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High Gates in Spirit World

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In the spiritual realms, there are spiritual access to either where God dwells and where Satan dwells when Satan was in heaven, the gates of heaven were the only gates that existed at the time. Before the creation of the world if you can reach God, it would have to be accessible and easy for one but when rebellion entered the heavens. God kicked all angels including Satan, the gates were sealed from any demonic inclusion. Satan began to develop his own evil kingdom with his demonic gates where evil spirits and demons go in and out on assignment to kill, steal, and destroy. With the creation of the Earth, God utilized His Power and Authority to establish a physical realm for his creations of humans. Humans comprise of body, soul and spirit until angels who have spirits and souls but not human body. Demons are the same way with their own souls and spirits. Spirit beings can have access to the spiritual gates going in an out to do good or evil. Now, in the beginning when Adam and Eve were created, they had access to godly gates and free reign to see and speak to God in His Glorious State. Heavenly gates were accessible to God’s earthly creations and every provision, resources, need and want ways met in abundance. There was no blockages, hindrances, or mountains to the blessings of God. We could commune and be with God on a daily basis without having to break through our flesh to get there. We without blemish, wrinkle, or sin so God’s Presence dwelled with Adam and Eve all the time. As long as they walked in total obedience not eating from the tree of good and evil (Scripture). Yet, the demonic gates had access to the earthly world because Satan being abolished from the gates of heaven to roam to and from the spirit world and the natural world. Satan has access to both but not the heavenly gates. It’s important to realize how spiritual gates operate and why Satan had access to Adam and Eve domain. Having open access to God’s Glory all the time was what Adam and Even were enjoying until they disobeyed God’s orders. That’s when the heavenly gates were closed to them and the demonic gates opened wide open for access to all creatures, animals and human to corrupt and possess humans. Sin and disobedience blocked us access to God directly. Adam and Eve were removed from access to the Kingdom of God in the Garden of Eden. The Garden of Eden was the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and our first two humans had complete access to the blessings on God. One simple act closed the easy access to the heavenly gates until Jesus came to redeem our accessibility to God and the gates of heaven.The Enemy plot and scheme at the time to show God how His Creation failed Him. Yet, for man to access God from his fleshly, sinful body, the act of prayer and intercessory prayer was born. God may not have liked our sin but desire for us to commune with Him through prayer. Talking or praying to God would be the only way that Jesus is able to be born of the Earth. God loved His Creation enough to give us a chance to access the gates of heaven once more. God spoke to Noah to start the redemption of Man once again. To bring Man back into divine covenant with God and be able to access the Glory of God again. God gave instructions to every man and woman in the Bible to save mankind. There wasn’t even a hell created  to include us just yet until Adam and Eve sinned and the gates of Hell are real and only for those who part of Satan’s Kingdom and lost souls. Hell began to enlarge itself when the first sinful act of man was done, the wickedness of mankind came forth before the Flood and after the Flood. The gates of hell represent the damnation and punishment of evil and wickedness. Also, for those who are ignorant or choose to ignore the Call For Salvation through Jesus to come into their lives and save their souls. Until Jesus came, we were destined for Hell even though it wasn’t created for us and The Enemy had the power to destroy us at will. When Jesus died and was resurrected , He took the power of death and hell from Satan in the Earth and gave us the back the Keys to the Kingdom of God. Meaning we once more had access to the gates of heaven through Jesus Christ. We are able now through prayer to seek God and reach that place in God to see His Glory. Moses and Enoch had reached that place in God to experience a greater dimension of God. The gates of heaven are accessible to those who desire to become part of God’s Kingdom. As we seek pray, and fats, we can begin to decree and declare things to come upon us from the heavenly realms. The power of prayer allows the access to God’s Prescence, Glory, and Blessings. We have to protect the gates of heaven from being blocked, hindered, and obstructed from open doors to the gates of demonic realms That is why we experience spiritual warfare and extra attacks when we give the Enemy space and room to infiltrate our lives. These demonic realms will try to sift the souls of humas as wheat through our fleshly works, sins and disobedience to God. Satan has the permission to attack us because he is the god of this world but we have the power to destroy Satan’s works on earth by accessing the gates of heaven. When we speak the authority and power of God, all gates of heaven open to flood with deliverance, breakthroughs and wonders from God. Those who are called to intercede through prayer know that they can access the gates of heaven and derail the plan of destruction from Satan to claim the lives of souls. Those who are called intercessors stand in the gap to speak on behalf of another and protect the souls of God’s Creation at all costs. Prophets, prayer warriors and intercessors must protect the gates of heaven from being hindered from any demonic forces. Satan’s job is to keep us accessing the gates of heaven and be defeated, weary souls. The Blood of Jesus seals every door from The Enemy who will try to enter when we use prophetic words in prayer. When we fortified the gates of heaven within our lives and ministries, the gates of hell cannot prevail against it.


