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The Secret Place

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After discovery of my purpose in my thirties, I have to the realization that God continues to desire for use to go into deeper realms and dimensions in Him. Once I had a desire to know the more of God, the pursuit became a passionate discovery of know who God really is and how He desires for us to seek Him. There’s a secret place in God that He wants us to dwell and remain in order to fulfill the divine purpose He has for us to accomplish. It is a place that demands a continuous, constant and intense prayer life. God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him (Hebrews 11:6). The more you seek God, the more God takes you beyond all your five senses to a place that eyes have not seen nor ears have not heard…..”(! Corinthians 2:9). Since it is a secret place meaning it must be sought after and pursued until it is found. God was us to seek Him until He is found and reveals His Glory to you. Let’s breakdown what’s in the Secret Place. In Psalms 91:1 explains the secret place in “whoever dwells in the secret place of the Most High God shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.” This scripture explains that God looks for whoever or whomever whether it’s male or female to seek Him out. God dwells in a place that flesh cannot enter nor iniquities can be part of. People profess to want the more of God but think it is through works in the church or ministry. You cannot enter God’s Secret Place through works alone. Going through the motions of seeking God through the works of the flesh denies you access to the Glory of God which houses the anointing and the Glory of God. Just by coming to church, raising your hands, giving God the praise and responding enthusiastically to the Word of God does not give you access to the Secret Place. Doing works in the ministry and publicly through prayer, preaching and laying of hands alone doesn’t give you access to the Glory of God. These works alone are the manifestation of seeking God and abiding in the Secret Place. Works of God that bring no Glory to Him but glory to your flesh and ego are dead and unfruitful. This is why the Pharisees and Sadduccees never operated in the Power of God like Jesus did because they thought their works in the Kingdom of God granted them access to God’s Secret Place. If that was the case, why would God call it a secret place but a public place if it was so accessible to us. Then all of us would operate in the power of God and His Anointing in its fullness. Next blog is going to about how Jesus entered The Secret Place in God.


The Spirit of Accusation: Dealing with Persecution, Negative Words and Disparaging Comments

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In this life, I have come to realize that you are not going to be able to please everyone all the time. People are constantly going to have something to say or complain about something that you are doing is wrong. I come to realize the Enemy will use people, situations, and things that is suppose to destroy or diminish your influence among other people. Especially if your influence is positive in nature and persecution comes through a spirit of intimidation and jealousy even during Jesus Christ time. People who are insecure or feel inept will try to destroy other people in order to look better. The Pharisees and Sadducees tried their best to ridicule, demean and make accusations toward Jesus Christ who would always respond using wisdom and The Word of God. That is why it’s important the words that come out of mouth can destroy and hurt people and you can’t take them back. God wants us to tame our tongues and use His Wisdom to speak to people. The Spirit of Accusation goes to and fro trying to accuse others of wrongdoing in order for us to condemn ourselves and quit doing what we are doing for God and His People. The most unlikely people can say the most cruel and hateful words that if you are not careful, they can get into your heart and spirit planting a poisonous seed that could hinder God working through and in our lives. The Devil constantly accuses us of doing wrong things so we can feel so condemned that we quit everything including serving God. In dealing with people with accusatory spirit is to actually pray and not respond in a reactive way. It is easy to give people a piece of our mind and do what my mother would have done, confronted them all the way. I am not going to lie, it’s hard not to turn the other cheek but now I understand what Jesus meant by that. Turning the other cheek doesn’t mean just literally not to hit someone back but to keep your mouth closed and not retaliate when someone comes at you with words or deeds that are negative in nature. Allowing God to do the payback for us always is better and turns for our good. Negative words may hurt but adding fuel to the fire with more negative words only causes more offenses and hurt to arise which is exactly what The Enemy wants us to do which is to fight each other and never unify together. Prayer is the key to destroy the Spirit of Accusation and get past what folks say for if they did to Jesus, they are going to do it you. When you realize that you are here to please God and not Man, words will not hurt or affect you because you know people aren’t going to always have something nice to say or be pleased with you. When you truly get past what people think, you are truly free indeed. 

