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The Spirit of False Burdens and Hindrances

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Not all spirits from satanic realms are blatant and obvious in their evil purposes and plans to steal the spirit and souls of God’s People. Some spirits come upon us when we begin to allow our feelings, emotions, and guilt to make us think we need to always help people in need or in a crisis. That it is our job to make provisions and ensure every need in their life is met financially, physically and spiritually. Satan’s plan and goal is to provide as much hindrances, oppositions, and discouraging situations to make us give up on believing in our prosperity and abundance life that Jesus died and rose from the dead for ( KJV John 10:10). He will use people, circumstances and situations to get us distracted and drained in doing what God has called us to do and to live our own lives. We can be so boggled down with the cares of this world and the cares of other people that our spirits become burdened and encumbered with many things. The problem with this is that some people create situations that can cause the Spirit of False Burden to enter the lives of other people. Some people do not take responsibility for their actions or roles and may lay that burden on someone who isn’t even been called to carry out that responsibility. When we are helping people, the spirit of false burdens will begin to attack your mind and tell you that you must help them because of your loyalty, love, and feelings of inferiority on deserving to live your own life. People who are selfish minded and immature will make you think that you are suppose to help them because they helped you or that you are their friend in Christ. That false burden spirit will use other people to make you think that you are suppose to carry someone else’s load and responsibility because you don’t want to see them suffer or be in lack in any every of their life. This is where the mythology story of Atlas carrying the whole world on his shoulders originates from, we tend to carry the burdens of other people on our shoulders until it ways you down. The purpose and goal of the false burden spirit is to wear you out and keep you from living out the Plan of God in your life to its fullest potential. Satan knows that if he can burden you down with the troubles of others and yours included, then you won’t have the strength to fight back nor take what is rightfully yours spirituallly and naturally. This hindering spirit will rob you of your joy and peace because you feel like you are spiritually being made to help other people out to the point you are losing out on helping yourself out. You are dealing with other people’s issues and can’t focus on your own issues which can sap the joy out of you. You can’t truly enjoy your life because you feel like that person or persons is going to have something come up that you have to bail them out of. The problem is those who are causing you to take upon these false burdens don’t want to own up or take responsibilities for their problems and troubles because of spiritual slothfulness and slackness. Hindering spirits cause the people of God to not walk in total victory and total deliverance. When you are delivered from false burden, it is a fight to not take it back and you must preserve what God has delivered you from or what God has for will be hindered by these satanic attacks.

These spirits are attacking like never before to get people to be so heavy and weary in their spirit that they lose hope, faith, and belief in God’s promises for a prosperous and rich life. The spirit of heaviness comes in with the spirit of false burdens to weigh a person’s soul and spirit down in that they become joyless, sad, non-praising, and defeated in their walk with God. From personal experience, to overcome these hindering spirits, you going have to let go of the people that you carry burdens for out of you heart, mind, soul, and spirit. This can be extremely hard if its a person(s) that you care about and have their best interest at heart but you God doesn’t want us to help someone be accountable of their actions. We are to be accountable to our own actions and allow God to help us deal with our own issues and flaws. People that invoke hindering spirits are in bondage to other spirits and want you to partake of their bondage and what they don’t want to let go to God to be truly delivered and set free. Once you let these people go and not take anymore false burdens they indirectly or directly try to put upon you, God can truly begin to manifest and release what has been held up in your life. False burdens hinder God bringing forth the blessings and prayer manifestations which is what they are evilly designed to do. People must be free to live their lives and enjoy this temporary existence on earth without worrying about somebody else’s bills, finances, lack, and problems. Once you are free from these burdensome stones, continue to pray and allow God to tell you what to do in that situation. You can’t live your life as the bail-out saviour of other people’s mess and miss out on what God has for you. Be free to enjoy your life and leave everybody else’s problem at the altar when you pray.


