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Dealing with Religious Spirits

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As I drive down the highways and notice all of these multiple churches all over the city, I wonder are they truly living up to their name on the sign and is God’s presence dwelling in the place? The world has so many religions and doctrines that people can choose to be a Buddhist or a Mormon if one likes. Since before The Flood and afterwards, the religious spirit has been a culprit of the many religions and cults that we see today that has many names for God but are they actually serving The True Living God in the Bible? Religious spirits tend to be well-educated or well-experienced in knowing how to live holy, be holy, and speak holy but something is missing spiritually in their lives. You could have been saved at the age of 2, baptized at 5 and began preaching at 10 years old but still don’t have a true relationship with God on a personal level. These kinds of spirits love to go to seminary schools and actually maybe teaching these classes to instruct people on how to be knowledgeable in the things of the Lord but have no revelation on what God is really saying to His People. The Pharisees and Sadducees represent the men who had religious spirits, were well-known in the community for their religious stance, and knew the laws of God but their walk with God was superficial in nature. They continuously would challenge Jesus on His Actions who would always rebuke them with the Word of God. Jesus knew these men possess religious spirits and believed in that practicing the art of serving God through visible prayers, servitude and looking holy was enough to say they were truly holy people because they kept all of God’s commandments. Religious spirits especially in the Body of Christ love to be judgmental and critical of other people who they think is not holy enough, know enough scripture, or have enough spiritual experiences.    A person who has a religious spirit will always see an opportunity to show off their biblical and scriptural knowledge including any religious education they may have taken to improve their ability to preach sermon in churches. The problem with this spirit is that it doesn’t welcome change or other people who may not believe or act the way they do. If you go to some churches and they have been doing the same routine for the past 45 years, then you may have a multitude of religious spirits at work who aren’t allowing God to dwell freely  in the church. God doesn’t dwell in churches that keep Him in a box of tradition nor in chaos either. A religious spirit goal is to stifle, dry and deaden every church that may have had God’s Spirit and Presence reigning in the sanctuary. The Enemy sends religious spirits into churches to begin the process of hindering and blocking God’s Presence from healing, delivering, restoring, yoke destroying and breaking bondages or strongholds off of people’s lives. Once this process is complete, the church becomes just a building that we go to on Sundays without feeling the presence of God and not getting any spiritual breakthroughs in our lives. The spiritual atmosphere becomes dry as powder and you have probably felt a coldness in certain churches. On top of that, the religious spirit strives to challenge and oppose everyone who doesn’t have the same biblical and scriptural pedigree as they do because they believe they have the right education to be an authority figure in Christ and to preach the gospel. Religious spirits love to condemn others who have sinned or made a mistake.  They don’t believe they shouldn’t be accountable to anyone but themselves unless you have a familiar spirit.  These are the people that make church services boring and a chore because they are doing good works as a routine rather than a way of life.  Also, they don’t walk nor operate in the love of God which is one of the greatest commandments in the book that they are supposed to be following to the last scripture in the Bible. Religious spirits make people not want to come to church and know about God because of these so-called holier than thou Christians.  What do you do when you come across people with religious spirits besides not want to bless them out?   Only God can deliver a person from a religious spirits but what you do in the meantime is not let them vex or bother you to the point to acting non-Christ-like. Just pray for them and hope that they allow God to change their erroneous beliefs on what and how to live holy for Christ. When you truly have a personal relationship with God meaning you do more than just serve Him but surrender your entire life to God, you can no longer have a religious mindset with God nor think you have Him all figured all out. That’s the ultimate crux of a person with a religious spirit, they profess to know all about God, but don’t truly know God. Selah.


