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The Love of Money is the Root of Cruelty and Evil Works

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Money helps govern the world. Yes, it’s very helpful when you have plenty of it and don’t have to wait for the next paycheck because you used up the last paycheck on the day you got paid with bills and other financial obligations. Money inspires people to want to have their own business and make money work for them instead of vice versa. Many of us future business owners daily strive to develop various streams of revenue and income because a paycheck is just a reliable as church members on any given Sunday (they can be gone tomorrow). The world evolves around money and making lots of it to live comfortably and possible give to others out of need not greed. What I have realized with people that don’t have alot of money, they can be either generous with what they have or try to take what other people have. Meaning, you can be either a giver or taker when it comes to money and I have noticed that people will do just about anything including loss of integrity, character, morality and sometimes their life for the dollar bill. I have realized that people will start to act like crazy and paranoid when it comes to money itself. Now the scripture everyone loves to quote, “the love of money is the root of all evil” (Ist Timothy 6:10), but the rest of the scripture has a significant meaning on what people will do when it comes to money and how evil works are birthed because of their love of getting money by any means necessary. Now the full scripture reads, “For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” Now to break it down, the love of money is the root in which evil works are birthed out and that’s when you get people lying, stealing, cheating, and even killing to obtain money. All evil means anything that a person has to do get the money whether through lies, manipulation, deceit, and betrayal, than so be it. I call these people “spiritual grifters” because a thief isn’t always a carnal robber with no sense of God in them but can be people who profess to know and love God but will betray the trust and confidence of others to get what they want like money. Grifters are con-artists and schemers that put on the facade that they are friendly, generous and kind to throw you off into thinking they are harmless having what I call a mask of holiness and salvation. They can quote the scripture, say they pray all the time and want to know more about God but that iniquity within them reveals their true heart and nature. Have you ever notice how some people can do something for a moment like they do this all the time then all of sudden they stopped doing it all together. Spiritual grifters have many evil spirits working in them such as deceit, control, lust, manipulation, lies, and pride. They have a narcisstic attitude in which they put the blame on everyone else and always plays the victim of sorts. They never take responsibility for their own actions and believe everybody is out to get them. They also have a sense of entitlement in which they think they deserve to get things including money and people should be supporting them no matter what. So, they will take what belongs to somebody else which can include friendship, family, money, and love. Of course, spiritual grifters don’t have a prayer life whatsoever and never like to go to prayer gatherings because them spirits don’t want to be cast out. Fasting is definitely not part of their lifestyle because they operating and live 99.9% of their time in the flesh and feeding the lusts of their flesh. The Holy Ghost is no where near these folks even when they profess that they have the Holy Ghost and speak in tongues. Anybody who comes across these folks need to be prayed up and watchful of their very actions. Becoming their best friends and buddies wouldn’t be wise because they renege and quick to backstab to get what they want. I believe when it comes to money, all kinds of evil acting people, works, and cruel behavior arises from this vain pursuit of something that wont’ save your soul or keep it from going to hell. The second part of their scripture really explains that the love of money will cause people to covet what other people have and will experience sorrow or cause sorrow because of their erroneous ways of obtaining the good life. Money in the right perspective can be a tool to make the world better, help solve problems, and meet the needs of people. Money is a necessity for everyday life but when it’s viewed as something to possess and obtain without scruples, that’s when the all evil from the scripture arises. Movies, true crime books, crime episodes and newspapers use the premise of people committing evil works and heinous crimes for money. People can be cruel and hurtful when they want some money just like Judas for 30 pieces of silver who lost his soul to sell out to Jesus, the Saviour of Mankind. Which brings me into remembrance in that Judas act of betrayal was hurtful and wrong, something glorious and great came out of it in that our sins was washed and souls saved by the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ. So, when people do you wrong or take things from you that don’t belong to them, always remember that God will do the restoration and you will recover even more so than what was lost. 



