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Hallow’s Eve

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The Enemy is a real foe and does his very best to make sure the people of God give up on hope and not believe that God can deliver the Promises He said in His Word in your earthly existence. The thing about the Devil is that he doesn’t play fair and attacks people especially those who attack his kingdom or pose a threat to his taking everyone to Hell with him master plan. These past few weeks have been attacks after major attacks and it doesn’t help that its in the a month where every witch, warlock, and evil spirits are unleased like never before because of Halloween. I called it the holiday for counterattacks and major spiritual warfare with casualties on both sides. People don’t realize that the month of October tends to be the worst spiritual month for attacks and counterattacks because of all the evil spirits and demons that have been released through incantations, spells, seances, and other satanic forms of sorcery and witchcraft to cause more harm, destruction and mayhem to God’s people and other unsuspecting humans. The day of Halloween is a time to dress up in disguise so the Enemy cannot see you and the evil spirits will be scared off by your Superman costume. The actual costumes for this holiday were created for the purpose to scare the evil spirits and demons away. This is also the day in which evil spirits have an opportunity to possess and take over human vessels especially those who don’t have God’s Spirit dwelling on the inside of them. Every demon and evil spirit are lanched out on assignment to attack and devour people who don’t have any knowledge of them nor the Power of God to cast them back into the dry places in the spirit realm.

Every attack known to man has been coming my way this month in which I felt I had been spiritually beaten upside and downside the head feeling tired and battle-worn. Counterattacks come more heavily to those who have been praying and warring against the devil and his minions and if you have been living righteous before God. Don’t be dismayed nor discouraged at the many spiritual and natural attacks that occur your way because it means the Devil is mad, you are doing something right, and God has a call on your life that the Enemy wants to destroy by any means necessary. The Enemy always attacks in the areas where you are the weakest or still trying to gain victory for the purpose of you to quit, faint, get weary, and give up on God. The thing that people tend to do when it seems like Hell has broken loose is to stop praying and serving God which is the very thing Satan wants you to do. This is the time when you begin to fast and pray like never before and expect God to do some spiritual changes in your spirit man to handle the spiritual warfare you find yourself in. I tend to use every attack for own advantage to make me stronger in God and seek His Blessing like never before. For those who desire to possess more power and authority by God, expect attacks, persecutions, setbacks, delays, and sufferings which are designed to bring out the true you in God and the greatness that lies on the inside of you. The more you endure pain and suffering, the more anointed you become and you have the ability to handle the Enemy like Muhammad Ali handled every opponent in the boxing ring.


Spiritual Voyeurs

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There are people that have what they call a spectating spirit in which they purposefully watch other people especially in church services participate in praise and worship or other activities occurring in the church. A spiritual spectator is a person that watches other people or events occurring without being involved nor participating in the activity. They watch other people praising and shouting unto to God while they just look around to see what is going on. Now in a spiritual standpoint, the spectating spirit dwells among carnal acting people who don’t have a true spiritual mindset when it comes to the things of God and don’t’ really get involved in church services especially during praise and worship times. They are what I call spiritual voyeurs who take pleasure in watching other people enjoy the Lord but don’t try to get involve themselves. Voyeurism doesn’t always mean a person who likes to watch other people do certain things in the secular world but in the spiritual world it is the spark that can produce a spirit of carnality, lusts, perversion and witchcraft.  The purpose of the spectating spirit is to keep people from receiving the Word of God and get their spiritual breakthroughs from God through signs, wonders, and miracles. It is a cold, calculating and menacing spirit that flows through people who aren’t true converts of Christ and still walk in fleshly desires and lusts. The eyes are truly a window to the soul and if a person is watching you in a most unnatural or unnerving way, that is the spirit of spectating. It dwells in the mind and directs the person to look at what they desire or enjoy whether it be at church or a particular person.  They don’t participate but just watch and see. Spiritual voyeurs also like to look at other people in an intense manner especially if they like the person therefore making him or her feel uncomfortable at being stared at all the time. That’s what happens to King David when he kept looking at Bathsheba to the point that he developed a lustful desire towards her that became so strong that he had her husband killed in order to possess her. From my own personal experience I have had men who keep looking at me in church and I see the spirit behind their eyes because there’s a difference when someone likes you or lusts after you. Many people have fallen prey to spiritual voyeurs because they thought they were staring because they were showing how much they liked them but only how much they want to possess them spiritually and naturally in a more demonic manner. The way to handle a person who has a spectating spirit is to pray and fast to stay focused and not deceived by their hard stares. That staring and looking can become a form of witchcraft if this person stares and wants you so bad that they start praying to have you no matter what. It is important to guard your heart, mind, and eyes because spirits can transfer through the eyes. It is important not to become swayed or seduced by spiritual voyeurs. The eyes of a person can reveal the true spirit of a person whether good or evil.