The Dimensions of Melioch Realms

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When God gave me this name for the spiritual realms, I wonder what it truly meant and everytime I tell people the name of my book that has the name of the realms, I get this blank expression. Many of my writings come from the dreams and visions that God gives me so I keep a journal near the bed to write down ideas for writings and books. This has been happening to me since I was a little girl before I was truly converted to Christianity. I was initially receiving dreams from another demonic source as a child and wonder why I had such a fascination with horror films and books. Come to find out that Satan was grooming me to become a horror writer of sorts and I began to have dreams and visions of his dimension in the spiritual realms and the demonic demons that are part of that region. I even dreamt of the creatures that inspired H.P. Lovecraft’s writing as I was growing up and desiring to make my name famous with the other great horror fiction writers like Clive Barker and Stephen  King. Not until I got filled with the Holy Ghost from God did my writing change in a supernatural way. I used to have writer’s block but when God writes for me, I can write 30 to 40 pages at a time in a day. I tend write as the Holy Ghost leads me to write and He will give me the title, table of contents and I can finish a book in about a month or less. My writing has been more of a ministry to myself at first because that is when I began to purge through my writing the issues, bondages and hang-ups that were in my spirit which in turn birthed out my first book of poems called Elysium. Elysium was another word God gave me to name the part of the spiritual realms where He, Jesus, angels, and those who went to heaven dwell. In Melioch Realms, these are the dimensions and realms that houses many spirits of old, old demons, and Satan’s kingdom. When Satan and the third of the angels were kicked out of the heavenly realms, they were thrown into the other parts of the spirit world including the physical realms. They has lost all access and divine rights to God’s Kingdom meaning the dry places of the natural and spirit world could they roam around. In my book Melioch Realms: The Chaos War, I name a city that has been with me even when I was a child and didn’t realize what it meant until now. The city I call Nomad City in the book represents the gates between the spirit world and the physical world meaning spirits whether good or evil come traveling through these spiritual channels to operate around or in humans.  Many things that are manifesting in the physical world were originated first in the spirit world.When people begin to fully understand that what they are doing spiritually or what’s been done to them spiritually whether good or bad will manifest in their lives. People need to also know that spirits do transfer by touch, tv, music, and movies so it is critical that one be careful about what they want to go and see at the latest cinema. There is so much that is demonically inspired and influenced that it manifests in all of these ghost, psychics, and demonic shows. The new show Grimm is about a man who can see demons but he tries to fight demons with his flesh which is not biblically correct and can cause people to get killed by these demons thinking they can fight them with guns and human weapons. Even the writing of books and novels are influenced by the demonic areas of the spiritual realms which is why you see such a wave of it in the earthly realms. We are in spiritual warfare constantly and don’t even know it and its not strange that you see people dropping dead, remember whatever is happening in the spirit realm will manifest into the natural world. If you are  not guarding your spirit and soul from being taken by Satan or from bondages in your life, then your very life can be at stake spiritually as well as naturally. My book really delves into the warfare that humans are in with demonic spirits and the angels that are fighting for the souls of humans. The question is, which side are you on?

Witches in the Pulpit and On The Pews

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People always think that witches are always found in special seances, meetings, and weird places in the downtown areas of big cities. Also, they do not always live in small country towns casting spells and running the entire city with their wicked powers. There is such as thing as witchcraft that can be used by regular people who go to church and read the Bible like you do. At my church, I have noticed that those who operate in this kind of witchcraft look like average joes who seem to look holy and spirit-filled. The problem is when people who have great discernment figure what their true motives and purpose lies, they eventually get cast out. This put me in the mind of the girl who kept following two of the disciples in the bible until one of them rebuke the spirit that was operating in the girl called the spirit of divination. Now, as in previous blogs, evil spirits have special gifts, talents and assignments they use against God’s vessel and inhabit vessels to manifest their supernatural powers of destruction. The spirit of divination is the main ruling demon that operates in people who use the arts of witchcraft to purposefully and willfully use it against a person, a ministry or a minister of the gospel. Real witches come into the church with their Sunday best on looking for a way to cast a spell or put a stronghold on God’s people or the ministry itself. It’s worse when they are in the pulpit casting what I call sermonistic spells over the congregation to control  them spiritually and physically. People wonder why they get sick and all kinds of bad stuff start happening to them because of the release of hexes, word curses and spells over their lives that it takes the Power of God to break the witchcraft and cancel the assignment of the witch.

