself when the first sinful act of man was done, the wickedness of mankind came forth before the Flood and after the Flood. The gates of hell represent the damnation and punishment of evil and wickedness. Also, for those who are ignorant or choose to ignore the Call For Salvation through Jesus to come into their lives and save their souls. Until Jesus came, we were destined for Hell even though it wasn’t created for us and The Enemy had the power to destroy us at will. When Jesus died and was resurrected , He took the power of death and hell from Satan in the Earth and gave us the back the Keys to the Kingdom of God. Meaning we once more had access to the gates of heaven through Jesus Christ. We are able now through prayer to seek God and reach that place in God to see His Glory. Moses and Enoch had reached that place in God to experience a greater dimension of God. The gates of heaven are accessible to those who desire to become part of God’s Kingdom. As we seek pray, and fats, we can begin to decree and declare things to come upon us from the heavenly realms. The power of prayer allows the access to God’s Prescence, Glory, and Blessings. We have to protect the gates of heaven from being blocked, hindered, and obstructed from open doors to the gates of demonic realms That is why we experience spiritual warfare and extra attacks when we give the Enemy space and room to infiltrate our lives. These demonic realms will try to sift the souls of humas as wheat through our fleshly works, sins and disobedience to God. Satan has the permission to attack us because he is the god of this world but we have the power to destroy Satan’s works on earth by accessing the gates of heaven. When we speak the authority and power of God, all gates of heaven open to flood with deliverance, breakthroughs and wonders from God. Those who are called to intercede through prayer know that they can access the gates of heaven and derail the plan of destruction from Satan to claim the lives of souls. Those who are called intercessors stand in the gap to speak on behalf of another and protect the souls of God’s Creation at all costs. Prophets, prayer warriors and intercessors must protect the gates of heaven from being hindered from any demonic forces. Satan’s job is to keep us accessing the gates of heaven and be defeated, weary souls. The Blood of Jesus seals every door from The Enemy who will try to enter when we use prophetic words in prayer. When we fortified the gates of heaven within our lives and ministries, the gates of hell cannot prevail against it.


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Defeating Perverted Spirits

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Well, been a long time coming to do some blogging on my website due to many uncontrollable circumstances that seem to take away my time to blog but I do have some more fresh insights about spirits and how to defeat them. Any spirit whether it is the spirit of perversion, infirmity or destruction can be cast out by the blood of Jesus and rebuking them back into the dry places of the spirit world. It takes prayer and fasting to keep demonic influences from ruling and overtaking your life especially if they have been a stronghold in your life as well. Demons and evil spirits have assignments to rule and govern humans by any means necessary with the powers that they possess before they got kicked out of the Holy Crib in Heaven with God. The one thing you have to remember is that you cannot kill demons or evil spirits so those movies that show people killing demons isn’t true because they are spirits and you can’t kill spirits. The thing you can do to spirits is cast them out and rebuked them like Jesus did in the Bible with the Power of God and anointing on your life. Demons recognize command and only those who have taken their authority in God to know who actually has the power which is God to overtake any evil influence spiritually as well as naturally. You can’t go around casting out devils and demons living a freaky, perverted, and non-consecrated life because they are just going to bring more of their friends to torment and harass you to death literally.  When it comes to the spirit of perversion, the person who has this spirit may not even realize they are operating in perversion because the spirit is very subtle in making the person think that certain activities are okay to do because God understands that you have needs, wants and desires. The spirit loves to entice the flesh to engage in forbidden pleasures and inhibitions that people will want to act out in the natural. These spirits love to be written and housed in paranormal romances and books about other spirits having romantic affairs with humans experiencing what they call supernatural love. The assignment of the spirit of perversion is to possess that person in order to engage in perverted and immoral activities that lead to spiritual and physical death to that person. Even watching what we call soft porn television on cable can bring about the spirit of perversion upon someone who has been dealing with that spirit. This spirit is also the author of child molestations, pedophiles, and any twisted sexual fantasies like in the case with Jeffery Dahmer. It also is the ruling devil in homosexuality for it governs those humans who engage in bizarre, perverted or just plain weird sexual pleasures that is the cousin of the other sinful activity, fornication. Now when you combine perversion with fornication together, that person is being completely ruled and governed by their flesh. The flesh that is not controlled by the Holy Ghost will lust, want and desire anything it can get it hands on by any unholy means necessary. You can defeat any spirit by the power of God and giving up what is causing you to want to commit perverted acts.