Spirit of Disobedience, Rebellion, and Witchcraft

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I know from the previous blog, I talked about the Mark of the Beast and the spirits that are attached with this phrase in the Bible from the book of revelations. The spirit of disobedience, rebellion and witchcraft isn’t for those people who don’t know God and are unsaved in terms of knowing Jesus. It enters people who know what God has told them to do, not to do, and the changes they need to make in their lives to truly be prosperous spiritually and naturally. Now, I’m not going to bore with you with flat out telling you how this spirit operates in a believer of Christ but let me tell you a story.

Once upon a holy time, there was a man who was born lame and grew up with all odds stacked against him. He was rejected, abused, and despised even by his own people yet he perseveres. As he grew, he became heavily involved in serving God and doing good works in the church giving allegiance to Jesus to be his Lordship over his soul. As he pursued his dreams and goals, he decided to join an organization that he pledge and joined in their ideology and beliefs that seemed to pertain to God but actually operated in Satan and witchcraft. He became friends with the people in the organization and considers them to be family and someone he could count on when times got hard. This was his new family and one that he loved because they received him with open arms and acceptance. Yet, something happens spiritually to him in that his heart began to be filled with the love of this organization rather than the love of God. He demonstrated that he loved God through good works and his allegiance to the church that he attended but his heart belonged to something else. Those who hanged around him thought he was honest, reliable, and trustworthy to be counted on when times got hard. He was promoted, elevated and given the keys to the Kingdom. The world was his oyster for the taking and all his problems were diminishing because of his obedience to The Call on his life. Sounds like this story may come to a happy ending, right?

God know people’s hearts and the problem with us is that we don’t try to know the heart of a person before we become involved in their lives. God knows what we truly love and hide in the most depth parts of our heart and He will expose the lover of your soul. God knows that if there is anything in your heart that He is not part of, then you is operating in idolatry. Let’s continue the story….

One day, God spoke to the man and told them to get rid of everything pertaining to this organization and give up his spiritual allegiance to the organization. This is when the spirit of rebellion reared its ugly head in that it will tell the person that you can have your idol and God at the same time. That is it okay to sin away and preach the gospel on Sunday. It is sneaky and deceptive in making you think that what you do is right all the time. Like you are a miniature god that controls your own destiny and follows the path that you set for yourself. Rebellion leads to disobedience towards God’s Order and plan for your life in that you refuse to follow God’s Word, His Commandments and Statutes blatantly and with sheer audacity. The man didn’t want to give up his allegiance to the organization and decided to follow his own plans, agendas, and schemes. Once he began to rebel against what God told him to do, he disobeyed God’s advice and began to live his own life doing no more good works in church nor living out his divine purpose. His heart had become so enraged by the audacity of God to tell him to give up the family that truly embraced him as a son and brother in the organization that he began to inflict the same rejection, hurt, and ridicule that was done to him to people that loved him and had their best interest at heart. The problem was that his true family was supposed to be God and those who loved him no matter what not the people in the organization. But when these spirits are in full operation in a person, that person begins to operate in witchcraft in making sure he keeps certain people in allegiance with his idol worshipping and rebellion to further his disobedient cause. Witchcraft is a powerful tool that can control, manipulate and deceive people into thinking that it’s okay to disobey God and rebel against His Holy Word.

When a person has all these spirits working in them simultaneously, they began to bring more spirits and demons around them that can overpower the holiest of people to succumb to their satanic influences. Avoiding these people, fasting, and prayer will keep you from becoming overtaken by these spirits yourself. They have a bad spirit and cavalier attitude toward their actions and behaviors not thinking there won’t be any consequences to their rebellious state. They will even get mad at you when you start talking about doing your assignment for God and how to help build the Body of Christ up in being obedient to God. They are marked to be bad company and God will make sure you don’t fellowship with these people anymore spiritually and naturally. Is there an ending to the story about the man?

The demons associated with the organization have begun to take their satanic place in the man’s life and now are orchestrating a full satanic assault against the man that if he doesn’t repent, they are about to consume his life spiritually and naturally in a most destructive manner. Those who are close around him will suffer with him and the destruction that comes with showing allegiance to a person who is in rebellion against God. There is time for him to repent and get it right with God but he has free will to choose death or life. The choice is his and his alone.