The Transcendence and Popularity of God Movies

Posted in Christian fantasy fiction with tags , , , , , , , on April 23, 2014 by eliseway

I have noticed for the past few months a great surge of God movies that have been doing pretty well and overriding your typical action or romantic movies that tend to be more successful.  Apparently, God is now a popular subject to make out of movies nowadays and I wonder why all of sudden people are flocking to see Russell Crowe build an Ark in Noah or a Portuguese Jesus get crucified in Son of God? If you look at the movies that are coming out these days, some are pretty lame in comparison to blockbuster hit movies that were so many to choose from. Now, when I check out my Flickster app on my phone, to see what movies are out, I have choice between a movie about a evil mirror killing folks or another teen movie about a heroine saving the world from oppression which isn’t alot of choices to go around. I think movies are being created now just to make money or feed off the popularity of a particular trend society is pursuing nowadays. The only movie now that’s a competitor to God movies is Captain America being the only blockbuster movie out at this time. It’s important to understand that these are the last days before Jesus Christ returns and having a relationship with God is crucial than never before. People are dying daily from natural and unnatural causes with some not knowing Jesus as their Lord and Saviour. People are wanting to know about God and who God is realizing their mortality and wanting to know what truly happens when you die.People are trying to live longer and find ways to extend their life span on the earth. The movie Transcendence delves into humans wanting to achieve immortality and to know much as God does in knowledge and power. Reviewers alike have been talking about how the movie is the biggest flop ever and that the themes in the movie didn’t quite relate to moviegoers who prefer to see a boy talking about his experiences in Heaven than ageless Johnny Depp speaking on the computer screen wanting more power to rule the world. At first, I wanting to see the movie but decided against it because it didn’t truly delve into the themes that would have made it even better. I think in comparison to the movies about God, people are wanting to know about spiritual transcendence and why do they exist in the world. No one I know really wants to die and become a Max Headroom of the future which is probably why the premise of Transcendence didn’t quite work. Yes, the dangers of technology was expressed but folks fearing people becoming computer programs was a tad far-fetched on the fear factor. The topic of God transcends anything that the world thinks they know or grasp about this divine being and can’t even grasp the depths of understanding of who God really is. We can watch movies about God and leave with a happy face from the theater but do we really know God for ourselves and is He involved in our personal lives or just someone we go to at church when we need some help. When you truly get to know God, God will transcend your mind, body, spirit, and soul to a place in Him that no man earth can write a book or movie about. The true transcendence in God comes from when God takes you where He is spiritually and you begin to feel His Glorious Presence operating more in your life to point you are able to do the supernatural in your own natural body. God will begin to work His Power and Authority through you once you have transcending to a place in Him that you begin to flow like His Son Jesus did when He walked the earth. 