Jesus and The Secret Place

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Let’s look at how Jesus entered The Secret Place of God through the wilderness. In order dwell in that place in God, we must go through some trials and tribulations by continuing to seek God in spite of. Jesus, being the Son of God, didn’t automatically receive the power of God and the anointing without the suffering temptations and trials. The purpose of any storm is to push you toward seeking God more not a bottle, not a person and not material things. Jesus was tempted for 40 days and 40 nights in order to receive the fullness of God’s Glory to perform signs, wonders and miracles. Once Jesus entered that place in God. He was unstoppable in doing the works of the Lord and always kept a spirit of humility even knowing He was the Son of God. Jesus never acted in pride nor arrogance with all the power and anointing He possessed. Jesus remained in the secret place of the Most High and was able to carry out the plan of God to save  mankind from destruction. Once you have entered that place in God, there’s maintenance upkeep that is vital to keep the Glory of God flowing in your life. When you seek and find God, it is crucial to dwell where He is on a continual basis. There are people, things and habits that God will remove from your life in order for you to remain in this place. The Secret Place of God is revealed to those who earnestly seek Him out because of their utmost desire to have more of God. God opens doors to His Glory when He sees the seeking of Him is for a love to know Him more and be near Him more. People don’t seem to realize that God knows who wants the more of Him or the more what He can for or through them. Those who are in the secret place are hidden by the cares of the world and not governed by their five senses anymore. There eyes go beyond the visible realm to unseen and allow God to truly direct their paths. God is then able to truly order our steps and develop us into the greatness that lies within us. There is such comfort in the Secret Place of God that you will become more watchful of what or who tries to sift you out of the place in God. The Enemy will continue to sift us out of that the secret place through attacks, temptations, setbacks and trials in order to wearing us out into giving up on God to bring us through. When you’re in that secret place, God is able to reveal His mysteries and understand the directions He gives you concerning your life. There’s also strength in staying in the Secret Place and restoration comes over you for God is helping you to recover from every suffering event that cause your mind, body, and spirit to wear down. In addition, there’s a place in God where He wants to bring you to where He dwells including The Glory that He places on your life through your constant pursuit of God. The art of seeking God comes with the utmost place of God in order to walk in the fullness of God’s Glory. There’s so many dimensions and places in God that we have yet to discover. It is an important note to consider that reveals and rewards those who diligently seek Him on a continuous basis. (Hebrews 11:6). The more you continue to seek God, the more He comes to reveal Himself while rewarding you with His Anointed, Glory and Power.

