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Battle Fatigue

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Yes it’s been half the year since I blogged.A lot has transpired and my love of revealing what is occurring in the spirit world to help others through blogging had been put to the back of the burner.Well when you are in so much warfare and battling the attacks of The Enemy,you start feeling what I called Battle Fatigue!I was shellshock,helmet beaten up,my vest full of scrapes and bruises.I was a soldier worn completely worn out from fighting against The Enemy.Well it was time to get recharged and overcome my posttraumatic stress.Mind,spirit and body exhausted and need to go into the Recovery Ward.Now restoration can fully begin and I can get back to being myself before the warfare battles.Felt like I had been in the Civil Wars and the last battle almost wiped me out but it didn’t.Once the dust settle and you still there standing,you didn’t allow what attack you to defeat you.We have many casualities of fighting in spiritual warfare who don’t make it through each battle,attack and fight.They end up defeated,drawn back,miserable, and complacent in accepting the losses.The loss of your joy,peace and pursuit of the more of God is a tragedy that can affect generations to come.The Enemy relishes in us quitting and giving up but God relishes in our fighting and bouncing back.Everything you love to do,continue to do it in spite of what you’re going through because your victory is someone’s salvation.


The Sense of Entitlements and Parking on the Dime of Others

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I’ve been reading this book about The Education of Millionaires and the most profound thing that the author contributes to those who become successful is their level of giving to others without a sense of expecting something of return. People tend to think that success comes from always receiving but actually true success comes from giving back and meeting the needs of other people. Success doesn’t necessarily mean how much you possess but how well you utilize the knowledge and wisdom that you obtain to help others and make a social change in the world. Sometimes, not having all the money in the world doesn’t make you a failure but always begging for money may lead to mooching or leeching tendencies minus the check loans, title loans, overdraft withdrawals(guilty of this), and robbing peter to pay paul, mark, luke and john issues. Money is a necessary tool and not having enough it can make you stressed out, tired out, and waiting for the next direct deposit to come on the 15th and 30th of each month which is going to go to other financial obligations with possibly a treat to a movie from redbox (been there, still doing that).  Yet, being successful truly in God starts intangibly first before it manifests into the natural especially if you trying to do what’s right, keep your peace, and pray you don’t lose your religion to to dealing ne’r do well(spiritually) people. There are people that tend to think they are entitled to be taken care of and not take upon any responsibilities except to buy what they want to buy and expect others to cater to their every whims. I wonder where this since of entitlement came from where some people think that they deserve to get blessings or even money just because they want it without giving much in return in helping others not just tithing either. You can be a tither giving all your offerings to God but if you can’t give back to somebody else or find an opportunity to be a blessing, then you are no better than the take-alot folks. Now, I’m not saying give until you have nothing left for yourself which I tend to be guilty of doing and when you need help, you hear birds chirping, that’s it.  Have you ever had people ask you to do something all the time for them but not once ask to return the favor? The saying comes from something I heard in church while I was in Houston called Parking on Someone Else’s Dime. That’s folks that park on your money and don’t use their money to help out. This is when you don’t answer your phone, ignore the text message and pretend like you didn’t get the message because that’s a person that gives base on conditions and moods not out of love and compassion for other people. Which brings to my next point, what about people that quit serving God and doing their divine assignment because they feel they are entitled to rest from all the devils, spiritual warfare, and sufferings like it’s going to stop all of sudden because we want it to. We have quitters, moochers, takers and park attendants which are all contrary to success in God and life for that matter. The successful people are givers and giving in itself never goes unrewarded. I have learned that finding success learns by me giving and not expecting anything return because in the process of giving, the unexpected things I been desiring will manifest in due time. 