Demonic Possession and The Demon of Destruction

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One of the movies that is out is called The Host which was written by our very famous author Stephanie Meyers of the Twilight romance books about vampiric and werewolf demons galore. Well, The Host is about aliens overtaking people’s bodies internally and slowly taking over their conscious mind as well as their personality. The thing that about The Host is that one girl refuses to be overtaken by the alien and spends the rest of the movie refusing to completely taking over by the alien. Now think of this in terms of demonic possession and how demons look for people who are what they called empty vessels and don’t have the Spirit of God dwelling on the inside of them. Even after that person might have had evil spirits cast out of them, if they don’t get the Holy Ghost, more evil spirits and demons are coming to invade that person’s vessels again. Evil spirits and demons look for hosts or humans with empty vessels to dwell, and overpower do they can do their evil bidding in the earth realms. As you can see sadly on the news that people are getting killed, raped, abducted, and murdered like never before because of demonic possession. Remember that people who don’t have the Holy Ghost dwelling on the inside of them can become possessed and the most rampant demon that is inhabiting people is the Demon of Destruction. This demon invades a person body and completely take over their personality in order to murder, kill, destroy, and eliminate humans. If you have noticed the bombings, the murders, and the deaths of people, this demons is trying to kill people and make sure they don’t know about God or Jesus to avoid not waking up in Hell with their souls damned. Once a human is possessed by this demon, it will take the Power of God that Jesus had to deliver them from this demon because it takes over the person body, mind, soul, and spirit. You wonder why people say that the person never used to act like that then all of the sudden they go on a killing spree. That only means that the mind has been controlled, twisted and governed by demons and evil spirits ready to act out what they have been commission by Satan to do which is to kill, steal, and destroy by any destructive means necessary. There have been so many demons unleashed during this end times that if you aren’t praying now, you better pray like your life literally and spiritually depends upon it. I read a sad story about a young teacher who chokes and dies at a game eating a hot dog which makes me realize that tomorrow truly may not be promised and we have to be watchful and prayerful like never before. You got men abducting and raping young girls, men shooting their wives and children, and people bombing at marathons which shows that demons are act work like never before and we need divine protection from God through prayer and spiritual warfare. We must become fully aware of the schemes, plans, plots, tricks, and wiles of the Enemy at all times and declare war in the spirit realm through powerful prayers that reach the nations. This is the time to pray of regions, territories, lands, people, countries, the President, and our families because Satan isn’t playing fair nor have any favorites. We must unleash the Power of God upon this Earth to destroy the demonic works of the Enemy by any means necessary. 

The Lure of Vengeful Spirits in Movies

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As I have watched and noticed over the years with movies like The Ring, The Grudge, and campy sci-fi movies on the Sci-fi channels, the most popular evil spirit that people love to create a movie script about is vengeful spirits. Now recently, they came out with another sessions of movies like The Woman in Black and currently, Mama about an evil spirit always out for revenge and seeking to hurt,harm, torment and even kill people to exact their continuous revenge on what wrong was done to them when they were on earth. The thing about vengeful spirits is that they are just the familiar spirits that were in that particular person when he or she was alive that acting out the events that caused their demises and people who are not spiritually discernful will get trapped up, possessed, or even killed trying to destroy or stop these spirits. Like I said in the last blog, you cannot kill evil spirits nor try to write the wrongs for that dead person so they can go to their afterlife. Now some people who die can be caught between two worlds and may have been unrighteously killed and want someone to solve the murder such as in Gothika and The Messengers, but evil spirits like in The Grudge want humans to feel the pain, suffering and possibly death that human who was tormented by it went through. Remember, the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy and the spirit of revenge wants to do just that spiritually as well as naturally. This spirit is very dangerous and malevolent in nature because their sole purpose is to possess and kill humans in a natural death which make for good entertainment in movies to see humans trying to stop these spirits from destroying them and sometimes in the end they make live but not without taking some human casualties with them. Evil spirits who don’t have anyone to possess will seek places, things, and barren areas to dwell and do their demonic mayhem. The thing about these spirits is that they are very transferable and can jump into a person not filled of the Holy Ghost as that person is watching Sinister on the screen eating popcorn. Not to be spooky but spirits can jump out of people, tv, movies and even music. Sometimes, movies makes these spirits seem like heroes like in the Ghost Rider Movies with the sequel saying blatantly, The Spirit of Vengeance that is trying to stop other demons from taking over the world. Sounds like territorial and regional demons spatting on which area of the world they want to do their evil biddings. The retaliation spirit works well with the spirit of revenge in that it helps to plot, scheme, and plan the demise of people they  think did this human person wrong or moved into a house that had these spirits in it without praying about it. One movie that was really disturbing that showed the destructive depths and powers of what a vengeful spirit can do to a human that disguises itself into a angel of light which is the tooth fairy whose really a vengeful demon in Darkness Falls. Darkness Falls reveals the true origins of the tooth fairy and what it really does to people especially children which is not put money under their pillow but cause madness, chaos and being committed to a psychiatric ward. To defeat a vengeful spirit is to definitely  pray and get out of the area or vicinity of where it dwells especially if is not in a person. When it operates in a person, that person tends to exact revenge, hurt, and retaliation to anybody they feel has wronged or betrayed but in a more demonic and destructive manner that can lead to murder. The next blog, we will talk more about the spirit of death and its alternate word like in the mythology of the underworld in Hades and through the movies The Dark and Silent Hill movies.