Sifters: Spiritual Thieves

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Now, the thief aka The Devil comes to steal, kill and destroy but sometimes he doesn’t need any help from some folks. Some people love to blame the Devil for their wrongdoing but mainly it be our own decisions that makes us do wrong. In my time on this earth, some of the things my mother use to say are started to make a whole lot of sense as I get older and encounter different people in my life. What I am finding as a Christian is that being a Christian is more than just confessing with our mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord and acting like we are saved. I have noticed that the true nature and heart condition of a person is how they treat other people and handle situations. From my personal experience, I have finally come to realize that love is the motivator and anchor in dealing with life, people and situations that comes our way. Yet, we have people that aren’t motivated by love but hate in a sense that they mistreat and use people for their own selfish gain. These people play on Christians sympathy and love to obtain what they want from them. I have come to realize that there are people that say they are Christians but actually act more like Anti-Christ than anything. I believe that if you are a Christian, you should be acting Christlike. Christlike people don’t lie, cheat, steal, and use others to get what they want out of life. That sounds more like the Devil’s character traits who are nothing but Sifters which is my word for spiritual con-artists or grifters. These sifters act like they are so holy, righteous, kind and sympathetic but they are always looking for any opportunity to sift, use, mooch and take away people’s blessings, natural and spiritual. These kind of people live on the blessings of other people never getting anything of their own. They never care to possess or work hard to obtain anything successfully because they requires work which is something sifters don’t do. In addition, they tend to possess a slothful like spirit because they are allergic to work and diligence in pursuing anything. They have lofty ideas and dreams but don’t want to do what it takes to achieve those goals. When it comes to working, everything exhaust them. Also, they love to mooch and use other’s resources and provisions to save their own for selfish purchases.To identify if you are encountering a sifter, check their lack of fruits and productivity. They love to flatter other people when they are confronted of their wrongdoing and play on your sympathy when they are caught red-handed in some lie of sorts. Now, how do you deal with these sifters, you pray, fast and confront the sifter in letting them know they are no longer welcome to be part of your company and fellowship. You can love them from afar but I am realizing that everyone is not part of your destiny nor should you be divinely connected to.

Schizophrenic Saints

Posted in Inspirational on July 2, 2014 by eliseway

I am beginning to realize that the many problems that we have in dealing with so-called Christian folks is that they lack the fullness of the Holy Ghost in their lives. In my entire career as a school-teacher, the people I had to work with that gave me the blues has been people who profess to know God but don’t act like God knows them. Many of the conflicts that we endure as believers in God sometimes come from folks that talk about God, proclaim to know the things of God and walk the Christian faith in their daily lifestyles. The problem is why do these people act more bipolar and moody than Halle Berry in Frankie and Alice movie. Sometimes they want to act like Christ, sometimes they don’t. These are the people that so got your back one minute and turn back around and act like a T-Rex the next minute especially if they are in that Greta Garbo mood of sorts. One minute they want to serve God and do their assignment, the next minute they don’t want to be bothered with nobody acting like a spiritual recluse of sorts. Or they can act controlling, dominating,  and irritated for a moment but then sweet, angelic and Christlike the next. I have come to conclusion that people who are constantly up and down in their emotions acting nice one minute than mean the next aren’t allowing the Holy Ghost to give them a even temperance or they don’t have the fullness of the Holy Ghost at all in them or they operate more in their flesh. See when people have the fullness of the Holy Ghost, they are allowing Him to govern their emotions, temper and make them more sensitive to other people’s needs or issues. The Holy Ghost doesn’t have you act mean and vindictive to other people but turn back around being so nice all of sudden. Sometimes, we don’t allow the Holy Ghost to truly work through us and in us otherwise we wouldn’t mistreat, abuse, condescend or humiliate other people with our words and actions. I have been hurt and abused by those to be in the Kingdom of God than those in the world. This is why people don’t care to come to church or know more about God because of these Schizophrenic Saints. Schizophrenic Saints are what I call that special group of people who are double-minded and emotionally unstable in their actions making them untrustworthy and unreliable when it comes to spiritual warfare. These are not the folks you use to help you fight the Devil on a consistent basis because they will leave you high and dry or act like they are working for the Devil as a temporary hire. What could cure these saints is having the fullness of the Holy Ghost and allowing the Holy Ghost to govern every aspect of their lives. Then they can have a sound mind, even temper and walk in love more rather than meanness and malice. 


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