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Prometheus Unleashed: Demonic Aliens Part 2

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A new year has begun and finally I can start the year off with more revelatory blogs about spirits and how to not be possessed, oppressed, or obsessed by them. Last year was definitely a time where more demonic forces are taking root all over the world with innocent blood being shed and people dying unexpectedly from young to old. Now is the time to truly know your place spiritually and whether you are on God’s side or Satan’s side. The time has come where more demonic spirits, entities and demons will be invading the earthly realms like never before and those who don’t have a discernful eye will perish from the spiritual warfare that has intensified greatly. Gone are the days where you could live a cavalier and sinful life doing what you want to do for 20 years or so until death ended your carnal existence. From church people to drunken people, hell has no respecter of persons and death has increased its morbid selection. The need for God is prevalent that every before and not knowing God can be detrimental to your body, mind, spirit, and soul. My last blog I delved into the demonic aliens represented in the movie Prometheus and how demons seduce humans into thinking they are gods to worship and do their evil bidding. The Incas and Aztecs didn’t mysteriously disappear or got up leaving their advanced civilization but were eventually taken back to the dark abyss of the spiritual realms where demons roam seeking rest but finding none. The blood sacrifices, rituals, and paganism were inspired by these demons coming upon these tribes and wooing them into believing they were divinity that deserved to be worshipped and pleased even through death. Alien abductions do happen and occur while the person is in a trance-like state while asleep. These demonic aliens begin to put visions and images of spaceships and otherworldly creatures to take that person into another spiritual realm to be tortured and driven to madness. The people that are most susceptible to alien seduction are those who need to see in order to believe that a god truly exists. These people always want to see something supernatural happen in their life and desire to experience a less than ordinary life on earth. They even think that incidents like Roswell and Area 51 are true and the government is trying to cover up the truth that green Martians do exist and God forgot to tell us about them. Not once in the bible do you read that God made Adam, Eve, animals, and aliens. But Roswell and Area 51 are more than just hoaxes and if truly revealed would allow you to see the monstrous nature of man when truly evil. What these men and women found and hid in those known alien cases were the remains of human who became possessed, transformed and mutated into alien looking creatures through total demonic possession. People don’t’ seem to realize that when a person continuously stays demonically possessed, and then they can eventually take on the form and likeness of the demon that is controlling them. Just like Christians can take on the likeness of Christ and the image of God, so can people taken over by demonic hosts. Yes, they found something alright and they looked so malformed and terrifying that they hid their bodies to be researched thinking that they must have come from exterrestial being not a demonic being. Movies like the Tommyknockers and The Invasion of the Body Snatchers show the true nature of these demons and how they slowly want to take over your mind, body, soul, and spirit until you are an empty shell housing a demon. I recently watched the remake of The Thing and that really exposes the true nature of demons and how they live to mimic and take over a person making you think that person is normal. I even once had a vision of a red looking E.T. that was evil looking and trying to throw some red fiery darts at my heart until some shiny light came upon it and obliterate it. Come to find out that it represented the motives and heart of a person I knew and was a warning on not to get close to that person. That E.T. that was in my dream did not want to phone home but attack my heart and soul for evil not for good. Those alien demons had human people moving big rocks calling it Stonehenge or drawing big signs in the ground for the purpose of keeping contact with them and place for the humans to worship them. As I have learned, people are always going to find something to worship or believe in whether its God or aliens and my best bet is God because nothing compares to how whole one feels knowing Him. Also, He’s not green, live in circular cruise ships and come in peace but the Prince of Peace and Lord of Lords. Next blog will be about breaking the spirit of perversion out of one’s life due to a comment made by one of my readers. Along with that, more will be explained about paranormal romance novels and demon love books.