The spirit of divination has been around a long time and flows heavily in those who call themselves psychics, medium, tarot card readers, magicians, warlocks and witches. It is demon that has the ability and power to cast spells over an entire region or territory in the earth in which signs, miracles, wonders, and the supernatural powers of God are hindered to help people become free from the strongholds in their lives. It also likes to hide in ministers, preachers, pastors, and evangelist to use its backwards version of supernatural powers to develop a cult following among the members and congregation without being an actual cult. Jim Jones was originally a man of the cloth living for God until the spirit of divination entered his vessel through deception and trickery of the Enemy and caused him to use the spiritual gifts God had endowed him to become a very powerful warlock for Lucifer. The demon messed his mind and those who followed to the point that he had them drink some special juice to end the lives of alot of innocent people. These people were fooled and deceived by witchcraft and became a victim of Jones’ deception and lies. Another known warlock was Charles Manson who managed to get people to do the kiling of the famous actress Sharon Tate and others without lifting a finger. Witchcraft can be so powerful that it can seduce and entice other people to do what they want them to do without paying for the consequences. Those who intentionally or unintentionally operate in witchcraft get the worse kind of punishment from Satan when he comes to collect their souls and decides their time is up. They are eventually tortured and devoured repeatedly by the Demons of Old for eternity until they are thrown into the Lake of Fire with Satan at the end of times.

Mocking Spirits That Mimic The Holy Ghost and Unknown Tongues

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The Holy Ghost is the third part of the Trinity that includes God and Jesus. When Jesus ascended, God sent the Holy Ghost down on earth to help God’s people become more like Christ in mind, body, and soul. Also, the Holy Ghost helps us develop spiritual strength and power to engage in spiritual warfare with Satan and his minions. He is a person not Casper the friendly ghost.The Holy Ghost is a helper and a gentleman in terms of helping you do the right thing and not get into those sinful and fleshly behavior we can’t get rid of ourselves. He will reside in a person if he or she asks for the Holy Ghost but only if that person’s vessel is spiritually clean. You can’t be fornicating, doing drugs, lying, delving in withcraft, or wicked activities of the flesh because the Holy Ghost ain’t about to reside in your carnal and evil vessel.

Now when one receives the Holy Ghost, over a period a time,the person is able to speak in an unknown tongue only if they have been praying to pray in the holy language of God. When you visit a church, you will sometimes hear people speaking in tongues that doesn’t sound natural nor English-speaking. It’s nothing spooky about it when the tongues come from The Holy Ghost and the unknown tongues helps us pray to God the perfect will of God for our lives when we don’t know what to pray for. Praying in the Spirit means we are allowing God’s spirit that resides in us to speak to the heavens on our behalf and Satan cannot interpret the tongues of a spirit-filled saint. From experience alone, I have witnessed people speaking in tongues that didn’t quite mesh with my spirit and began to wonder did these tongues come from God or god? As my discernment begin to kick in, I began to realize that evil spirits can speak in tongues to and mimic the holy tongues of the Holy Spirit. We call these spirits Mocking or Mimicry demons because they will roam around especially in churches to fool other people into thinking they are really experiencing the prescence of God in the sanctuary. These mocking spirits will praise, pray and even prophesy like they are being led by God’s spirit but actuallly being led by a demonic bird of prey. Many animals can represent certain demonic spirits in the spiritual realms such as ravens, owls, swans and crows. The mocking spirits are governed by the demonic birds of prey who seek to destroy and devour God’s people through deception, madness, and confusion. When someone is trying to break free or get delivered from these spirits, they will try to overtake the person to make it appear they are getting their deliverance but are actually preventing them through their deceptive practices. If a person is so deep in iniquities and sin, the mocking spirits will compensate by making them sound like they are holier than thou being the best praiser, tongue talking and preaching wonder if they hold an office of a preacher. If the person continues to stay in their sinful nature, that’s when their conscience becomes seared and the ruling bird demons take over. They will make that person become more deceptive and their mind becomes confused and insane in the process. You can see alot of these people in psych wards and insane asylums because of their mind and soul being totally destroyed by these mindbending demons. The movie Black Swan with Natalie Portman really goes into the process of how these demons take the person through a descent into madness until they become completely insane and develop self-destructive patterns that can ultimately lead to their deathly demise.