The Twilight Sagas, Stories about Demons, Werewolves and Their Rankings in the Spirit World

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I used to be vampire fan watching the movies and being fascinated with an undead creature who could be smoldering handsome, yet dark that was seen as a forbidden love interest rather than a monster in a human form. People have always been enthralled by the mystic and seductive nature of a vampire which has inspired romantic novels, family tv shows and especially movies. Now I’m going to compare the two worlds of vampires, werewolves and other high-ranking bloodsuckers from two familiar vampire movies that have been very popular especially with the young adult.One movie actually portrays the true spirit world of vampires and werewolves and the other movie represents the fairytale version of them which is what I call the “Oh, bite me because you are gorgeous” romantic versions of these demonic creatures. The bottom line is that vampires and werewolves are demons that can operate in the spiritual and earthly worlds as they see fit. Let’s look at the super successful Twilight movies in which a human girl falls in love with a vampire demon or werewolf demon, has a demonic hybrid baby, and marries the vampire demon now becoming one including a damned soul going straight to Hell once The Rapture comes with Jesus. Not only that, the girl Bella could have chosen the werewolf demons or lyncanthropes(that is their true demonic name) who devour and destroy willingly humans at will. If people truly knew what these creatures do to them and to their spirits and souls, no one would be seeing them as romantic idols nor a possibly demonic soulmate to be.

Vampires have been around since the Fall of Lucifer and the third of the angels, and have been lurking the spirit world since seeking whom they can suck the lifeforce and soul from unsuspecting humans. They are demons of old before The Flood of the earth transforming themselves into humans with seductive and perverted powers to kill, suck and destroy. In the John 10:10 verse, the thief in the Bible represents the many demons and evil spirits including Satan to kill, steal and destroy your soul, spirit and life. Vampire demons can walk in daylight, they don’t sleep in coffins, nor turn into bats at will. They look like humans until they reveal their true demonic appearance which can be an extremely angelic but their eyes are red , reptillian physique, and their teeth look like those creatures from those Critters movies. Sorry, they do not look like the dreamy, pale Robert Pattinson nor Keanu Reeves nor any pale seductive man who lives in a castle. Vampire demons can live anywhere they choose and may set up resident when they see a region or place that is ripe for the life-force sucking. The movie Lifeforce with Steve Railsback showed the true nature and appearance of vampires in that they suck the very life out of that person until they are dead.

Vampire demons who inhabit humans give them a burning desire to suck the blood of their victims to retrieve the lifeforce of the individual and gain more supernatural powers. They do operate in forms of magic, sorcery, and witchcraft as well but at a greater scale. They are extremely powerful beings that can move, jump, run, and attack in supernatural ways. If a vampire demons bites and decides to let you live, the vampiric spirit transfers into that person’s spirit man and he or she becomes like them. Demons and evil spirits can transfer into other humans through touch, watching movies with them in it demonic possession, and calling on them through witchcraft. A person who is possessed with a vampiric spirit will begin to drain and suck the very lives out of other people spiritually as well as physically in a more gradual process. The only way to remove a vampiric spirit out of them is not through a stake in the heart or a holy cross but casting them in out in the name of Jesus with the Anointing and Power of God (for real not for play). Now, werewolves are a mighty different story of demons.

In the Underworld movies with Kate Beckinsale, the vampires and lycans are enemies and do clash in the spirit world with them having various rankings in demonic power. Werewolves are demons that transform into humans to walk the earth and turn at will to destroy and devour human souls. They would not want to fall in love with Bella in Twilight but destroy and eat her up literally and spiritually. The werewolves you see in Howling and Underworld are a pretty good representation of what they look like the spirit world. They are nasty looking, vicious and walk on two legs. Werewolves or lycanthropes don’t just bite but devour until you are dead and the only time you may encounter this demon is worshipping Satan instead of God.Satan worshippers are destroyed by this demon on many occasions because of disobedience or not appeasing their unholy Master. When its time to collect your soul, Lucifer will sent these demons out to collect you for eternal damnation.

There are rankings in the demonic realms just like there are realms in the heavenly realms. Some vampires have higher rankings than others based on their evil assignments and how old they have existed over the centuries. Vampire demons who have human vampires in the earth have the right to tell them what to do or else instant termination and damnation. The clashes between vampires and werewolves tends to occur over regions and territories they want to govern in the earthly realms. Yes, if you notice there is a lot of the same activities, problems, or issues in an area of a city of town, that means there are particular demons and spirits that dwell there to do their evil works against God’s creations.

Next blog will go into depth about succubus and incubus demons. Any questions, leave me a comment. This is a lot to digest but this is to inform what actually goes down in the spiritual world in terms of the revelations I receive from God not god.

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