Angels of Light: Prometheus, Aliens, and Demons in Disguise Part 1

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People have been always saying that there are other beings that are not of this earth and that “The Truth is out there!” in discovering exterrestial life forms. They have had movies, TV show, documentaries, and series on aliens really existing. For some reason people truly believe that God apparently made some green people or oval shaped head life forms besides Adam and Eve. So in the Garden of Eden, God must have created some alien life forms along with the first two humans that graced the planet Earth. Now if you actually think about it, why would God create other life forms to come and visit us on occasion through spooky lights, unusual crop circles signs, and alien abductions but never truly reveal their true selves because it’s all locked up in Roswell or Area 51 or they are experimenting with us. I have watched countless number of Alien movies and wonder why would people think there are alien life forms that live in other planets? To address this first question, let’s talk about the most recent alien movie created about aliens making us humans called Prometheus. The movie characters believed that the aliens were their descendants and they went to go take an intergalactic visit to see their alien family members. Now when I saw how the aliens looked, they looked human-like but they were large in height, size and muscles. The only beings God made that may look like us but inhuman in nature would have been His Angels. They kind of look like us but not quite because they are more muscular, bigger, taller, and stronger in supernatural powers. Now before Mankind not Alien Kind was created on the earth, a third of God’s angels got the holy boot and sent into the other parts of the spiritual world and earth itself including Satan. The fallen angels lost their place in Heaven but still retained the powers that were given to them to be used for darker and destructive purposes. The thing about fallen angels is that they wanted to be worshipped and prayed to like God because that’s why they agree with Satan in rebelling against God who believed he should be considered a god. Fallen angels main goal is to get humans to worship them and believe in them as their gods for controlling, demonic possession and killing souls so they can be damned to hell. Well one of the ways demons have fooled humans into believing in their existence is through alien propaganda by disguising themselves as unearthly life forms from another dimension. A scripture in the Bible explains how Satan disguises himself as an angel of light to deceive people and cause his diabolical plan of spiritual death and destruction upon God’s people (II Corinthians 11:14). These so called aliens sometimes appear as angels of light especially the friendly aliens but on occasion to true nature of these demons tends to be revealed through these demonic alien abductions and attacks on humans. Real aliens or demons in disguise aren’t friendly nor come in peace but want people to question God and find something above us to worship that is more real than God and comes down to ride bikes over the moon like E.T.Maybe they want to come down and make a jukebox of music to let us know that we can communicate in song and are a friendly species. In my opinion, the movies and shows that reveal a more darker and destructive alien life form are more realistic because demons come to kill, steal, and destroy mankind and the planet earth. The Prometheus movie truly showed the reason why people want to believe that aliens are out because they are seen as gods and maybe we have originated from their species. To not mess up the ending of the movie nor spoil the plot, try to figure out the intent of the aliens to supposedly make humans and want humans to find their dwelling place. It definitely answer the question for me on what would happen if people had the capability to go to outer space and try to find some demonic looking aliens to talk to and ask them questions.  Next blog will go more in-depth to what spiritually entails alien abductions, spaceships and alien invasions and why they are used by demons to deceive the people. Also, what is the real truth behind Area 51 and Roswell and why movies like The Tommyknockers and The Body Snatchers reveal the true reason of aliens (demons) which is to invade, possess and control humans.


Hallow’s Eve

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The Enemy is a real foe and does his very best to make sure the people of God give up on hope and not believe that God can deliver the Promises He said in His Word in your earthly existence. The thing about the Devil is that he doesn’t play fair and attacks people especially those who attack his kingdom or pose a threat to his taking everyone to Hell with him master plan. These past few weeks have been attacks after major attacks and it doesn’t help that its in the a month where every witch, warlock, and evil spirits are unleased like never before because of Halloween. I called it the holiday for counterattacks and major spiritual warfare with casualties on both sides. People don’t realize that the month of October tends to be the worst spiritual month for attacks and counterattacks because of all the evil spirits and demons that have been released through incantations, spells, seances, and other satanic forms of sorcery and witchcraft to cause more harm, destruction and mayhem to God’s people and other unsuspecting humans. The day of Halloween is a time to dress up in disguise so the Enemy cannot see you and the evil spirits will be scared off by your Superman costume. The actual costumes for this holiday were created for the purpose to scare the evil spirits and demons away. This is also the day in which evil spirits have an opportunity to possess and take over human vessels especially those who don’t have God’s Spirit dwelling on the inside of them. Every demon and evil spirit are lanched out on assignment to attack and devour people who don’t have any knowledge of them nor the Power of God to cast them back into the dry places in the spirit realm.

Every attack known to man has been coming my way this month in which I felt I had been spiritually beaten upside and downside the head feeling tired and battle-worn. Counterattacks come more heavily to those who have been praying and warring against the devil and his minions and if you have been living righteous before God. Don’t be dismayed nor discouraged at the many spiritual and natural attacks that occur your way because it means the Devil is mad, you are doing something right, and God has a call on your life that the Enemy wants to destroy by any means necessary. The Enemy always attacks in the areas where you are the weakest or still trying to gain victory for the purpose of you to quit, faint, get weary, and give up on God. The thing that people tend to do when it seems like Hell has broken loose is to stop praying and serving God which is the very thing Satan wants you to do. This is the time when you begin to fast and pray like never before and expect God to do some spiritual changes in your spirit man to handle the spiritual warfare you find yourself in. I tend to use every attack for own advantage to make me stronger in God and seek His Blessing like never before. For those who desire to possess more power and authority by God, expect attacks, persecutions, setbacks, delays, and sufferings which are designed to bring out the true you in God and the greatness that lies on the inside of you. The more you endure pain and suffering, the more anointed you become and you have the ability to handle the Enemy like Muhammad Ali handled every opponent in the boxing ring.

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