The Mark of the Beast

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The Mark of the Beast is actually people who have turned their hearts away from God and are operating in rebellion against God’s Word and His Doctrines. People think that the Mark of the Beast that is explained in the Bible in the book of revelations that it going to be a sign that is seen by the visible eye. The mark is actually a spiritual identification that can be seen by those who have discernment and know that these people are in rebellion and are blatantly disobedient to God who has begun to become ensnared by the cares of this world and their own agendas. Rebellion leads to witchcraft in that those with the mark will start or continue to influence other people in joining their allegiance to their idols and false doctrines. Those who are already wicked and evil already bear the mark because of their spiritual state of non-salvation and non-redemption may be left behind when the world ends and Jesus Christ comes back for those who don’t bear the mark of the beast. Yet, there is a special mark for those who were part of God’s Kingdom and Will but now have completely turned from God and live according to the works of their flesh. The works of their flesh is participating in activities that neither are Spirit-led nor governed by the spiritual principles in the Bible concerning living a holy, consecrated life. In addition, these people will be heavy in idol worshipping and giving allegiance to false teachers and prophets. Idol worshipping in this day and age doesn’t consist of an object or an animal per se, but can be an idea, an organization, a person or a doctrine. The idols of the Bible times were figures and images but the problem with the idol was not the object but what the object represented and spiritually mean to that person. The idolatry of those who bear the mark can consist of an ideal that can overtake a person’s life to the point that it makes them lose their salvation and makes you wonder where they saved to begin with. Especially if that person took allegiance to an organization that preaches false doctrine and operates in witchcraft and rebellion against God, then they are bearing the Mark of the Anti-Christ or the Beast. So, everything this person does is never going to prosper and destruction follows them everywhere they go. These people always have something go wrong with them, accidents, constant problems and hindrances and loss of personal possessions. It can get worse if a person idolizes a person so much because they are so in love with them that it turns their heart away from God and leads them to become disobedient and not live out their divine purpose in the earth bearing the mark for damnation and destruction as well. This is a time where people are showing commitment and allegiance to people and organizations than ever before besides God. The Beast represents rebellion and disobedient to God’s Divine Order in the earth walking in a spirit of carnality and witchcraft. When you become aware of people who bear these mark, it becomes sad and disappointing because they can be in your family, close friends, or people you knew all your life. Your next step is to avoid them and have no fellowship with them to protect your spirit and not obtain The Mark of the Beast on yourself. The only way the Mark of the Beast can be removed of that person is through complete total repentance to God and giving up all allegiances to idols wholeheartedly before their conscience is seared. The mark is a heart thing in that the person must allow God to purge them spiritually from the spirit of disobedience, rebellion, witchcraft and idolatry. These spirits will be broken down in detailed in the next blog.

The BackSliding Spirit

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I never really knew this was a spirit until I became more aware and informed about spirits that attack and try to attach themselves to God’s people to get them out of the Will of God and quit serving God in all capacities. It is so easy to be just a pew member that hears the Word of God and go home and most believers including myself have been tempted to live this life for a long period of time. Yet, we have all been called to purpose and destiny by God and once you have decided to follow the Plan of God for life by walking in your true calling, prepare to suffer and serve in the name of Jesus. When you are discovering and being birthed out your calling in the earth, the first thing God has to put you is in a capacity of servitude in doing the His Work in the Body of Christ. Serving God doesn’t necessarily have to be in the pulpit but in helping show love to others or simply greeting them when they come to church. Whatever capacity you serve, it will be tested and tried by situations, God, and The Enemy. The suffering part of living out your purpose in God comes with having to deal with disappointments, crisis, setbacks, delays, distractions, and hindrances that are there to make you stronger, more depended on God, and able to walk in a greater level of anointing(the Power of God) in your life. You will get discouraged, weary, and weak in the process of becoming the great potential God called you to be from birth and living out the assignment God has given you to do,  but what you don’t do is quit. Many people of God are quitting their assignments in the Body of Christ because of the issues of life and the cares of this world. People want to just stop serving God and sit down on the pew to be poured into by the Word of the Lord because they need a break, physically and spiritually.  Or they stop serving God and coming to church altogether because they want to do their own thing and not truly give up the hidden sins in their life. This is the backsliding spirit.