The Power of the Jezebel Spirit

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As I have been taught in church that the Jezebel spirit isn’t a gender-based spirit that only operates in overly made up women who try to entice other people into perverted and evil activities. Jezebel in the Bible married Ahab who allowed her to pretty much dominate, control, and destroy the people of God which are the characteristics of this spirit in a person. The Jezebel spirit works heavy in churches and ministries because it wants to be the one in authority and hates any spiritual authority figures. He or she who has this spirit will do the utmost best to try to control every person they come in contact with especially men and women of God who have ministries and churches. Those who walk in the Power and Authority of God will come against this powerful demon in males and females. I had the wonderful experience of coming head on with this spirit who was challenging every word that was uttered out of my  mouth and continuing to govern the entire meeting with the Pastor and his wife going with everything the person was asking me. You have probably encountered someone like this who seem to speak with a underlying bitterness or evilness in the tones of their speech even when it was friendly and kind in nature. A friend of mine calls these kind of people nice-nasties. People that act nice but their expression and speech reveals their nasty and unfriendly disposition. I could see the Jezebel spirit trying to rise up and come against everything I was saying in the meeting not because I was special or anything but demons do recognize those who have the authority to pray, rebuke, or cast them out of people. Demons also recognize people who don’t have any authority and power from God so the Jezebel spirit has a field day dominating churches and the men and women of God over and in the churches. Jezebel spirit is one of the most destructive and powerful demons in the Body of Christ because it lays dormant in people until it is threatened, challenged, or rebuked by someone in spiritual authority. The spirit then rises up and lashes out at people for the purpose of taking control and do things how they want it to be done. The Jezebel spirit also works in witchcraft, rebellion, and perversion because it brings with it familiar spirits to help take complete control over the person. The sole purpose of the Jezebel spirit is to destroy churches and spiritual authority figures so that people won’t receive the Word of God and deliverance from sin, bondages, strongholds, and curses. God operates in the earth and heaven in divine order but the Jezebel spirit seeks to destroy order in churches, homes, and anywhere else to breed chao, confusion, and strife. The only way to deal with the Jezebel spirit is through fasting and intense spiritual warfare prayer meaing you will have to rebuke, bind, and cast out the works of the Jezebel spirit. It is a takeover spirit that wants to rule everyone and everything that crosses its path. When the prophet Elijah had killed Jezebel’s prophets, Jezebel sent a order to have Elijah killed causing him to flee into a cave.The queen Jezebel had manage to obtain an aresenal of false prophets to do her bidding and tell her what she wanted to hear.  The spirit wants to kill anyone that challenges their ability to dominate and overthrow people especially those in spiritual authority.

Defeating the Spirit of Leviathan

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In this day in time, many things are beginning to surface at a more rapid pace in terms of the spiritual environment that has begun to reveal the true corruption of mankind especially those who have been called to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ. There is such a spirit of error and carnality among the Body of Christ that you can’t even go to work with them nor have any dealings with them spiritually and naturally. Even in workplaces in which Christ is acknowledged and governs even how we do business in the natural world, this can be invaded by religous-minded people who say they know Jesus and scriptures but don’t know God on a personal level. I witnessed today that if people do not begin to pray to God and obtain a gift of discernment, even the very elect can be deceived by the words of a person who proclaims they are one of God’s people. What people have to protect and guard their spirits from is not necessarily wicked, sinful people but super-religous, pseudo-Christians who can spew scriptures front and backwards but have no understanding of the mysteries of the Kingdom nor the deep revelations from God through the Holy Ghost. These people come in like wolves in sheep clothing proclaiming that they love God and know His Word until you tell them something that goes against their erroneous, demonic spirited- mind. People who spout out biblical and worldly knowledge mixing with their own philosophies are the false prophets they talk about in the end of times. They are the false messiahs that speak profound errors of God’s Word and their purpose is to plant seeds of rebellion and disobedience in God’s people. These people are arrogant, prideful and think they know everything there is about God and the Bible just to make you begin to question what you truly believe about God. This is the spirit of leviathan or the spirit of pride.