Those who operate in witchcraft speak in tongues to cast spells or release evil spirits upon a person, church or wherever they seek to gain dominion. I watched someone in church service one time and heard her speaking some unknown language but her spirit was under the guise and control of witchcraft. As an intercessor, I began to pray against whatever she was trying chant or release into the spiritual atmosphere.It’s very important to be able to discern and know what kind of spirits you find yourself up against to not be deceived by the tricks, wiles, and schemes of the Devil. I will explain more in the next blog about witchcraft running rampant in churches and the Body of Christ.

All We Needed To Know About Social Media Success, We Learned in Kindergarten

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All We Needed To Know About Social Media Success, We Learned in Kind


This blog post brought out the teacher in me in how we have rules, expectations and regulations that need to be followed even in social media. Being a social media newbie, this definitely helped me to be warned about spammers, freaky twitter stalkers, and those who post to death. I believe if there is a twitter obiturary, some people should be listed. Check Kristen Lamb out and her book We Are Not Alone concerning social media and how to do it the right way.

Exorcism vs. Deliverance: Which One is Biblically Accurate?

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Now, being in a deliverance ministry for the past three years, I have witnessed truly what Jesus must have done when he walked the earth for 33 years and did the true deliverance of people that he encountered on His Earthly Walk. Jesus went from town to town to preach deliverance to lost and bound souls and then would demonstrate the power of God through the laying of hands helping to usher in deliverance to the souls. Jesus performed miracles, signs, and wonders with the Power of God following Him everywhere in which He casted out devils, healed the sick, and broke the bondages of sin off of the people’s lives. When deliverance is done the way Jesus conducted, the people are set free and have had a supernatural change from God in their life for the better. Now it is up to that person to maintain that deliverance and not go back to their wicked ways or get caught up in evil habits that got them bound in the first place. Deliverance can take place through the preaching of the Word of God, laying of hands and prayer but it takes the Anointing(Power of God) to get that person free from evil spirits, sins,sickness, curses, spells, or whatever is oppressing them spiritually as well as physically.Those who are bringing forth deliverance especially in a church service allow the Holy Ghost to use them to preach to the hearts of the people and bring forth The Glory of God to help restore, heal, revive, and set free the people. It is a supernatural process but when it comes from God it is liberating and refreshing. From experience, being delivered by the Power of God has helped me get my joy, peace, and strength back to keep dealing the issues of life and cares of this world. But it is a constant fight to stay delivered and not allow the world, people, or the Devil get you back to that state of being burdened, wearied, broken down, and heavy in your spirit. Those who operate in deliverance such as myself must fast and pray in order for God to use us to help pray people to receive their deliverance from God. Remember, the deliverance isn’t coming from man but God using man to demonstrate His Power in the earth realm. Now, let’s look at the other version of deliverance that tends to be popular in movies, books, and TV shows that displays an inaccurate portrayal of what true deliverance is.

I always wonder about what really happen to the priest in The Exorcist movie long ago at the end and why the demon entered him at the end of the story after coming out of Linda Blair. I have watched many movies that have priests or so-called holy people trying to exorcise demons out of people sometimes getting killed in the person or becoming possessed by the demon. This tends to be a popular form of deliverance especially amongst Catholicism and other denominations that may believe in wrestling with demons to get people free from them. I’m going to explain how exorcism isn’t biblically accurate nor does it help cast any devils out of people. In the book of Acts 19 starting in verse 13, some Jews had witnessed Paul performing miracles and deliverance to the people. In verse 13, it reads “Then certain of the vagabond Jews, exorcists, took upon them to call over them which had evil spirits the name of the Lord Jesus, saying, We adjure you by Jesus whom Paul preached.” Verse 14 continues with the sons of Sceva and a chief of priest trying to cast the evil spirit out with the evil spirit replying in verse 15 “Jesus, I know, and Paul I know; but who are ye?” with the evil spirit’ leaped upon the men and overcame them, and prevailed against them, so that they fled out of that house naked and wounded.” (Acts 19: 13-16).