The Love of Money is the Root of Cruelty and Evil Works

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Money helps govern the world. Yes, it’s very helpful when you have plenty of it and don’t have to wait for the next paycheck because you used up the last paycheck on the day you got paid with bills and other financial obligations. Money inspires people to want to have their own business and make money work for them instead of vice versa. Many of us future business owners daily strive to develop various streams of revenue and income because a paycheck is just a reliable as church members on any given Sunday (they can be gone tomorrow). The world evolves around money and making lots of it to live comfortably and possible give to others out of need not greed. What I have realized with people that don’t have alot of money, they can be either generous with what they have or try to take what other people have. Meaning, you can be either a giver or taker when it comes to money and I have noticed that people will do just about anything including loss of integrity, character, morality and sometimes their life for the dollar bill. I have realized that people will start to act like crazy and paranoid when it comes to money itself. Now the scripture everyone loves to quote, “the love of money is the root of all evil” (Ist Timothy 6:10), but the rest of the scripture has a significant meaning on what people will do when it comes to money and how evil works are birthed because of their love of getting money by any means necessary. Now the full scripture reads, “For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.” Now to break it down, the love of money is the root in which evil works are birthed out and that’s when you get people lying, stealing, cheating, and even killing to obtain money. All evil means anything that a person has to do get the money whether through lies, manipulation, deceit, and betrayal, than so be it. I call these people “spiritual grifters” because a thief isn’t always a carnal robber with no sense of God in them but can be people who profess to know and love God but will betray the trust and confidence of others to get what they want like money. Grifters are con-artists and schemers that put on the facade that they are friendly, generous and kind to throw you off into thinking they are harmless having what I call a mask of holiness and salvation. They can quote the scripture, say they pray all the time and want to know more about God but that iniquity within them reveals their true heart and nature. Have you ever notice how some people can do something for a moment like they do this all the time then all of sudden they stopped doing it all together. Spiritual grifters have many evil spirits working in them such as deceit, control, lust, manipulation, lies, and pride. They have a narcisstic attitude in which they put the blame on everyone else and always plays the victim of sorts. They never take responsibility for their own actions and believe everybody is out to get them. They also have a sense of entitlement in which they think they deserve to get things including money and people should be supporting them no matter what. So, they will take what belongs to somebody else which can include friendship, family, money, and love. Of course, spiritual grifters don’t have a prayer life whatsoever and never like to go to prayer gatherings because them spirits don’t want to be cast out. Fasting is definitely not part of their lifestyle because they operating and live 99.9% of their time in the flesh and feeding the lusts of their flesh. The Holy Ghost is no where near these folks even when they profess that they have the Holy Ghost and speak in tongues. Anybody who comes across these folks need to be prayed up and watchful of their very actions. Becoming their best friends and buddies wouldn’t be wise because they renege and quick to backstab to get what they want. I believe when it comes to money, all kinds of evil acting people, works, and cruel behavior arises from this vain pursuit of something that wont’ save your soul or keep it from going to hell. The second part of their scripture really explains that the love of money will cause people to covet what other people have and will experience sorrow or cause sorrow because of their erroneous ways of obtaining the good life. Money in the right perspective can be a tool to make the world better, help solve problems, and meet the needs of people. Money is a necessity for everyday life but when it’s viewed as something to possess and obtain without scruples, that’s when the all evil from the scripture arises. Movies, true crime books, crime episodes and newspapers use the premise of people committing evil works and heinous crimes for money. People can be cruel and hurtful when they want some money just like Judas for 30 pieces of silver who lost his soul to sell out to Jesus, the Saviour of Mankind. Which brings me into remembrance in that Judas act of betrayal was hurtful and wrong, something glorious and great came out of it in that our sins was washed and souls saved by the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ. So, when people do you wrong or take things from you that don’t belong to them, always remember that God will do the restoration and you will recover even more so than what was lost. 


Demonic Possession and The Demon of Destruction

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One of the movies that is out is called The Host which was written by our very famous author Stephanie Meyers of the Twilight romance books about vampiric and werewolf demons galore. Well, The Host is about aliens overtaking people’s bodies internally and slowly taking over their conscious mind as well as their personality. The thing that about The Host is that one girl refuses to be overtaken by the alien and spends the rest of the movie refusing to completely taking over by the alien. Now think of this in terms of demonic possession and how demons look for people who are what they called empty vessels and don’t have the Spirit of God dwelling on the inside of them. Even after that person might have had evil spirits cast out of them, if they don’t get the Holy Ghost, more evil spirits and demons are coming to invade that person’s vessels again. Evil spirits and demons look for hosts or humans with empty vessels to dwell, and overpower do they can do their evil bidding in the earth realms. As you can see sadly on the news that people are getting killed, raped, abducted, and murdered like never before because of demonic possession. Remember that people who don’t have the Holy Ghost dwelling on the inside of them can become possessed and the most rampant demon that is inhabiting people is the Demon of Destruction. This demon invades a person body and completely take over their personality in order to murder, kill, destroy, and eliminate humans. If you have noticed the bombings, the murders, and the deaths of people, this demons is trying to kill people and make sure they don’t know about God or Jesus to avoid not waking up in Hell with their souls damned. Once a human is possessed by this demon, it will take the Power of God that Jesus had to deliver them from this demon because it takes over the person body, mind, soul, and spirit. You wonder why people say that the person never used to act like that then all of the sudden they go on a killing spree. That only means that the mind has been controlled, twisted and governed by demons and evil spirits ready to act out what they have been commission by Satan to do which is to kill, steal, and destroy by any destructive means necessary. There have been so many demons unleashed during this end times that if you aren’t praying now, you better pray like your life literally and spiritually depends upon it. I read a sad story about a young teacher who chokes and dies at a game eating a hot dog which makes me realize that tomorrow truly may not be promised and we have to be watchful and prayerful like never before. You got men abducting and raping young girls, men shooting their wives and children, and people bombing at marathons which shows that demons are act work like never before and we need divine protection from God through prayer and spiritual warfare. We must become fully aware of the schemes, plans, plots, tricks, and wiles of the Enemy at all times and declare war in the spirit realm through powerful prayers that reach the nations. This is the time to pray of regions, territories, lands, people, countries, the President, and our families because Satan isn’t playing fair nor have any favorites. We must unleash the Power of God upon this Earth to destroy the demonic works of the Enemy by any means necessary. 