The leviathan spirit is haughty, proud, and seeks to destroy the true principles and divine order of God in the earthly realms. It is described in the Bible as a crocodile that destroys in massive way which is how the leviathan spirit comes at a person with its destructive words of deception, flattery, and error. As the return of Jesus comes near, more of these old demonic spirits have been unleashed into the earth to deceive and destroy believers in Christ. This demonic entity exists in people who think more highly than themselves and believe they are the most wise in knowing the doctrines of the world including the Bible. I got to witness firsthand a man try to convince and tell me that every false word that he uttered was scripturally- based. A person who has the leviathan spirit in them operate also in witchcraft and perversion. Anybody that you meet that speaks about God and thinks they have the grand authority of the Bible and the nature of God but you are stupid because you cannot quote every scripture verbatim, they got some demons in them and you can’t be afraid to take authority of the spirits that are operating in the individual. The way to defeat the spirit of leviathan is through spiritual warfare prayer.

Spiritual warfare prayer is more than just saying your grace and repeating the Lord’s prayer but a prayer that wars in the spirit realm using the Word of God in terms of attacking the spirits that have come to attack you through a person or a situation. These kinds of prayers require you to have the Holy Ghost and the ability to discern the spirits that you need to pray against and to protect your spirit and soul. If you don’t know what spirit is operating behind that person, then you begin to rebuke, bind, and cast out every spirit that is not like God. Don’t try to guess the spirit and rebuke it otherwise it may come to manifest and attack you. This is very important to watch and pray because the Enemy is seeking whom he may devour and destroy sending out his helpers to do his evil bidding in the earth.

The Dimensions of Melioch Realms

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When God gave me this name for the spiritual realms, I wonder what it truly meant and everytime I tell people the name of my book that has the name of the realms, I get this blank expression. Many of my writings come from the dreams and visions that God gives me so I keep a journal near the bed to write down ideas for writings and books. This has been happening to me since I was a little girl before I was truly converted to Christianity. I was initially receiving dreams from another demonic source as a child and wonder why I had such a fascination with horror films and books. Come to find out that Satan was grooming me to become a horror writer of sorts and I began to have dreams and visions of his dimension in the spiritual realms and the demonic demons that are part of that region. I even dreamt of the creatures that inspired H.P. Lovecraft’s writing as I was growing up and desiring to make my name famous with the other great horror fiction writers like Clive Barker and Stephen  King. Not until I got filled with the Holy Ghost from God did my writing change in a supernatural way. I used to have writer’s block but when God writes for me, I can write 30 to 40 pages at a time in a day. I tend write as the Holy Ghost leads me to write and He will give me the title, table of contents and I can finish a book in about a month or less. My writing has been more of a ministry to myself at first because that is when I began to purge through my writing the issues, bondages and hang-ups that were in my spirit which in turn birthed out my first book of poems called Elysium. Elysium was another word God gave me to name the part of the spiritual realms where He, Jesus, angels, and those who went to heaven dwell. In Melioch Realms, these are the dimensions and realms that houses many spirits of old, old demons, and Satan’s kingdom. When Satan and the third of the angels were kicked out of the heavenly realms, they were thrown into the other parts of the spirit world including the physical realms. They has lost all access and divine rights to God’s Kingdom meaning the dry places of the natural and spirit world could they roam around. In my book Melioch Realms: The Chaos War, I name a city that has been with me even when I was a child and didn’t realize what it meant until now. The city I call Nomad City in the book represents the gates between the spirit world and the physical world meaning spirits whether good or evil come traveling through these spiritual channels to operate around or in humans.  Many things that are manifesting in the physical world were originated first in the spirit world.When people begin to fully understand that what they are doing spiritually or what’s been done to them spiritually whether good or bad will manifest in their lives. People need to also know that spirits do transfer by touch, tv, music, and movies so it is critical that one be careful about what they want to go and see at the latest cinema. There is so much that is demonically inspired and influenced that it manifests in all of these ghost, psychics, and demonic shows. The new show Grimm is about a man who can see demons but he tries to fight demons with his flesh which is not biblically correct and can cause people to get killed by these demons thinking they can fight them with guns and human weapons. Even the writing of books and novels are influenced by the demonic areas of the spiritual realms which is why you see such a wave of it in the earthly realms. We are in spiritual warfare constantly and don’t even know it and its not strange that you see people dropping dead, remember whatever is happening in the spirit realm will manifest into the natural world. If you are  not guarding your spirit and soul from being taken by Satan or from bondages in your life, then your very life can be at stake spiritually as well as naturally. My book really delves into the warfare that humans are in with demonic spirits and the angels that are fighting for the souls of humans. The question is, which side are you on?