The backsliding spirit invades the person when they simply make the decision to quit serving God and not committ to their assignment or calling anymore. It is a state of laziness and pure selfishness because they are thinking about themselves and what they need to do to get their spirit right again to serve God again on their own terms. I had the strangest conversation with someone who simply told me that they need to focus on what they need to deal with and sitting back from serving God is the best way to do that. Now, I have been tempted to want to just chill, go to church, and do nothing besides be a spectator of others doing their assignment but I know that doing that would hurt me, God and others in the long run. My spirit was grieved for the rest of the day and didn’t realize until God told me I needed to pray cause folks that quit on God also quit on people who are still serving God. They can be people you were friends with for a long time or someone dear to your hurt who was so dedicated to God for such a long time and then all of sudden decide, I quit. This spirit wants a person to think about themselves all the time and what they need to do for themselves. They are no longer cognizant or aware of the people that love them feelings nor concerns because now they are hiding out from doing any works for God and choose to participate in some activities at church if they want to. Its now all about them and them alone.

What makes this spirit so damaging is that it kills your joy, peace, and zeal for serving and loving God wholeheartedly. Your heart isn’t totally in God anymore and you just going through the motions thinking everything is alright and God is pleased with your backsliding spiritual state. Why would I want to reach to the top in God and slide back to a state that God got me delivered from? The repercussions of backsliding is that all those demons and bondage you had in the past are going to come to you seven-fold bringing more of their friends to invade your spirit. Refusing to live out your purpose and you know better means you are also in a state of rebellion and disobedient which can lead to having a spirit of witchcraft, spirit of anger, spirit of bitterness, spirit of jealousy, and the spirit of pride. Everything that God had for you in terms of blessings is permanently in a state of delay and your spiritual elevation has been cancelled until further notice. All the anointing, power, and revelation you had from God will disappear and you will be in a worse spiritual state than ever before. You also leave more open doors for the enemy to attack your life like never before. This spirit destroys God’s people and effectively helps people renege on living out the Plan of God for their lives. The only way to rid yourself of this spirit is through true repentance.

True repentance means you apologizing to God and releasing everything that is keeping you in a backsliding state. Until this happens, the backslider is going to continue to go backwards spiritually and naturally until they are in a reprobate state of being totally rejected by God completely. You can be saved and backslide your way back to going to Hell if you don’t repent to God. Once you repent to God, then the restoration can begin but it wont’ be easy because you have damaged the trust that people and God had in you to be reliable, trustworthy, and accountable to do your assignment in God without fail. You will have to be a pew member for sometime not by choice but that you will have to work twice as hard to get back to the spiritual state you once were in before you decided to quit serving God. God isn’t going to let you easily obtain what you forsook because of you needing some time to get your mind right, stay married to some fool, or getting a break because you tired of serving God and His people. In addition, you will have to endure the process of repeatedly getting deliverance from things you were free from but since you backslid, you have more demons than before to get rid of since you decided to return to non-victorious state in God.

So, when you feeling weary, tired, or think that its not worth it serving God because it seems too hard, unfair and way to much suffering in the process, think again on the worse things that can happen to you if you decide to backslide on God. I know if I choose to suffer,  God is going to reward and bless me if I continue the race and not faint. Serving and suffering does pay off but are you willing to go through the process or just be a quitter? One thing about quitters, they don’t reap the rewards of finishing the race nor receive the prize for enduring the obstacles. Winning a gold medal in the Olympics means finishing not quitting. You don’t get medals nor any rewards from quitting. Quitting meaning you lose everything by default spiritually and naturally.

Witches in the Pulpit and On The Pews

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People always think that witches are always found in special seances, meetings, and weird places in the downtown areas of big cities. Also, they do not always live in small country towns casting spells and running the entire city with their wicked powers. There is such as thing as witchcraft that can be used by regular people who go to church and read the Bible like you do. At my church, I have noticed that those who operate in this kind of witchcraft look like average joes who seem to look holy and spirit-filled. The problem is when people who have great discernment figure what their true motives and purpose lies, they eventually get cast out. This put me in the mind of the girl who kept following two of the disciples in the bible until one of them rebuke the spirit that was operating in the girl called the spirit of divination. Now, as in previous blogs, evil spirits have special gifts, talents and assignments they use against God’s vessel and inhabit vessels to manifest their supernatural powers of destruction. The spirit of divination is the main ruling demon that operates in people who use the arts of witchcraft to purposefully and willfully use it against a person, a ministry or a minister of the gospel. Real witches come into the church with their Sunday best on looking for a way to cast a spell or put a stronghold on God’s people or the ministry itself. It’s worse when they are in the pulpit casting what I call sermonistic spells over the congregation to control  them spiritually and physically. People wonder why they get sick and all kinds of bad stuff start happening to them because of the release of hexes, word curses and spells over their lives that it takes the Power of God to break the witchcraft and cancel the assignment of the witch.