The Spirit of Frustration and Discouragement

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When you are serving God and trying to live a saved, consecrated life, sometimes the journey can become what I would call, overwhelming and hard especially when you begin to take on extra responsibilities and duties that add on to what you already do for the Kingdom of God. It doesn’t help either when the attacks continue to intensify and more burdens are put upon you due to the Call you have on your life and the mandate God has placed on your life to complete. It may appear that other people who aren’t serving God and are doing what they want to do in terms of sinning, wickedness or just being slothful and lazy in the things of God.They are not experiencing the attacks nor the suffering you are going through even seeming like they are getting continously blessed as well. People that are what I call living right and acting right seems to get the worse persecution, attacks, disappointments and setbacks than other people aren’t even trying to living a righteous life in God.   This is nothing but the trick of the Enemy to get you to believe that obeying God’s commandments and Word is futile and unprofitable because things are gettting worse in your life than better.  The Enemy will send obstacles, hindrances, people and circumstances to cause a Spirit of frustration and discouragement to come into your life. The purpose of the spirit of discouragement and frustration is to get you to develop a fainthearted spirit which means you start to lose hope and faith in God’s promises and the blessings that He has in store for you.  Sometimes you can get discouraged when people reject you, walk out of your life, and betray you and thinking that maybe you were at fault or guilty of causing it to happen. Discouragement can come when you are doing all you can to love God and His People but an event or situation appears that adds more responsibility to your many responsibilities making you feel tired and losing strength physically and spiritually. Frustration can set in when you are trying to do things in a righteous manner but it seems like nothing is manifesting or coming into your natural  life making you begin to doubt and lose trust in God.  Satan knows that if he can get you frustrated and discouraged, then you will likely to quit your Calling and assignment because you need to some time to get yourself together. I have witness this time and time again when the going gets tough for Christians, the tough say I need a break from church and doing what God has called me to do. I call it taking a unsanctioned vacation from your divine assignment because you are tired of the attacks, delays, setbacks, frustrations, and disappointments and want a break from it all.  The problem with this choice is that it shows you are no longer in faith for God nor that you can stand the suffering to reach your destiny and the many blessing God has in store for you. The faith process in receiving the promises, blessing, and anointing of God requires you to go through trials, tests, tribulations, and sufferings to be more equipped, stronger, and prepared for the full responsibility of your Calling. Yes, it can get to a point  in your walk with God that you want to say forget this and do what you want to do, but there are souls that are attached to your purpose and need you to press through to help them in the future.  There has been times in my life that I just want to lay down, sleep, and just rest from my responsibilities on occasion and sometimes you need to take vacations such as go on a trip, take a cruise, or simply go to a movie to keep balance in your life. People can burn themselves out in serving God if they don’t have any hobbies, interest, or things they enjoy doing to keep the joy of God flowing in their life. Prayer is very vital to keep the joy, peace, love, and strength to handle the pressures of life and your Calling.  Quitting is the worst thing you can do to get a rest from your God-ordained assignment and blessings are delayed and hindered because of your disobedience. Don’t think God is pleased with folks who throw in the towel and quit because “I need to work on myself” so I can’t do my assignment right now. Imagine if Jesus had told God, “I don’t want to get crucified right now. I want to live my life”, we would all be going to Hell with Satan in fire, brimstone, and damnation.  If Jesus didn’t quit His assignment knowing He was about to die horribly and suffer, what makes you think you can just quit?  When you are not walking in your purpose in God, you aren’t willing to crucify or give up something, YOU!