Mocking Spirits That Mimic The Holy Ghost and Unknown Tongues

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The Holy Ghost is the third part of the Trinity that includes God and Jesus. When Jesus ascended, God sent the Holy Ghost down on earth to help God’s people become more like Christ in mind, body, and soul. Also, the Holy Ghost helps us develop spiritual strength and power to engage in spiritual warfare with Satan and his minions. He is a person not Casper the friendly ghost.The Holy Ghost is a helper and a gentleman in terms of helping you do the right thing and not get into those sinful and fleshly behavior we can’t get rid of ourselves. He will reside in a person if he or she asks for the Holy Ghost but only if that person’s vessel is spiritually clean. You can’t be fornicating, doing drugs, lying, delving in withcraft, or wicked activities of the flesh because the Holy Ghost ain’t about to reside in your carnal and evil vessel.

Now when one receives the Holy Ghost, over a period a time,the person is able to speak in an unknown tongue only if they have been praying to pray in the holy language of God. When you visit a church, you will sometimes hear people speaking in tongues that doesn’t sound natural nor English-speaking. It’s nothing spooky about it when the tongues come from The Holy Ghost and the unknown tongues helps us pray to God the perfect will of God for our lives when we don’t know what to pray for. Praying in the Spirit means we are allowing God’s spirit that resides in us to speak to the heavens on our behalf and Satan cannot interpret the tongues of a spirit-filled saint. From experience alone, I have witnessed people speaking in tongues that didn’t quite mesh with my spirit and began to wonder did these tongues come from God or god? As my discernment begin to kick in, I began to realize that evil spirits can speak in tongues to and mimic the holy tongues of the Holy Spirit. We call these spirits Mocking or Mimicry demons because they will roam around especially in churches to fool other people into thinking they are really experiencing the prescence of God in the sanctuary. These mocking spirits will praise, pray and even prophesy like they are being led by God’s spirit but actuallly being led by a demonic bird of prey. Many animals can represent certain demonic spirits in the spiritual realms such as ravens, owls, swans and crows. The mocking spirits are governed by the demonic birds of prey who seek to destroy and devour God’s people through deception, madness, and confusion. When someone is trying to break free or get delivered from these spirits, they will try to overtake the person to make it appear they are getting their deliverance but are actually preventing them through their deceptive practices. If a person is so deep in iniquities and sin, the mocking spirits will compensate by making them sound like they are holier than thou being the best praiser, tongue talking and preaching wonder if they hold an office of a preacher. If the person continues to stay in their sinful nature, that’s when their conscience becomes seared and the ruling bird demons take over. They will make that person become more deceptive and their mind becomes confused and insane in the process. You can see alot of these people in psych wards and insane asylums because of their mind and soul being totally destroyed by these mindbending demons. The movie Black Swan with Natalie Portman really goes into the process of how these demons take the person through a descent into madness until they become completely insane and develop self-destructive patterns that can ultimately lead to their deathly demise.

Those who operate in witchcraft speak in tongues to cast spells or release evil spirits upon a person, church or wherever they seek to gain dominion. I watched someone in church service one time and heard her speaking some unknown language but her spirit was under the guise and control of witchcraft. As an intercessor, I began to pray against whatever she was trying chant or release into the spiritual atmosphere.It’s very important to be able to discern and know what kind of spirits you find yourself up against to not be deceived by the tricks, wiles, and schemes of the Devil. I will explain more in the next blog about witchcraft running rampant in churches and the Body of Christ.

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