The spirit of divination has been around a long time and flows heavily in those who call themselves psychics, medium, tarot card readers, magicians, warlocks and witches. It is demon that has the ability and power to cast spells over an entire region or territory in the earth in which signs, miracles, wonders, and the supernatural powers of God are hindered to help people become free from the strongholds in their lives. It also likes to hide in ministers, preachers, pastors, and evangelist to use its backwards version of supernatural powers to develop a cult following among the members and congregation without being an actual cult. Jim Jones was originally a man of the cloth living for God until the spirit of divination entered his vessel through deception and trickery of the Enemy and caused him to use the spiritual gifts God had endowed him to become a very powerful warlock for Lucifer. The demon messed his mind and those who followed to the point that he had them drink some special juice to end the lives of alot of innocent people. These people were fooled and deceived by witchcraft and became a victim of Jones’ deception and lies. Another known warlock was Charles Manson who managed to get people to do the kiling of the famous actress Sharon Tate and others without lifting a finger. Witchcraft can be so powerful that it can seduce and entice other people to do what they want them to do without paying for the consequences. Those who intentionally or unintentionally operate in witchcraft get the worse kind of punishment from Satan when he comes to collect their souls and decides their time is up. They are eventually tortured and devoured repeatedly by the Demons of Old for eternity until they are thrown into the Lake of Fire with Satan at the end of times.

Mocking Spirits That Mimic The Holy Ghost and Unknown Tongues

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The Holy Ghost is the third part of the Trinity that includes God and Jesus. When Jesus ascended, God sent the Holy Ghost down on earth to help God’s people become more like Christ in mind, body, and soul. Also, the Holy Ghost helps us develop spiritual strength and power to engage in spiritual warfare with Satan and his minions. He is a person not Casper the friendly ghost.The Holy Ghost is a helper and a gentleman in terms of helping you do the right thing and not get into those sinful and fleshly behavior we can’t get rid of ourselves. He will reside in a person if he or she asks for the Holy Ghost but only if that person’s vessel is spiritually clean. You can’t be fornicating, doing drugs, lying, delving in withcraft, or wicked activities of the flesh because the Holy Ghost ain’t about to reside in your carnal and evil vessel.

Now when one receives the Holy Ghost, over a period a time,the person is able to speak in an unknown tongue only if they have been praying to pray in the holy language of God. When you visit a church, you will sometimes hear people speaking in tongues that doesn’t sound natural nor English-speaking. It’s nothing spooky about it when the tongues come from The Holy Ghost and the unknown tongues helps us pray to God the perfect will of God for our lives when we don’t know what to pray for. Praying in the Spirit means we are allowing God’s spirit that resides in us to speak to the heavens on our behalf and Satan cannot interpret the tongues of a spirit-filled saint. From experience alone, I have witnessed people speaking in tongues that didn’t quite mesh with my spirit and began to wonder did these tongues come from God or god? As my discernment begin to kick in, I began to realize that evil spirits can speak in tongues to and mimic the holy tongues of the Holy Spirit. We call these spirits Mocking or Mimicry demons because they will roam around especially in churches to fool other people into thinking they are really experiencing the prescence of God in the sanctuary. These mocking spirits will praise, pray and even prophesy like they are being led by God’s spirit but actuallly being led by a demonic bird of prey. Many animals can represent certain demonic spirits in the spiritual realms such as ravens, owls, swans and crows. The mocking spirits are governed by the demonic birds of prey who seek to destroy and devour God’s people through deception, madness, and confusion. When someone is trying to break free or get delivered from these spirits, they will try to overtake the person to make it appear they are getting their deliverance but are actually preventing them through their deceptive practices. If a person is so deep in iniquities and sin, the mocking spirits will compensate by making them sound like they are holier than thou being the best praiser, tongue talking and preaching wonder if they hold an office of a preacher. If the person continues to stay in their sinful nature, that’s when their conscience becomes seared and the ruling bird demons take over. They will make that person become more deceptive and their mind becomes confused and insane in the process. You can see alot of these people in psych wards and insane asylums because of their mind and soul being totally destroyed by these mindbending demons. The movie Black Swan with Natalie Portman really goes into the process of how these demons take the person through a descent into madness until they become completely insane and develop self-destructive patterns that can ultimately lead to their deathly demise.

Those who operate in witchcraft speak in tongues to cast spells or release evil spirits upon a person, church or wherever they seek to gain dominion. I watched someone in church service one time and heard her speaking some unknown language but her spirit was under the guise and control of witchcraft. As an intercessor, I began to pray against whatever she was trying chant or release into the spiritual atmosphere.It’s very important to be able to discern and know what kind of spirits you find yourself up against to not be deceived by the tricks, wiles, and schemes of the Devil. I will explain more in the next blog about witchcraft running rampant in churches and the Body of Christ.

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