Dealing with Religious Spirits

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As I drive down the highways and notice all of these multiple churches all over the city, I wonder are they truly living up to their name on the sign and is God’s presence dwelling in the place? The world has so many religions and doctrines that people can choose to be a Buddhist or a Mormon if one likes. Since before The Flood and afterwards, the religious spirit has been a culprit of the many religions and cults that we see today that has many names for God but are they actually serving The True Living God in the Bible? Religious spirits tend to be well-educated or well-experienced in knowing how to live holy, be holy, and speak holy but something is missing spiritually in their lives. You could have been saved at the age of 2, baptized at 5 and began preaching at 10 years old but still don’t have a true relationship with God on a personal level. These kinds of spirits love to go to seminary schools and actually maybe teaching these classes to instruct people on how to be knowledgeable in the things of the Lord but have no revelation on what God is really saying to His People. The Pharisees and Sadducees represent the men who had religious spirits, were well-known in the community for their religious stance, and knew the laws of God but their walk with God was superficial in nature. They continuously would challenge Jesus on His Actions who would always rebuke them with the Word of God. Jesus knew these men possess religious spirits and believed in that practicing the art of serving God through visible prayers, servitude and looking holy was enough to say they were truly holy people because they kept all of God’s commandments. Religious spirits especially in the Body of Christ love to be judgmental and critical of other people who they think is not holy enough, know enough scripture, or have enough spiritual experiences.    A person who has a religious spirit will always see an opportunity to show off their biblical and scriptural knowledge including any religious education they may have taken to improve their ability to preach sermon in churches. The problem with this spirit is that it doesn’t welcome change or other people who may not believe or act the way they do. If you go to some churches and they have been doing the same routine for the past 45 years, then you may have a multitude of religious spirits at work who aren’t allowing God to dwell freely  in the church. God doesn’t dwell in churches that keep Him in a box of tradition nor in chaos either. A religious spirit goal is to stifle, dry and deaden every church that may have had God’s Spirit and Presence reigning in the sanctuary. The Enemy sends religious spirits into churches to begin the process of hindering and blocking God’s Presence from healing, delivering, restoring, yoke destroying and breaking bondages or strongholds off of people’s lives. Once this process is complete, the church becomes just a building that we go to on Sundays without feeling the presence of God and not getting any spiritual breakthroughs in our lives. The spiritual atmosphere becomes dry as powder and you have probably felt a coldness in certain churches. On top of that, the religious spirit strives to challenge and oppose everyone who doesn’t have the same biblical and scriptural pedigree as they do because they believe they have the right education to be an authority figure in Christ and to preach the gospel. Religious spirits love to condemn others who have sinned or made a mistake.  They don’t believe they shouldn’t be accountable to anyone but themselves unless you have a familiar spirit.  These are the people that make church services boring and a chore because they are doing good works as a routine rather than a way of life.  Also, they don’t walk nor operate in the love of God which is one of the greatest commandments in the book that they are supposed to be following to the last scripture in the Bible. Religious spirits make people not want to come to church and know about God because of these so-called holier than thou Christians.  What do you do when you come across people with religious spirits besides not want to bless them out?   Only God can deliver a person from a religious spirits but what you do in the meantime is not let them vex or bother you to the point to acting non-Christ-like. Just pray for them and hope that they allow God to change their erroneous beliefs on what and how to live holy for Christ. When you truly have a personal relationship with God meaning you do more than just serve Him but surrender your entire life to God, you can no longer have a religious mindset with God nor think you have Him all figured all out. That’s the ultimate crux of a person with a religious spirit, they profess to know all about God, but don’t truly know God. Selah.

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