Spirit of Error

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This spirit operates in a special manner in that it will cause a person to be deceived by their own actions and beliefs thinking what they are doing or saying is right.Even people who have the Holy Ghost can have the spirit of error because it dwells in the mental thoughts of a person.For example, a man who is trying to be a pastor but God actually called him to be a teacher and youth pastor but he believes because he has the gift of gab, he should have a church with followers.The spirit of error got him thinking that he is called to lead Gods people because of his religous education and delusion of grandeur that he knows Gods Word better than people like myself who are just students in the things of God.This spirit will cause you to be frustrated, tired and confused on why things are’nt going the way they should go in your life.It will have you doing things out of your character and what God called you to do.There are so many people walking in spiritual error and not truly listening to God.There’s Christians like this lady apostle who does supermodel, Victoria Secret seductive poses on her facebook but God called her to be an Apostle.Spirit of error will have you walking in the wrong vocation and you wonder why demons are constantly attacking cause they even know you are not in your designated holy lane.I try to stay right where God called me to be but the prestige and allure of being called a prophet or apostle because they are such powerful callings but in every calling, there are some demons assigned to it as well.Not only does the spirit of error produce a spirit of deception but then puts you in a spiritual catatonic state where you aren’t growing spiritually in God because of your love for another person who is not your soulmate and you live a fairy tale existence hoping this person will love you back.The way to deal with spiritual errors is by reading God’s Word and being true to yourself.Admit your faults and mistakes to God and yourself because denial breeds the power of the spirit of error. Its very important to pray and listen to God talked fully to you and reveal truths about yourself and your destiny.You need to be able to discern God’s Voice, your voice and The Enemy to not make erroneous decisions.God will never tell you anything that is contrary to His Word.He is not the author of confusion or error.