From this scripture alone, this explains in many of the movies why the priests are unable to cast out the devil and when they do, the demons or evil spirits just manifest themselves to wreck more habit or possibly kill those around them. In addition, demons and evil spirits can jump out of the people they are in and take over another person because of the lack of divine authority the person has to cast the devil out. The dangerous thing about conducting exorcism is that the person does not have the authority or the Anointing by God to command any devil to come out of a person. That takes having the Holy Ghost, fasting, praying and living a clean life free from sin and iniquities to have the authority to overcome a devil and deliver people from evil spirits. Also, a person cannot have anything in their spirit that is tainted because evil can’t cast out evil. Nor can you be afraid to cast a devil out because the devil will sense the fear and begin to manifest more evilly towards you. Demons and evil spirits recognize commands from those who walk with God and have the Anointing from God not from The Vatican nor the Catholic Church. When a devil knows you have no authority or right to cast them out, they will come at you, attack you, and possibly take you over. The fatal consequences can be that the devil possesses you and you will need someone will Holy Ghost Power to cast it out of you. If you don’t, you will be spiritually and physically tormented by that demon. People don’t realize that demons are real and can kill the person they inhabit. There were some movies and TV shows about cases in which the priest is accused of killing the individual who had a demon in them while trying to perform a exorcism. Now, if you see the demons continue to wrestle and not come out and you keep talking to it like in The Exorcist, its a chance you have no divine power nor authority to cast it out and that devil knows it. I have witnessed from my own church that even those who have the power and authority of God to cast devils out must continue to engage in spiritual battle with that demon who doesn’t want to get out of that person especially if they have been there a long time. A few weeks ago, my pastor laid hands on a female who had a anger demon in her and that demon launched after him but me and other prayer warriors continue to command the devil to loose and come out in the name of Jesus. If you speak “The Blood of Jesus or The Blood Prevails”, demons must obey and come out but it takes some work. The demon finally left the woman and the woman didn’t even remember what had happened but she felt better. Sometimes, it takes much deliverance to rid people of all the evil spirits and purging which is just a manifestation of these evil spirits leaving the body. This has happened to me when I prayed so hard to God asking Him to take something out of me that it started to come up out me and had throw it up in the bathroom. Deliverance and getting spiritually clean takes time, prayer, and hearing the Word of God but it can be done. The art of exorcism tries to get the person free from all devils at once which can’t be done because that person can die in the process. God has to slowly take things out of our spirit and rid us of spirits that have been in us for a long time. Even today, I have to fight to keep the spirit of heaviness from taking control because of the many responsibilities I have and the burdens I take upon myself but I know prayer is the key to me staying delivered and free from these oppressing demons.

If you have the Holy Ghost, demons cannot possess you but only oppress you unless you are in so deep in sin that the Holy Ghost leaves you. Those who do not have the Holy Ghost can be possessed by demons and be controlled by demons. So its crucial to ask God for the Holy Ghost but you may need cleaning and purging by God and to let some wicked and sinful things you like to let go for that to happen. The Holy Ghost is the third part of the Trinity with God and Jesus and came to help us deal with the world, our sinful natures, and the devils The Enemy tries to bring our way.

What do think the Holy Ghost is to you? Submit your comments if you like.

The Paradox of Paranormal Events

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The word paranormal has been synonymous with the events that occur in the so-called unseen world that produces things that are unexplainable to the natural man. It has become the inspiring word to make movies, TV shows and books describing the paranormal world. Some people even view it as a form of scientific study in which they spend money, time and equipment to catch a glimpse of the entities that may reveal themselves to the physical world. People will contact psychics, witches, and necromancers (I see dead people folks) to get in touch with the world of paranormal activity. Paranormal is a bastardizational term of the unseen spirit world that parallels the physical world that we live in. There is nothing spooky or unexplainable about seeing ghosts, spirits, demons, and the like because they exist in the spirit world that connects with the physical world. Everything that we see in the earthly realms existed first in the spirit world where God, angels, demons, spirits, and other inhuman dimensional creatures dwell. What we see in the earthly realms is just a manifestation of what was already in the spirit world. There are so many realms and dimensions to the spirit world that it would take a lifetime to reveal them to the natural man but let’s start with the realms where ghosts and so-called dead spirits dwell. This seems to be the most popular form of television for people to chase ghosts and see dead people such as the case with the new movie “Paranorman” where a kid sees dead people and tries to save the world in the process. One of the realms I discuss in more depth is about the dimensional crossroads of the spirit world in my novel Melioch Realms: The Chaos War. That’ll be explained at another time. Let’s first discuss the purpose and manifestations of ghosts and dead spirits.

