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Schizophrenic Saints

Posted in Inspirational on July 2, 2014 by eliseway

I am beginning to realize that the many problems that we have in dealing with so-called Christian folks is that they lack the fullness of the Holy Ghost in their lives. In my entire career as a school-teacher, the people I had to work with that gave me the blues has been people who profess to know God but don’t act like God knows them. Many of the conflicts that we endure as believers in God sometimes come from folks that talk about God, proclaim to know the things of God and walk the Christian faith in their daily lifestyles. The problem is why do these people act more bipolar and moody than Halle Berry in Frankie and Alice movie. Sometimes they want to act like Christ, sometimes they don’t. These are the people that so got your back one minute and turn back around and act like a T-Rex the next minute especially if they are in that Greta Garbo mood of sorts. One minute they want to serve God and do their assignment, the next minute they don’t want to be bothered with nobody acting like a spiritual recluse of sorts. Or they can act controlling, dominating,  and irritated for a moment but then sweet, angelic and Christlike the next. I have come to conclusion that people who are constantly up and down in their emotions acting nice one minute than mean the next aren’t allowing the Holy Ghost to give them a even temperance or they don’t have the fullness of the Holy Ghost at all in them or they operate more in their flesh. See when people have the fullness of the Holy Ghost, they are allowing Him to govern their emotions, temper and make them more sensitive to other people’s needs or issues. The Holy Ghost doesn’t have you act mean and vindictive to other people but turn back around being so nice all of sudden. Sometimes, we don’t allow the Holy Ghost to truly work through us and in us otherwise we wouldn’t mistreat, abuse, condescend or humiliate other people with our words and actions. I have been hurt and abused by those to be in the Kingdom of God than those in the world. This is why people don’t care to come to church or know more about God because of these Schizophrenic Saints. Schizophrenic Saints are what I call that special group of people who are double-minded and emotionally unstable in their actions making them untrustworthy and unreliable when it comes to spiritual warfare. These are not the folks you use to help you fight the Devil on a consistent basis because they will leave you high and dry or act like they are working for the Devil as a temporary hire. What could cure these saints is having the fullness of the Holy Ghost and allowing the Holy Ghost to govern every aspect of their lives. Then they can have a sound mind, even temper and walk in love more rather than meanness and malice. 

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