Python Spirit

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The python spirit comes in many forms in the Body of Christ that uses its venomous powers to suck the very life of God’s people. It is an ancient demonic spirit that houses itself amongst people who have open spiritual doors in their lives for satanic influence and invasion. This demonic spirit has existed prior to the creation of the earth and waits for opportune times to destroy God’s people through false burdens, worshipping idols, and iniquities of the heart. Anyone who possesses the python spirit tends to carry iniquities in their spiritual heart that they don’t want to release to God and definitely do not have the Holy Ghost. You definitely can’t have the Holy Ghost and carry this spirit because the Lord can’t chill with this strong demonic spirit. But the people of God can be oppressed by the python spirit and eventually experience a spiritual and natural death if allowed. The purpose of the python spirit is to suck the spiritual and natural life out of people especially in church settings to block the people from truly and freely praising God to receive breakthroughs, miracles, signs, wonders and deliverance from yokes of bondage. Now, the python spirit can operate in a more personal setting through people that are close to you such as best friend, relatives, loved ones, and your significant others. That is when this evil spirit starts the process of drying out your spirit man and taking the joy of out of living for God. You began to become more tired, weak, weary, and heaviness in the heart. Sometimes, the symptoms of having a python spirit around you can be more sicknesses and infirmities that may manifest in infections, blisters, and diseases. The python spirit works like the snake it represents in that it slowly squeezes the life out of you  but not like the vampiric spirit. It is not in the shape of a snake but looks like a tall man with darkened skin and evil eyes.  Evil spirits do have forms and tend to look like what they do evilly in spiritual and earthly realms.  The thing about this evil spirit is that it is overpowering and can pretty much take over the spiritual atmosphere of the church making the people dry and not praising God. It can control an individual’s life to the point in that they lose their zeal and passion to serve God and abound the assignment God called them to do. It is a sneaky, parasitic entity that Satan uses specifically and strategically to destroy God’s people and keep the supernatural power of God from manifesting freely within the earthly realms. The way to rid yourself of the python spirit is through intensive fasting and prayer.  You will have to bind the works and effects of the python spirit off of your life. Sometimes you may have to cut ties with that person unless you are married to them. If you are married to a person who carries the python spirit, you going to have to confront that spirit as the Spirit of God leads you and rebuke the spirit out of that person. The thing about this spirit is that it will lay dormant and hide out appearing to be gone from that person but it will manifest itself eventually when it feels threaten in its hold over the other person. Python spirit is very controlling and wants to dominate the person that they want to dry and deaden out spiritually so the anointing cannot flow in that person anymore. Now if that person wants to be rid of the python spirit, they are going to have to release every iniquity, sin, and bondage out of their life in order for it to leave him or her.

Defeating the Spirit of Leviathan

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In this day in time, many things are beginning to surface at a more rapid pace in terms of the spiritual environment that has begun to reveal the true corruption of mankind especially those who have been called to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ. There is such a spirit of error and carnality among the Body of Christ that you can’t even go to work with them nor have any dealings with them spiritually and naturally. Even in workplaces in which Christ is acknowledged and governs even how we do business in the natural world, this can be invaded by religous-minded people who say they know Jesus and scriptures but don’t know God on a personal level. I witnessed today that if people do not begin to pray to God and obtain a gift of discernment, even the very elect can be deceived by the words of a person who proclaims they are one of God’s people. What people have to protect and guard their spirits from is not necessarily wicked, sinful people but super-religous, pseudo-Christians who can spew scriptures front and backwards but have no understanding of the mysteries of the Kingdom nor the deep revelations from God through the Holy Ghost. These people come in like wolves in sheep clothing proclaiming that they love God and know His Word until you tell them something that goes against their erroneous, demonic spirited- mind. People who spout out biblical and worldly knowledge mixing with their own philosophies are the false prophets they talk about in the end of times. They are the false messiahs that speak profound errors of God’s Word and their purpose is to plant seeds of rebellion and disobedience in God’s people. These people are arrogant, prideful and think they know everything there is about God and the Bible just to make you begin to question what you truly believe about God. This is the spirit of leviathan or the spirit of pride.

The leviathan spirit is haughty, proud, and seeks to destroy the true principles and divine order of God in the earthly realms. It is described in the Bible as a crocodile that destroys in massive way which is how the leviathan spirit comes at a person with its destructive words of deception, flattery, and error. As the return of Jesus comes near, more of these old demonic spirits have been unleashed into the earth to deceive and destroy believers in Christ. This demonic entity exists in people who think more highly than themselves and believe they are the most wise in knowing the doctrines of the world including the Bible. I got to witness firsthand a man try to convince and tell me that every false word that he uttered was scripturally- based. A person who has the leviathan spirit in them operate also in witchcraft and perversion. Anybody that you meet that speaks about God and thinks they have the grand authority of the Bible and the nature of God but you are stupid because you cannot quote every scripture verbatim, they got some demons in them and you can’t be afraid to take authority of the spirits that are operating in the individual. The way to defeat the spirit of leviathan is through spiritual warfare prayer.