Ghosts do exist in the spirit world but in the more outer skirts of it in that they still trying to make connections with the physical world they no longer are apart of. Now, ghosts can occur when a human dies and hasn’t fully crossed over to other side or received their judgment for their works in the earth so they roam back to familiar surroundings until they are sentenced to the Lake of Fire. Some ghosts died evil so they may inhabit places to torment or harm people who enter their territory or dwelling place. Ghosts are the spirits that inhabit the humans that housed them until that human died or the spirits themselves killed the physical vessel prematurely. When people see ghosts, they need to not be trying to chase them down or commune with them because they are actually seeking a vessel to use once again. Ghosts and dead spirits are synonymous with what the Bible calls “familiar spirits” which are nothing but evil spirits that knew, tormented and possibly inhabited that person before he or she died.

Now, things that happen in a supernatural matter is explainable if you can identify the spirit world and spirits that are operating at that time. You don’t need a necromancer or a person that sees familiar spirits to tell you what happen to your grandmother or grandfather otherwise what you would need God for in that case. Familiar spirits are the inspiration and the root of every movie that has been made those talks about malevolent spirits, evil entities, violent ghosts and etc. The movie “The Ring” was about a familiar spirit who used to possess a girl and continues to torment and kill unsuspecting people in order to continue to destroy them. Another movie called “The Sixth Sense” was about a boy who could see familiar spirits including the character of “Bruce Willis”. Bruce Willis possessed the spirit of pride and arrogance which caused him to not be able to help the man who killed him which he finds out sadly in the end of the movie. One movie that truly explains the true essence of ghosts and familiar spirits is “Ghost Story” which starred old Hollywood legends like Fred Astaire and other old men who reminisce on a girl they allowed to die in an old car when they were young dapper men. The girl comes back to haunt the men and a young men as a very powerful familiar spirit of seduction and lust who possessed the girl at the time continuing to do so in the present time until her body is discovered. Now, if a person dies and a ghost appears, that doesn’t mean that finding the body is going to release that person into the afterlife. That person has been gone once he or she earth suit perishes. Familiar spirits can be powerful spirits that can operate in supernatural manner especially taking on the appearance of the person that they helped to expire early in this physical life. Now those who possess the gift of seeing familiar spirits are actually necromancers or death visionaries who are constantly bombarded with these entities from the time they are children which is what happen to Jonathan Edwards.

Necromancers tend to take the place of God and people praying to God for answers about situations, events and deaths that have occurred in their life. In the Bible, God didn’t want His People dealing with necromancers because it would open doors for more evil spirits to invade their lives causing paranormal events that are supernaturally evil rather than good. Paranormal activities demonstrate the evil manifestations and actions of demonic spirits and demons trying to infiltrate the physical world by any means necessary. I watched the show Crossing Over a few times with Jonathan Edwards and was just amazed on how a glimpse of a rose and few keywords could reveal a dead relative and a friend to the audience members. Actually, the familiar spirits were giving Jonathan a few hints and pictures just to get the person to believe that they are really talking their dead relative. Death can motivate people to try to find answers on where these people go after they die and people want to always try to communicate with them in some form or fashions. God wants us to leave the dead alone and concern ourselves with the land of the living. Familiar spirits are always looking for new hosts to inhabit and the way to open spiritual and natural doors to them is to consult a necromancer or trying to commune with ghosts.

We will be discussing deliverance and exorcism, which one is biblically correct?

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