Spiritual warfare prayer is more than just saying your grace and repeating the Lord’s prayer but a prayer that wars in the spirit realm using the Word of God in terms of attacking the spirits that have come to attack you through a person or a situation. These kinds of prayers require you to have the Holy Ghost and the ability to discern the spirits that you need to pray against and to protect your spirit and soul. If you don’t know what spirit is operating behind that person, then you begin to rebuke, bind, and cast out every spirit that is not like God. Don’t try to guess the spirit and rebuke it otherwise it may come to manifest and attack you. This is very important to watch and pray because the Enemy is seeking whom he may devour and destroy sending out his helpers to do his evil bidding in the earth.

The Dimensions of Melioch Realms

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When God gave me this name for the spiritual realms, I wonder what it truly meant and everytime I tell people the name of my book that has the name of the realms, I get this blank expression. Many of my writings come from the dreams and visions that God gives me so I keep a journal near the bed to write down ideas for writings and books. This has been happening to me since I was a little girl before I was truly converted to Christianity. I was initially receiving dreams from another demonic source as a child and wonder why I had such a fascination with horror films and books. Come to find out that Satan was grooming me to become a horror writer of sorts and I began to have dreams and visions of his dimension in the spiritual realms and the demonic demons that are part of that region. I even dreamt of the creatures that inspired H.P. Lovecraft’s writing as I was growing up and desiring to make my name famous with the other great horror fiction writers like Clive Barker and Stephen  King. Not until I got filled with the Holy Ghost from God did my writing change in a supernatural way. I used to have writer’s block but when God writes for me, I can write 30 to 40 pages at a time in a day. I tend write as the Holy Ghost leads me to write and He will give me the title, table of contents and I can finish a book in about a month or less. My writing has been more of a ministry to myself at first because that is when I began to purge through my writing the issues, bondages and hang-ups that were in my spirit which in turn birthed out my first book of poems called Elysium. Elysium was another word God gave me to name the part of the spiritual realms where He, Jesus, angels, and those who went to heaven dwell. In Melioch Realms, these are the dimensions and realms that houses many spirits of old, old demons, and Satan’s kingdom. When Satan and the third of the angels were kicked out of the heavenly realms, they were thrown into the other parts of the spirit world including the physical realms. They has lost all access and divine rights to God’s Kingdom meaning the dry places of the natural and spirit world could they roam around. In my book Melioch Realms: The Chaos War, I name a city that has been with me even when I was a child and didn’t realize what it meant until now. The city I call Nomad City in the book represents the gates between the spirit world and the physical world meaning spirits whether good or evil come traveling through these spiritual channels to operate around or in humans.  Many things that are manifesting in the physical world were originated first in the spirit world.When people begin to fully understand that what they are doing spiritually or what’s been done to them spiritually whether good or bad will manifest in their lives. People need to also know that spirits do transfer by touch, tv, music, and movies so it is critical that one be careful about what they want to go and see at the latest cinema. There is so much that is demonically inspired and influenced that it manifests in all of these ghost, psychics, and demonic shows. The new show Grimm is about a man who can see demons but he tries to fight demons with his flesh which is not biblically correct and can cause people to get killed by these demons thinking they can fight them with guns and human weapons. Even the writing of books and novels are influenced by the demonic areas of the spiritual realms which is why you see such a wave of it in the earthly realms. We are in spiritual warfare constantly and don’t even know it and its not strange that you see people dropping dead, remember whatever is happening in the spirit realm will manifest into the natural world. If you are  not guarding your spirit and soul from being taken by Satan or from bondages in your life, then your very life can be at stake spiritually as well as naturally. My book really delves into the warfare that humans are in with demonic spirits and the angels that are fighting for the souls of humans. The question is, which side are you on?

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